Titanfall Multiplayer Impressions: Big, Bad, and Brutal

Titanfall is Respawn’s first video game release since the studio was formed close to three years ago, and the former Call of Duty creators definitely spent their time wisely. EA offered a more in-depth look at the multiplayer component of Titanfall at their E3 booth, and based on the 20-minute presentation its clear that this game is going to be a winner, and possibly a reason to own a Microsoft console (only available on the 360, Xbox One, and PC).

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Thatguy-3102008d ago

IMO Visuals did not screamed next gen. I mean look at Infamous Second son and even Ryse. Those are clearly next gen titles. The gameplay looks fun though and should be cool playing with the mechs.

LackTrue4K2008d ago

i really REALLY enjoyed the first trailer, until i saw gameplay of the foot soldiers/player without mech's.

the gameplay on foot looks 80% like COD!!!!

this is my face the first time i saw it.... :D
this is my face after...... -_-

Cueil2008d ago

yes because CoD allows you to run up and along the sides of walls or jump on giant mechs and blow their digital brains out -_-

theEx1Le2008d ago

What did you expect from the creators of Call of Duty? They created it, but Activision and their studios milked the formula.

Blachek2008d ago

Call of Duty is popular because it's fast paced, smooth, and action packed. It's stagnated with the games because it lacked innovation. This game has vision, they've incorporated new elements as well as a theme that is exciting. Reminds me of BF2142 mixed with Tribes & some parkour. Very interesting, very cool.

Testfire2008d ago


I agree, I was also underwhelmed by Titanfall. There were some cool elements but it screamed COD, which I've been over for a couple years now. The maps, buildings, grass, and gun sounds looked and sounded just like a COD game. Its basically COD Future Warfare.

LackTrue4K2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I think I didn't explain my self well, the game looks great and the mech's look bad ass!!!

But when on foot players used there guns, they had little recoil!!
To the point that it looked like a future theme of CoD.
But then again, it's kind of expected from the same developers.

@ Cueil, thanks for pointing out the mech's and the wall running...did not see that before. /s!!!

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Belking2008d ago

That because this is a multi-player title only. Ther is a difference in single player visuals and multi-player for all games.

AngelicIceDiamond2008d ago

They announced it'll have single player campaign as well. Co op campaign or MP campaign.

AngelicIceDiamond2008d ago

Because its next gen it means great graphics all the time right.

Don't be shallow next gen means more than that obviously.

Megatron3162008d ago

i totally agree its just cod with mechs and parkour lol, still the gunplay mechanics dont look or sound right like other shooters (crysis,bf,farcry,metro)

Ashunderfire862008d ago

I saw this in 60 fps on a huge TV at E3!!! This screams Next Gen to me. Even more than Call of Duty Ghost. Heck anything at E3 beats Call of Duty Ghost.

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2008d ago
Neoninja2008d ago

I have never really been a fan of fps multiplayers, but darn it I'm sold on Titanfall! Day freaking one purchase for me!

malokevi2008d ago

And by purchase you mean.... download!


FrigidDARKNESS2008d ago

Keep in mind that Titanfalls isn't a finidhed game they have a lot of time and resources to improve on.

Hercules1892008d ago

Its also an mmo which is way larger than games like killzone and infamous and has to calculate 100s of players with maps 10x larger than battlefield, and to have a game look that good and is still in what i assume is prealpha, this game is looking wonderful

ssj272008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

it looks funs but I know a PS3 game that can rival this visually and tech wise.. and this is a next gen game..

I was expecting more from RESPAWN but it seem to have the most important part of a game the fun factor..

FrigidDARKNESS2008d ago

PLEASE STOP! The ps3 will fall flat on its face when doing large scale large world games. Look at the Skrim and Fallout games.

ssj272007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

true PS3 sucks at open worlds that you name, not all.. I don't get your point..
but I'm talking about gameplay.. anyways it looks fun.. and it remind me of a PS3 game i love..

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