Battlefield Bad Company Invalid beta code issues

Several Battlefield Bad Company multiplayer Beta testers for receiving 'invalid beta key' error messages when attempting to redeem their code on Xbox Live.

An EA forum moderator says:
"We understand that quite a few of you are getting an Invalid Code error when you try to enter your beta code on Marketplace. This is being investigated and I will update this post as soon as I have more information."

Lest hope its not Halo 3 beta all over again!!!

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BeaArthur3742d ago

I'm going to try out a key tonight when I get home from work. I'll be bitter if it doesn't work.

Crazyglues3742d ago

the beta starts today and there is a message up saying that the servers are up but having problems....

So there are actually no games going on yet. Which is really surprising since it's a beta, lets just hope these server problems don't actually happen when the game gets released.

But considering they are having problem with the beta servers, might just mean the exact same thing will happen when the game in released because they are the same servers.

iAmPS33742d ago

XBOT: "You are jealous you are not getting the Beta"

Well, you are off to a bad start.

I said it once and I will say it again: "Test the game right cause PS3 gamers don't want to play a broken game".

Good luck =D

Skerj3742d ago

Mine went through so far, it's downloading right now. Now to see if it'll let me play. ..

cow moolester3742d ago

Forgetting about Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 are we?

I had no problem in the beta today...infact I love this game :)

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