Screw You Too, Microsoft.

MTB: I actually had to take a day to collect myself after the Xbox One reveal. It played out as if someone had taken everything I hated and feared from the game industry and combined it into a super console; creating the Devastator of crooked ideas. Microsoft is already backpedaling as hard as it can from a lot of what was said yesterday, but if even half of it is true then we need to form some sort of fellowship purely for the purpose of throwing that evil system into the fires of a volcano. Lives will be lost, bravery will be tested, but overall I think it’s better to scour this system from the face of the earth than to endure its existence.

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N4Flamers1745d ago

Do you think its home is in mount doom? The one console to rule them all. ItIis appropriately sinister

first1NFANTRY1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Xbox: No Purchase


gift it a break mate. it's ok if you love bending over for M$ but don't try and pass them off as doing good for consumers because their NOT!

deep down even you know their killing gaming.

greenpowerz1745d ago

Your loss... Some how I doubt you ever considered it.

Just saying...

One1 comes before Four4

Donnieboi1745d ago

And the number 4 is worth more than 1. See? Anyone can use a pointless cliche like u did, too.

Morgue1745d ago

P comes before X in the alphabet.

Shinox1745d ago Show
grimmweisse1745d ago

......and 360 is more than 3 and 3 still sold more. Your point again?

SpitFireAce851745d ago

It is because of consumers like you that companies like M$ get away with things like paying to play online when you payed your internet provider.Paying to watch Netflix that you payed Netflix all ready to watch.

SilentNegotiator1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

"Some how I doubt you ever considered it"

Still convincing yourself that only Teh Soni fanbois!! have a problem with Xbox One and it's DRM?

How much delusion can one human being conjure?

MysticStrummer1745d ago

"One1 comes before Four4"

You can count.


4 is still greater than 1

reko1745d ago

four is better than 1..

BlueTemplar1745d ago

"Some how I doubt you ever considered it."

And how much consideration did you give to getting a ps4 exactly?


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fourOeightshark1745d ago

I bet greenpowerz isn't even going to buy the Xbone, he's just a troll.

One4U1745d ago

4 - 1 = 3
Half Life 3 Confirmed !

NatureOfLogic1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Xbox: ...........

XBOX: ...........

Oh well.

Edit: 1>4, greenpowerz logic.

001745d ago

I hope to god xbone Tanks hard.


I'm with you on that one! - Xbox 360 Hardcore gamer 130+ games and 110000+ Achievements.

jsslifelike1745d ago

...because gamers have no balls.

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