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Submitted by Sharius 901d ago | news

PS4's HDD is upgradable

Confirmed by Yoshida himself (Industry, PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

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Majin-vegeta  +   901d ago
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Foliage  +   901d ago
Shuhei Yoshida ‏@yosp 1h
And yes, PS4 is region free :D

Excellent news keeps pouring in!
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Majin-vegeta  +   901d ago
Someone needs to ask if external hardrdrives are suppported?I have a 3tb just waiting for it.
Spontogical  +   901d ago
Of course external harddrives are supported.

It has a USB port for a reason. The PS3 also supports external.. do not worry - you will definitely be able to use your external HDD.
meplaygames  +   901d ago
Both ps4 and xbone supports external hdds so your covered :-)
Majin-vegeta  +   901d ago
Link??Just wanna see it with my own eyes.
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   901d ago
what he is trying to say is if you can swap out hdd with larger size not like the xbox. In other words is it a removable hdd,,, yoshidas upgradable comment seems to say that yes it is removable so lon as it fits the ps3 you can put a TBHDD on that bad boy
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   901d ago
yes but yoshidas comment, I believe, is referring to the fact that it is removable. meaning you can upgrade it like how you currently can with the ps3 which is marvelous of course
pimpschitz  +   901d ago
That was awesome!!! I hate Don Mattrick, he is so smug I just want to smash his face with a brick.
TRU3_GAM3R  +   901d ago
PLAYSTATION 4!!! HAHAHA best gif ever!
DebraHampton   901d ago | Spam
PANTHER1030  +   901d ago
Hey nice gif :)
dedicatedtogamers  +   901d ago
The gift that keeps on giving. Xbox One's HDD, by contrast, is not able to be swapped.
Relientk77  +   901d ago
Nice well that's more good news
Walker  +   901d ago
But XBone's HDD is not upgradable :( !
Hicken  +   901d ago
No need to upgrade it. It's all in the cloud!

Edit: For an extra hundred, you can move your entire HDD to the cloud! And your system, too!

lol, nah, I have no idea. Doubt it, though.
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JohnS1313  +   901d ago
Is that what Microsoft says? Are they giving everyone a terabyte of space?
Zool 08  +   901d ago
Sony has made M$ look like a bunch of XBoneheads.
Felonycarclub8  +   901d ago
I see what you did there LMFAO why do we have to wait so long
nix  +   901d ago
it supports external HDD. that's what i've heard.
Virtual_Reality  +   901d ago
Yes, it supports that.

But the thing is, what if the main HDD brokes, the console is done because is not replaceable.
sinjonezp  +   901d ago
even so, external data rate is a lot slower than internal. Trust me, I have played games from an external connected to a usb 3.0 port and the load of textures and other data was very slow. Unless they have a e-sata port, that is irrelevant. O..Wait....
tigertron  +   901d ago
The good news just keeps on rolling. :D
Bathyj  +   901d ago
Thats a tick in every box.

Mines going straight in the pool room.
xxBiG_BoSSxx  +   901d ago
NOO! It will get wet!
.Oh wait. You meant billiards pool, not splashy pool?

Anyway, upgradeable hdd is very good news.
WeAreLegion  +   901d ago
No, he meant splashy pool. Like the rest of Sony's electronics, the PS4 is also waterproof. :D
EmptySkyForm  +   901d ago
Sony you already beat Microsoft. No need to kick 'em while their down. :)
Jeff257  +   901d ago
Microsoft just dug their own grave. Sony came along and decided to help kick the dirt over them. lol
Narutone66  +   901d ago
Sony is twisting the knife.
Summons75  +   901d ago
Why not? :p I they keep this up, the time between now an when ms throws in the towel could shorten. Just think the ms exclusives going to Sony (not that would happen if ms did leave the console race). I gave ms some Benicia of the doubt today but they just dropped the ball and Sony picked it up. I'll miss halo but final fantasy always get my vote :)
izumo_lee  +   901d ago
Sony is like that Mad Max trailer. Why waste a bullet when you can run them over with your hype car/train.

