High Stakes Poker Adding Camera Support

PlayStation Blog reports: "Hello poker fans! I hope everyone has had the chance to play our game, High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition. We are pleased to announce that we will soon provide a free video capability add-on which allows up to six players to see and hear each other with real-time simultaneous audio and video. I believe this has never been done on any console title before.

The game works with USB cameras, the EyeToy, and the PLAYSTATION Eye, which is my favorite. This feature is especially cool for poker, since you may get a read on your opponents through facial expressions, body language, or conversations. It's also just great fun to see the people you are playing against."

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Blackmoses3765d ago

I can't be the first to think about this but...

...what's to stop people from playing strip poker? There are weirdos out there. There's gonna be random flashing all over the place. Somone please inform me what they plan on doing to combat this.


-EvoAnubis-3765d ago

Not a whole lot they CAN do. That's a risk of video communications. The only thing you can do is just play with people you know.

Uno on the 360 had the same issue.

njd823765d ago

Good to see they've finally decided to add this feature.

MetalProxy3765d ago

Now Iam almost forced to play this now. GodSend said it was a great game.

-EvoAnubis-3763d ago

Oooo . . . who are you, exactly, that you know Jason? Please tell me you're FR.

Skerj3765d ago

Add damn custom soundtracks too. I'd play this game more if it weren't so silent.