Saints Row IV Getting Modding

Can Saints Row get any crazier? the answer is pointing towards yes.
Saints Row games don't "officially" support modding but that hasn't stopped some hardcore fans from cracking the files making their own.

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Gamer19821769d ago

Just awesome news this could take the game to new heights!

limewax1768d ago

There's already some mods available for SR3 actually despite not having full support. Really worth checking out. A large number of the super powers in SR4 have actually been in SR3 for a while now thanks to mods

spartanlemur1769d ago

This is incredible news. Actually makes me happy that THQ died and the franchise ended up in the hands of a company which is in touch with its customers.

Psychotica1769d ago

Maybe someone could make a mod that makes it more like Saints Row 2..

Anthotis1769d ago

Great idea.

This is what keeps games alive long after they've been released, and will attract a whole bunch of people who would not have bought the game otherwise.

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