Odin Sphere - Don't Write off the PS2 just Yet…

Gameplayer has reviewed the new RPG Odin Sphere and were blown away by the game, declaring that gamers should expect a beautiful gaming experience.

"Other tactical options include gardening. As in many games, the souls of defeated enemies float around the level like fireflies, waiting to be absorbed. Unlike in most games, those soul fragments can be gobbled up by shrubbery that you've planted."

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SlappingOysters3765d ago

Not much else on the horizon... just crappy kids games and some ATV game.

That said, I think God of War: Chains of Olympus will end up on PS2 by Christmas

RealityCheck3765d ago

I guess it may seem like this in your region because Odin Sphere was just released but it's been out in the US since May 22nd 2007 (and even before that in Japan of course).

Persona 3 in the US came later (August 14th 2007) and the new FES version is coming out soon (April 22nd 2008) so I would say Persona 3 might be the latest great PS2 game.

That being said, if they port Yakuza 2 over to Europe\US, then that might be the next great PS2 game for us.

Otherwise that will go to Persona 4 hands down which could then be the last great PS2 game.

As for GoW: CoO, I read somewhere the developer saying that a port to the PS2 was NOT in the cards as they are moving to a far more interesting PS3 project.

v1c1ous3765d ago

so a game that came out last year....gets reviewed hella late by this site....a game that already went through its hype and praise stage...

and this gets approved? wow....

Reibooi3765d ago

It's from some AU site. I guess the game just came out there and now they are reviewing it. It's kinda annoying lists and things from this site get approved all the time and they are like most anticipated games of 2008 and most of the games are games that are already out but because its a AU site they aren't out there and we waste out time reading about games we have already played and know are great.

Sprud3765d ago

It just came out in Europe and Australia.

Skerj3765d ago

Oh ok, I was wondering what the deal was because I've had this game for almost a year hah. In any case the PS2 still has Persona 4 left so yay.

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