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Majin-vegeta1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )


Foliage1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

Shuhei Yoshida [email protected] 1h
And yes, PS4 is region free :D

Excellent news keeps pouring in!

Majin-vegeta1144d ago

Someone needs to ask if external hardrdrives are suppported?I have a 3tb just waiting for it.

Spontogical1144d ago

Of course external harddrives are supported.

It has a USB port for a reason. The PS3 also supports external.. do not worry - you will definitely be able to use your external HDD.

meplaygames1144d ago

Both ps4 and xbone supports external hdds so your covered :-)

Majin-vegeta1144d ago

Link??Just wanna see it with my own eyes.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1144d ago

what he is trying to say is if you can swap out hdd with larger size not like the xbox. In other words is it a removable hdd,,, yoshidas upgradable comment seems to say that yes it is removable so lon as it fits the ps3 you can put a TBHDD on that bad boy

NumOnePS3FanBoy1144d ago

yes but yoshidas comment, I believe, is referring to the fact that it is removable. meaning you can upgrade it like how you currently can with the ps3 which is marvelous of course

pimpschitz1144d ago

That was awesome!!! I hate Don Mattrick, he is so smug I just want to smash his face with a brick.

dedicatedtogamers1144d ago

The gift that keeps on giving. Xbox One's HDD, by contrast, is not able to be swapped.

Relientk771144d ago

Nice well that's more good news

Walker1144d ago

But XBone's HDD is not upgradable :( !

Hicken1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

No need to upgrade it. It's all in the cloud!

Edit: For an extra hundred, you can move your entire HDD to the cloud! And your system, too!

lol, nah, I have no idea. Doubt it, though.

JohnS13131144d ago

Is that what Microsoft says? Are they giving everyone a terabyte of space?

Zool 081144d ago

Sony has made M$ look like a bunch of XBoneheads.

Felonycarclub81144d ago

I see what you did there LMFAO why do we have to wait so long

nix1144d ago

it supports external HDD. that's what i've heard.

Virtual_Reality1144d ago

Yes, it supports that.

But the thing is, what if the main HDD brokes, the console is done because is not replaceable.

sinjonezp1144d ago

even so, external data rate is a lot slower than internal. Trust me, I have played games from an external connected to a usb 3.0 port and the load of textures and other data was very slow. Unless they have a e-sata port, that is irrelevant. O..Wait....

tigertron1144d ago

The good news just keeps on rolling. :D