When is this good news gonna heart can't take it. I don't wanna die before the PS4 come out.
first1NFANTRY  +   901d ago
someone needs to kazify all the M$ and Sony trailers asap. there's too much laughs to be had
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   901d ago
it's that kaz train baby
pimpschitz  +   901d ago
Sony isn't doing it lol, Sony just put together a system. One naturally lower in cost predetermined. One without DRM. One that has a more ram. MS just put together a system of rules that made them look really stupid, Sony is just going along for the ride at this point, there is no need for them to make them look stupid. Ask a question if you disagree, I'll gladly prove my point.
Bathyj  +   901d ago
I hope you dont have to buy that caddy crap like the slims. It should come with the machine like my fat.
KwietStorm  +   901d ago
I've changed the disk in my slim without buying anything extra. What caddy crap are you talking about? The tray it sits in?
Bathyj  +   901d ago
sorry, I meant the super slim. I believe you need a caddy for it. yes, that little tray they sell separately.
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trage  +   901d ago
No u dont just use the one that comes with the slim.
I misread your comment about the superslim.
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Talamak  +   901d ago
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   901d ago
Oh my gaaaawwwed i have been looking for the answer to this for a while now. Woooo! Sony is on Fire.
jonboi24  +   901d ago
This and region-free are the cherries on what has been a historic day for PS4, Sony and gamers.
Bathyj  +   901d ago
The cake is NOT a lie.
JohnS1313  +   901d ago
This is great news.
Jeff257  +   901d ago
Wow this is great news. I upgraded my PS3 to a 750gb HDD when my original HDD decided to die on me. No big deal since I had wanted to upgrade it all along. So I will most likely do an upgrade to the PS4 as well. Especially if I start buying a lot of digital titles.
Lolrus  +   901d ago
Wow. Sony has absolutely gone all out in ensuring this device satisfies consumers purely while MS has gone the dark route of satisfying corporate interests.. While MS had the stronger exclusive initial line up it doesnt make up for all the advantages PS4 has shown
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Number-Nine  +   901d ago
whats next!? the ps4 can make you a sammich???
Sharius  +   901d ago
it have a cup-holder AFAIK
Parapraxis  +   901d ago
State of the art Foreman Grill baby!
CaulkSlap  +   901d ago
It's like a group of gamers sat around and designed their dream console. There's seriously been no fault aside from now paying for online play (which I have PS+ anyways because it's worth it for content alone).
Jeff257  +   901d ago
That fact still bothers me. I have had PS+ since day one because for the extra games and other features it has been worth it. But I have always had an issue when someone has to pay to play online. I won't disconnect my Plus account nor will I skip the PS4 but it just sucks that they had to go that route. I just hope that one Plus account will allow anyone on that system to game online. Kind of like how right now anyone on the system can play any of the games that were downloaded for free.
nirwanda  +   901d ago
Servers cost money to build and run, if your doing cloud storage and running persistent worlds you need to spend alot on servers.
Jeff257  +   901d ago
Trust me I know that fact. I work in a data center so I am well aware how much that stuff can cost. It is just I always talked against the 360 because MS locked down MP behind Gold live along with a lot of the other features. I always thought that putting the features behind Gold but making MP free would have been great. Now however Sony does the opposite. However if PSN shows a marked improvement over what it has been with PS3. Then it will be well worth it. Honestly the fee is already worth it for the free games I have gotten. I just don't want to have to pay multiple times for more than one Plus account. I am married and my kids as well as my wife like to game. My wife games online and my oldest son is getting to the age where soon he will be gaming online as well.
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Foliage  +   901d ago
Sony this generation is still the lesser of two evils.

Last gen: it was online paywalls, region locks, HDD that can't be upgraded

This gen: Always on, forced cameras, DRM, region locks, HDD that can't be upgraded, etc. etc.
SniperControl  +   901d ago
Just been confirmed on another article.
mac_sparrow  +   901d ago
I have a 750GB in my ps3, here's hoping 2TB fits and is reasonable by release.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   901d ago
Thank you based Yoshida.
tarbis  +   901d ago
Sony. STAHP! STAHP! The coffin has no more room for another nail. XD
tiffac008  +   901d ago
Maybe if you put the coffin inside a coffin, you will have more space for the nails :)
b_one  +   901d ago
Shu is active on his 2nd job on twitter, lets go give him a hug :D
Parapraxis  +   901d ago
Expected, yet still, really great news! Now if only all my PS3 content could carry over!
But still, this is great, I need to grab a bigger HDD for PS4 considering it's tough squeezing in room for games via PS+ as it is.

