Bonus Round - Nintendo E3 2013 - Making The Grade

GT:Bonus Round talks about Nintendo phoning it in this year and what they needed to stay alive at E3

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TheLyonKing1800d ago

I agree with them. The potential they have for mario on mobile is disgustingly huge! Pride is a big thing though.

I complete agree with the grades they showed game but games that we knew! No shocks as all plain am glad they didn't do a conference but I was hoping for new ips.

jcnba281800d ago

Nintendo makes games that utilise their hardware. They will never go software only. These journalists are so cheap and just want to play the next Zelda on their PS4 or Xbox. How sad. If they love Nintendo games like they say in this video then they wouldn't have a problem buying a Wii U. You will never see Mario on a sony, microsoft or mobile device. Get over it. Not happening. Move on.

Oh and to the fatty on the left: I've played all the shooters that I can play! Maybe that's sad but that's where I'm at!

NYC_Gamer1800d ago

Nintendo proved that Wii U isn't for me and that's fine

Theyellowflash301800d ago

MS and Sony proved shooters are going to make up 99% of the library....and that's not ok.

punisher991800d ago

"MS and Sony proved shooters are going to make up 99% of the library....and that's not ok."

As for as sony. Tell that to games like Infamous, Driveclub, Knack, Deep Down, and Daylight.

bitboi1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

that's what's turning me off big time with those 2 consoles. Too many damn games where you shoot stuff! And why was Knack the only game like that announced/shown for the new systems. It's like devs only want to make games that look realistic.

Theyellowflash301799d ago


Infamous is a third person shooter... just with out guns as the main weapon.

Deep Down was a no show at E3. Knack looks horrible, and when that game bombs, Sony will not make anymore platformers. Where the hell is Jak and Daxter?

Driveclub ....a racing game. I should have said Sony and MS library will consist of Driving and Shooters. Driving games are just as common as shooting games.

I don't know what Daylight is, but whatever it is will be swallowed by the amount of shooters.

chadboban1800d ago

I recall you saying that you didn't even watch the direct? Of course you were probably joking or something, right?

chadboban1800d ago

I have to admit, the Direct itself was somewhat underwhelming, mostly due to lack of surprises. But the games they showed were solid.

Bayonetta 2
X (looks magnificent)
Mario 3D World
The Wonderful 101
Mario Kart 8 (honestly surprised by how good this looks)
Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS
Sonic Lost World
Wind Waker HD
Pikmin 3
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Pokemon X and Y

Not to mention they have great indie support, and devs can self publish on Wii U and 3DS now.

Wii U will get a price drop in the near future though, being only $50 less than PS4 isn't good for them, I think $299 for the deluxe bundle should be fine. I think we'll see this maybe 1-2 months down the line, closer to the release of games like Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101.

I know I'll be going with PS4 and Wii U this gen because they'll both offer me fantastic games, Microsoft has lost me as they've clearly proven they don't give a crap about gamers.

_QQ_1800d ago

It is 100$ less when you include PSN, and 150$ less for the basic.

chadboban1799d ago

Yeah, but remember, when people are actually shopping for these consoles, they won't see that. All they'll see is the Wii U @ $349 and PS4 @ $399 and that's not very good considering what the PS4 offers. I think that a price drop around the release of Pikmin 3 could very well be the start of the rebirth of the Wii U that we are hoping for.

_QQ_1799d ago

I don't think pikmin3 will pick up sales other than for people waiting on that game, 3D mario and DKTP will pick up sales and i believe sales won't just imptove but greatly improve if Nintendo compliments those two games with a price drop and marketing.

from the beach1799d ago

So hard on Nintendo..

They didn't have to say NO DRM because they're the only platform that never considered it..

Their console is by far the cheapest of the new three..

They announced sequels to critical darlings Mario 3D Land and DKCR..

Could they have done anything to please these guys?

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