Microtransactions piss me off

TVGB: "Microtransactions are a trend I fear in gaming as I honestly think it can only bring ruin to the industry. Certainly, the corporations can make gobs of more money in the process, but what about We, the gamers?"

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Ovidius3919d ago

Nice pic, btw. $2.50 for horse armor?

I agree, though. Paying so much for so little is just complete BS! DLC will make alot of gamers stray. EA is especially guilty with this. DLC is fine if it's at a reasonable price, made AFTER the completed game, not taken out of the completed game only to put online and sell for it. There really ought to be laws or something regarding DLC. It's unfair for the consumer.

If EA does take T2(or was that denied?), I could just imagine... Paying 5 dollars for certain guns. Paying 10 bucks for a 3 pack of cars. 20 bucks for 3 more missions to finish the series. 40 for an "expansion" that could have easily been on the game. F*cking greedy money hungry businesses. All of them!

I agree with this article completely. If anything, horse armor should be 25 cents, if that. And that's really all I know of that is extremely overpriced on the XBL Marketplace. Everything EA is giving out is overpriced, I know that.

I hope EA doesn't make a console and monopolize the industry. My wallet will probably die should that happen. Or maybe I'll get a life by then, who knows?

Anyway, I'm done ranting... If you disagree(and I don't see how many of you can) please say why?!

games4fun3919d ago

is at it again did you know the Battlefield Bad Company game has dlc as guns you actually have to buy guns from them it has actually annoyed me so much i decided not to buy it and suggest others do the same

Ovidius3919d ago

I read the article when it came out. And that is complete, and utter bullsh!t. Especially since it was just a BETA!

Breakfast3919d ago

@ above - i thought that was debunked?

But i agree, with original poster...down with dlc...or at least the pointless ones...all of that stuff should come in the original game.

Dudeson423919d ago

Map packs are OK in my book but as soon as we start paying for content that is ALREADY ON THE DISC, thats when it's gone too far.

I'm looking at YOU Beautiful Katamari...

Farsendor13919d ago

i don't buy any dlc and never will no matter what it is no point in paying for something to do with a game that i alread payed full price for.

if this continues i don't know how much longer im going to be a gamer this is complete bull shi#

EastCoastSB3919d ago

And I fear it's going to grow.

I downloaded the BF:BC beta and to my surprise, there are 5 or so guns that you have to buy, WTF!?!?

ReBurn3919d ago

I won't pay for cruft, but I'll kick in a few bucks if it makes the experience more worthwhile.

When I used to spend some time in Second Life the only money I ever put into the game was about $10 to buy a cheap-but-good skin, some decent clothes and something that reasonably resembled hair. I had a good time with Second Life, so it was worth the money. Anything else I bought in the game came with money won in various ways.

Once I won $5,000+ Lindens when some moron accidentally paid a sploder all of his money, over $100,000 Lindens. He was begging for people to give him his money back, but everyone just teleported away.

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The story is too old to be commented.