Operation Darkness 360 demo incoming

If you haven't heard of Atlus' tactical RPG Operation Darkness (and let's face it, not many of us have) then there's a chance to have it running in all its anime World War II glory via the 360 demo, arriving May 5.

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Skerj3711d ago

I love Atlus, and I love SRPG's. I'll be checking this one out for sure, might just hold my interest longer than the "last" RPG on the console did.

games4fun3711d ago

skerj i love Atlus games too especially srpg's this better sell well on 360 i hope there is a ps3 version in the works

Sayai jin3711d ago

I am sure this will be nice. I for see a demo coming for the PS3 as well.

thanextone2293711d ago

I must be looking through my beer glasses... This game looks AWEFUL...

PS360WII3698d ago

hey just finally heard about this game and yes Atlus always makes a great game. Glad a demo is only a month away :)

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