Be wary of mis-information from these members, they will not hesitate to blatantly lie.
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Majin-vegeta  +   901d ago
Lol,they're just mad Sony shut them up about "DRM" and always online bs.
pimpschitz  +   901d ago
They are retarded.

a) Sony isn't in debt. They actually are even going into PS4 sales.
b) Hasn't said anything about the yearly PSN account even then (I don't need it cause I can play single player games without it).
c) (honestly) Ryse wasn't that good of a game . . . but then again I don't like God of war type games anyway.
d) PS4 is just a better console. What are these idiots smoking? Very much in denial.
KwietStorm  +   901d ago
All I needed to know.
ErcsYou  +   901d ago

I have a question for PS+ subscribers. Will a year of PS+ Fill a 500gb hard drive with all the free games you receive weekly? I did not like swapping hard drives this gen and always regretted not doing it "Day one". I think a 1Tb might be a wise choice this gen.
Parapraxis  +   901d ago
Probably not, might come close depending on how much you game, with many games requiring installs, however it's not hard to go to Game Data and remove older games you have finished to free up space.
#23.1 (Edited 901d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Jeff257  +   901d ago
Also not hard to go back and re download a title you may have deleted but want to play again.

@meplaygames below

While yes you can add an external drive to the XBOX One the reason why we are excited with the PS4 is the fact you can swap out the current drive and it keeps it internal. That means no unneeded external connection.

Seriously with the XBOX One you are looking at the big bulky console taking up room. Then you add in the Kinect. Another dongle to connect your cable box to the One and lastly if you want more storage space you have to add an external hard drive. I don't know about you but that is just too much stuff that now has to sit on my entertainment center or on a dresser or whatever you might have the console on.
#23.1.1 (Edited 901d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
Canas2010  +   901d ago
Nah, I have downloaded almost everything PS+ has to offer and only had to delete game data once. I only have a 320gb HDD and I have 40 gigs left. GT5's game data had to go once I finished playing it though, that was 10 gigs alone.
ErcsYou  +   901d ago
Thank for the response. Game installs killed me this gen and i have to delete them frequently. Trying to be prepared next Gen.
kingPoS  +   901d ago
It depends.

I fill my PS3 with content from the browser, psn, usb and dvd-r's.
pimpschitz  +   901d ago
Technically I can store games in the cloud.
madara0sama  +   901d ago
meplaygames  +   901d ago
This is great news. But why is everyone using this as a plus for the ps4 when any external hdd can be used to extend the storage of the xbone via usb 3 connection? You can install games and download software directly to an external hdd so no big deal.
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level 360  +   901d ago
That's another great news I wanted to hear and has now been finally confirmed!

A big YES to that!!
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nemey  +   901d ago
PlayStation 4 Life
ziggurcat  +   901d ago
just when you thought no DRM restrictions, no online check-ins, no mandatory camera peripheral, and no region locking was it, they deal yet another death blow to the xbone.

this was the biggest question i had following the knowledge of the replaceable HDD, and this news makes me ecstatic!

*so* glad i pre-ordered the PS4. by the time the PS4 is out, a 1TB drive will be cheap (or a 2TB drive will be a decent price), and i will likely upgrade asap.
#28 (Edited 901d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
meplaygames  +   901d ago
Jheeze why are you fanbois so stupid
ziggurcat  +   901d ago
post a link from MS confirming that you have full access to your external storage device if it's plugged in to the xbone.

because publicly they've said no such thing, other than it "supported" the use of external devices, which is about as vague as you can get since the X360 also "supports" the use of external devices (but you only have access to 32GB of external storage).
vigilante_man  +   901d ago
My biggest surprise came when I tried to play a movie file on the 360 via USB memory stick. It would not allow it.

I can play MP4 and WMV (Microsoft Windows format) files on the PS3. It shocked me. I hope these restrictions go this time.

Why are MS so mistrusting of us gamers?
twoq  +   901d ago
If only they would ship a F-I-Y model then you could simply fit what size or type you wanted.....& it would reduce the price a little, maybe.
mrmancs  +   901d ago
I will get the new eye toy , that has got 500gig!! Lol.
Amazing value.
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