Agent - will be released for ps4?

Rockstars playstation game Agent will be released for ps4? A new Rumor says so.

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abzdine1635d ago

Sony are preparing for their conference and i can see that some huge announcements could be made in there!

Abdou231635d ago

That reminds me of an MMO called "The Agency" was supposed to come out on PS3, whatever happened to that.

Drabent1635d ago

Yep I waited and waited on that one /cry.

Veneno1635d ago

That one was confirmed as canceled. It was from SOE. I wonder if it was dropped in favor of DC Universe Online.

Ben Dover1635d ago

The Agency was cancelled in 2011 due to Layoffs at SOE.

kreate1635d ago

but agent was never missing in any form of action.
agent was named, but
died before he was born...
agent got aborted.

a_bro1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

If you go to the rockstar social club site, Agent is still listed. So the game is still alive. If anything, R* north placed it on hold while they're making GTA V.

Also, maybe the game is so ambitious that it requires a new engine.

Veneno1635d ago

It's still even possible Agent is alive and still coming to PS3. It could be one of Sony's big exclusives for the coming years in order to support PS3's 10 year cycle which isn't up until 2016.

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yesmynameissumo1635d ago

I think it will be on PS4. The ambition of the devs is more than the PS3 can handle, most likely.

pandaboy1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

but the ps3 can handle anything apparently

MajorLazer1635d ago

Didn't you know it runs on the souls of those Kratos killed?

Bzone241635d ago

I'm thinking it'll be a ps5 launch title. Yes I meant to hit 5 and not 4.

ltachiUchiha1635d ago

We will see at e3. Should be awesome.

ltachiUchiha1634d ago

Its right around the corner. I believe MS & Sony will have theirs on the same day on june 10th if im not mistaken.

megaworm251635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

''The shop Webhallen reported ''

so some shop has announced that Agent is coming to PS4

Agent for PS4 confirmed. Sure it is

xhi41635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Maybe, hopefully! But being realistic there's no indication that this is true. Plus this rumour source is seriously weak.

"The source from which this information relates Webhallen is completely unclear and could ultimately only serve to lure gamers interested in the shop." - From the article.

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