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Submitted by brian1985FM 894d ago | article

A Level Headed Analysis of Xbox One

Despite its best efforts, Microsoft had the most ground to make up leading to E3. As more news came out about how the system operated, the internet seemed to become an ever expanding hurricane of hate, filled with more disappointment and even more questions. Microsoft's rejection of the status quo and what most gamers see as the traditional gaming experience did not sit well with the audience they were trying to win over. It also didn't help seeing a $499.99 price-tag, only to be upstaged by the PS4's $399.99 price-tag. This may be weird to hear coming from a PlayStation loyalist and PC enthusiast, but the Xbox One may not be as bad as it seems. (Culture, Dev, E3, Industry, Tech, Xbox One)

Thump1967  +   894d ago
JokesOnYou  +   894d ago
Yeah all though I have some slightly different opinions I thought it was very well written and a balanced look at the situation overall.

No overzealous praise or negativity.
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SaxScrotumz  +   894d ago
Very good read.
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kB0  +   894d ago
Level Headed Analysis

Better luck next gen:)

They are no longer a gaming company, they are the apple of consoles now

They TELL US what we want, what we need and even how to use what we want and need...

I want offline, and for the them to tell me use a 360...well how about u get a bag full of go F urself:)
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aiBreeze  +   894d ago
"They TELL US what we want, what we need and even how to use what we want and need... "

Spot on sadly and Microsoft are no apple. If most of what they were offering were just additional improvements and added onto what we are traditionally used to, it would be such a hype console and a day one buy for me.. but to tell me how I should game, yeah no thanks.
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marchinggamer   894d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
kopusx  +   894d ago
Well written article. No hate.
JeffGUNZ  +   894d ago
Brings up some great points. I'll just get both and enjoy the best of both worlds.
Neoninja  +   894d ago
Best thing you can do in my opinion. I'll be doing the same.
KumquatGOATBEEF  +   894d ago
Microsoft may have a different vision for the future and want us to change, but they don't have to be dicks about used game sales and forcing online. That's not a vision, those are unnecessary evils.
n to the b  +   894d ago
Overall a good read and it raises some fair points. The ideas presented could have been fleshed out a bit more, but better than much of the crap writing that hits 500+ degrees on n4g. : /

Interesting how the author reminds us that things change, and that MS pretty much were the ones to usher in online gaming for consoles. For me, I'm still certain that I'll be investing in PS4 when I'm ready to go nextgen, for now. It'll really take a sea change for me to trust MS again. Fool me once...
Ru5ty  +   894d ago
I don't get why people are moaning.

If you don't like a product then don't buy it. Microsoft aren't forcing anyone to buy it. They don't owe anybody anything so can make whatever they want.

I will be buying both PS4 and Xbox One and am not a fanboy. Just getting sick of the moaning.
Tres21  +   894d ago
thats what i dont get 2 me its all the same ps+ decides to include multi but its ok cuz its a good service & if u already hav it its not going to affect u much...lik always online u hav a good connection it doesnt matter that much 2 u & used games when loopholes lik gifting a game lets say we been gamin 2gether 4 a min i see u playin naruto ask about it u say u just finished it its good i say ill paypal u 20 for it. but its seems to be all about putting someone down 4 there choice cuz it could potentially affect u maybe later on down the line if who u support decides to do it also either hav faith that who ur backing is gonna stand strong or maybe giv u such a good middle ground that u hav no choice but 2 bring ur own lube & take 1 for the
BattleTorn  +   894d ago
Imagine this guys - video/skype kill cams, or "victory cam"

obviously a option that would require voluntary-enabling, and no way forced.

But, if enabled, it allows say the winner to see reaction of the persn they just killed, or the loser sees the winner taunting back...

I remember the revolution of "lobby chat" back when XBL was still new. And the taunting, (the immaturity - heh), and the outright, unscripted, hilariousness!

I would think video-cams could be very similar
ger2396  +   894d ago
Good read, I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't set something up where they can clear the misconceptions about xbone. There many things that need to be clear before I buy one.
BattleTorn  +   894d ago
Me too. There is a lot of good that they could be saying.

When I told a gamestop employee about the "family-sharing" between 10 friends - he tried correcting me by saying "oh but you can only give them once, and then it stays with the second owner"

I didn't have enough time to explain to fully explain to him the difference between the gifting and family-sharing. I see him often, I'm sure we'll discuss it another time. (we both agreed we'll be getting both consoles)
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NBT91  +   894d ago
I can understand getting an Xbox One for the games, but there was no need to introduce things like "Must be connected, must be online within 24 hours, can not do this, must do that."
I'm fully aware I will be missing out on some good games and the glory of Xbox Live, seamless switching of TV and games... It IS a good console, but I simply cannot support their business practices.

I mean if I buy one, knowing full well the restrictions they have set then what will ever stop them from imposing more severe restrictions later on? Only by NOT getting one will they get the message.
Because to be honest, none of the restrictions effect me personally but they do effect a lot of other people and MS's attitude of "tough luck, lo$er, stick to 360!" is unacceptable.
BattleTorn  +   894d ago
Unfortunitely there is an inevitable amount of "tough luck" attitude required in order to move the industry, and everyone, forward.

Don't get me wrong, if i was in a remote area, or in a country that wouldn't see much support, at launch - I obviously wouldn't go with Xbox One, and would withhold my support until my location had good support. (I will even though Canada doesn't get nearly the services that the US does)

But, they are trying to do what many other industies have already done - namely music going digital with iTunes - swiching to a steam-like licensing is a big change for the gaming industry. And it requires being rolled out slowly, which inevitably means portion of the industry are left out, intially.

While "worldwide coverage" and remaining retailer/dics-based may seem more consumer-friendly, at this point in time, it's hard to deny that Microsoft's limited coverage (and attitude) is not indicative of the leap they are trying to acheive.
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SALT  +   894d ago
OK so you wanna borrow ya mates games? both systems allow for this in different ways.

PS4 - physically go borrow play. No DRM checks.

XB1 upto 10 friends access to full library games you can install to your HDD that can be played when they are not. Requires 24hr DRM check.

Which is better/easier?
BattleTorn  +   894d ago
A matter of personal opinion.

I don't loan that many of my games, mainly due to distance. I have friends that live anywhere from 1hour - many hours away.

And sharing the library digitally allow for multiple people to play (only once at a time) without the disc having to go back n forth.

I have friends who trade-in LOTS of their games. Whereas I mostly buy new, and, also unlike those friends, are used to steam as well. So it comes down to personal preference.
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BattleTorn  +   894d ago
Xbox One must be a gamer-dad's dream

Cause a dad can buy a game, install it to his account, let his kids download it and play it (likely more that he ever will)

but if he ever does get around to playing it, he has 1st dibs, and can HIS game, over his kids, whenever he wants.

I bet it will help a lot of dads who often never end up getting to play the games they buy because the kids end up with them, or the ones who currently buy two copies for said reason.
FITgamer  +   894d ago
My biggest issue with X1 is Kinect. The whole being watched all the time thing is creepy, even though M$ may not abuse it, web cams get hacked all the time so some outside source can. Also if you ever want to take your X1 on vacation not only will where ever you are going have to have wifi, you'll need a duffle bag to carry the load. At least one controller, Kinect, the giant system, the power brick, and all the cables. It's not convenient at all.
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