Microsoft selling Xbox One first-party games for $59.99

Microsoft is selling Xbox One first party games for $59.99 or £39.99 which is thesame price as current Xbox 360/PS3/Wii U games and even cheaper than overpriced games such as FIFA 13 and COD Black Ops 2. This is magnificent news and is reminiscent of how STEAM on PC works. If gamers continue to support Microsoft by investing in the Xbox One, then hopefully third party games will also drop in Price.

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CoolBeansRus1831d ago

Didn't this gen start at $50? My guess is that games will move up to $70 before it's all over.

zeal0us1831d ago

And the big companies wonder why some people buy their games used.

gedapeleda1831d ago

Yeah I remeber buying them for 50$. Those were the times...

UNGR1831d ago

I remember getting them for $30-$40, them were the good days. Still remember the day I picked up Ratchet and Clank Deadlocked for $40 brand new, that's how games should be priced.

nirwanda1831d ago

And I remember the price of neo geo games too, and the price of something like street fighter 2 turbo on import on the snez.

That-Guy1831d ago

I remember getting screwed for $100 in Australia.

dcbronco1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Love the way people think $60 for a game that will provide hundreds of hours of fun if it has MP is overpriced. But those same people will buy a $12-15 movie ticket for 2 hours of a crap movie. Even though a AAA game will have a budget similar to a movie and will have no secondary markets. Maybe games should let you play once and then you have to buy it again on a DVD if you want to play it more.

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dendenmooshi1831d ago

The current gen games are $59.99 so I don't know why there needs to an article about this.

I wonder how much Microsoft pays Polygon to make these positive view X1 articles.

CrossingEden1831d ago

um wtf, what's positive about this, they're stating a neutral fact

B-radical1831d ago

Because its positive it has to be the evil magic of that evil wizard microsoft? Get real big kid!

monkey nuts1831d ago

While pre ordering a ps4 on amazon I noticed they had the future ps4 launch games priced at £54.99. Surely the games are not going to retail for that amount? Otherwise I can't see my ps4 game collection ever getting above three games at a time. :/

r40k2131831d ago

@monkey nuts: I'm seeing them as around $59.99 so make sure it isn't showing USD amounts.

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colonel1791831d ago

I had the chance to buy Resistance: Fall of Man on Walmart at launch and it was $59.99. So I don't know which games started at $50. PS2 games were, but not PS3's.

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LackTrue4K1831d ago

hope for cheaper price on DL.

madpuppy1831d ago

With the Economy still pretty soft, I don't think that the market can sustain prices over 60.00.

ShaunCameron1831d ago

I think it can. Let's not forget that the early 1990's economy wasn't much to write home about either and that didn't stop people from paying $60 for games on average.

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BelieveinGhosts1831d ago

I dont know about where you live but in the UK, Xbox 360 and PS3 games were always £39.99. It was Activision that raised the price to £44.99 when COD Modern Warfare 2 was released and EA didnt waste any time and did thesame thing for FIFA 13.

I am 100% sure that EA were going to raise the price of Battlefield too but luckily we have entered a new generation and if Microsoft are keeping prices thesame for theri exclusives, then EA and Activision have no other choice than to keep their prices low as well.

I hope Sony also does this for PS4 because it will stop console games from being too expensive.

Xbox 360 and PS3 games are already atleast £20 or $20 more expensive than PC games. If these publishers are not careful with their software pricing, they will drive people towards PC gaming and loose millions as a result.

Dark_Overlord1831d ago

I remember each year they (Acti) put the price up too, now games retail for £54.99

DOMination-1831d ago

They want us to see a benefit to restrictions? They could have made a positive statement by making the games cheaper but clearly that was asking too much

mcstorm1831d ago

I tend to get my games from as they are always less than most places but I agree the games that sell the most over here always have there prices higher and it seems to be the ones why have a new game every 12 months.

This gen I must of bought on average 10 games a year but with the prices going up I will not be doing that again and I am going to miss a year for the games that are out each year to like fifa or cod ect.

This is also part of a reason I got a Wiiu this time around to as games like Mario kart, Mario world ect are games you can go back to and not get board where cod fifa ect you play for 12 months and the buy the new one 12 months later.

I've also found halo and forza games this gen I have gone back to.

I do think in the end the games industry will hurt its self more and more if it carrys on making the prices higher but also not giving us new ips and pushing them as we have some of the best games this gen but never sold to well as they were not pushed like there big name games. Alan wake and split/Second come to mind.

Walker1831d ago

Sounds good . it's same price with this generation !

EmptySkyForm1831d ago

+ $10 to be able to change the difficulty in the game.

CrossingEden1831d ago

this isn't metro last light

doctorstrange1831d ago

Can we make digital games this price too? For both PS4 and XBO, that is.

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