Microsoft's Xbox One reveal: The Ugly

XMNR: The good and the bad of Microsoft's Tuesday reveal of the Xbox One have been covered and now it is time to dive into the ugly.

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spoonard1642d ago

I wouldn't call it ugly per se, but it does lack pizazz.

thereapersson1642d ago

I liked some of the tech they were showing - as a nerd, you'd be crazy to say it "sucked" - but as a GAMER, it certainly left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

SonyPS41642d ago

I don't really mind the looks of it. It's not inspiring, but not that ugly either, IMO. What's really ugly is the inside of it:

-Anti used games
-24 hour offline play
-Paid online (like it has been with the first two consoles)
-Huge emphasis on TV and sports, something we already have been doing for decades long before video games even existed, and we certainly won't need yet another set-top box

Hicken1642d ago

Yeah, the console isn't great looking, but it's not horrible looking either.

All the rest of that stuff, though...

1642d ago
PigPen1642d ago

I want to know what those exclusive are. Better yet what those 14 games are since one is definitely Halo. That game tied to profile thing is a no go. I'm sure Microsoft will have a better E3 showing.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I don't like the look of the xbox 1, it's just not good looking...but I am expecting Microsoft to launch a cheaper version of the 1 with out the added rif raf... maybe that 1 will look better...

NateCole1642d ago

Honestly i do care what it looks like. As is it's ok.

NateCole1642d ago

Crap. Ment to say i don't care what it looks like

FullmetalAlchemist1642d ago

I'm curious as to the what angled ridges on top serve for. Is it simply for looks? Is it a heat vent? Is it a wash board? And why is only half the console covered in it.

I think Winry could have designed something more appealing to look at.

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