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Submitted by BozoLoco 992d ago | opinion piece

PlayStation 4 faces same damning challenges as Xbox One Simply aiming for gamers won't be enough for PS4, while Microsoft's broader appeal could hurt the industry further. (PS4, Xbox One)

dedicatedtogamers  +   992d ago
Does it? This article comes across as apologist.

"Microsoft is hoping anyone interested in the Xbox One for its television capabilities would be interested -- eventually -- in its gaming capabilities, which is a risky manoeuvre, but probably safer than Sony’s route."

How'd that work out for Nintendo, Microsoft? Ninty hoped people would buy Wii Sports and Mario Kart and then eventually migrate into "core" games, but they didn't.

How is Microsoft's route - use a gaming console to capture the TV audience and then turn around and re-capture the gaming audience - safer than Sony's route - focus your gaming console on games to attract the gamer?

Really, the apologies have to stop. People who buy an Xbox One are funding the death of gaming.
BozoLoco  +   992d ago
Well Nintendo has no other revenue streams...MS obviously aiming for a broad, maybe too broad a market though.
McScroggz  +   992d ago
But isn't a lot more likely that somebody playing a casual game would try out a more traditional game than somebody who's watching TV on a console suddenly getting the itch to play a game?
adorie  +   992d ago
I don't like believing in corporations, but I do believe Sony will do right by us. if not? I will game on PC exclusively. Simple as that. Edit: and Wii U -_-

Sony, it's up to you now. Do us right and show MS how a console is supposed to be in 2013!
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Thirty3Three  +   992d ago

They're just trying to make up stupid, fake information, to help them feel better about their fanboyboxone.

"Hey! I'm an Xbox fanboy! I know the PS4 will be a TON better, but I'm too prideful and arrogant to admit it. Maybe if I were to make up some stupid and fake information about the PS4, it'd make my lovely xbox seem better."

Whatever helps you sleep at night, brah.
British_Knight  +   991d ago
Why will the PS4 be better than the XBOX One?
MikeMyers  +   992d ago
It comes across as a realist, not an apologist. Game budgets keep increasing. Sony has shut down game studios. We may have seen a lot of exclusives but how many sell well enough to fund themselves?

What I see time and time again here is this attitude that everything should stay the same. That they shouldn't block used games, that the system should just be about games. Meanwhile they keep talking numbers. High specs, GDDR5 ram, how they are all about gamers. Did they not learn anything last generation? Did they not learn anything with the Vita? Sony has essentially eroded all profits prior to the PS3 from their gaming division.

What took 50 people to make Gran Turismo on the PS2 now takes 300 people (just a guess but it is way more now than then). Yet those games sold more on the PS2. So the profits are much lower now and that is one of their highest profile games. Do you really think Sony isn't going to do something about locking games or having fees to counter high costs and the used game market?

Back in the Atari 26000 days and the NES games cost $50. In all that time they have only gone up $10. How is it sustainable to keep this same format going without broadening a game console beyond games? Without curbing used games? Without charging subscription fees for servers? All while costs have gone up every generation and will keep going up? Guerilla already said it took more people to make the new Killzone game. How many people will buy that on a new system?
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voodoopickle  +   992d ago
when nes and Atari came out games were 30$, so the price has doubled. genesis was the first to charge 40 per game
MikeMyers  +   992d ago
"when nes and Atari came out games were 30$, so the price has doubled. genesis was the first to charge 40 per game"

That's not true. Asteroids for the Atari 2600 was $49.99 when it came out. Games on the NES ranged from $39.99-$49.99. Street Fighter on the SNES was actually $59.99.

Inflation hasn't even caught up to todays prices, let alone development costs. Ask Nintendo how much it cost to make the first Metroid game or the first Mario Bros. to how much they will cost on the Wii U.
NukaCola  +   992d ago
Yeah I got Mortal Kombat on Genesis for $90 and a huge reason I got a PSone long before an N64 was because I couldn't afford those $75+ cartridges at the time. Pricing is finally right.
denawayne  +   992d ago
This is the most intelligent thing said about the next gen. I keep saying that Sony WILL have some sort of DRM not unlike MS's. Am I hoping for this? Hell no but business is business. Every company has a bottom line.
jetlian  +   991d ago
Its not that simple. Cart cost more than cds. If games were to go back and use say usb sticks games would be over 100 dollars.

Yea games do require more people to make. Thats one area where things did go up. However making games did get easier when 3d was introduced.

Before everything was handmade even animations. Now you have motion capture and what not.

I think the problem is games back then didn't rely on Hollywood actors, they didnt spend half the budget on advertizing, they had 2 main systems vs 3 and less companies making games!
GameCents  +   992d ago
"step out of the shoes of a gamer for a second"
I stopped reading there.
kingmushroom  +   992d ago
hulk_bash1987  +   992d ago
"Simply aiming for gamers isn't enough" is where I stop reading. A gaming console that isn't 1st and foremost about serving gamers is useless garbage to me.
SexyGamerDude  +   992d ago
The PS4 allows you to do more than game, just like the PS3. SONY just isn't trying to shove all the social aspects down our throats, like MS is doing.
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   992d ago
i feel like what youre saying here is exactly what people need to realize. not a lot about the xbox ones media features would be difficult for sony to just bring to their console too. i think the only reason sony didnt focus too heavily on its media functions is because they knew thats not what most gamers really wanted to see.
Eldyraen  +   992d ago
A lot of it is just Sony apparently learning from some of their PR issues last generation (namely from execs). They have done their fair share of skirting the issues but at least haven't put their foot in their mouth this time around. MS though in many ways is just asking for the backlash as they will refuse to explain anything and give the same vague answers about everything (or contradict each other).

Sony is likely doing much of the same (not all) that MS console will/can do but by keeping their focus on games (in the public eye) they're keeping their core audience appeased and can later on begin advertising the other aspects of the console. I expect come the holiday season Sony will still have plenty of game-centric commercials but also a few for social/entertainment side of things. MS on the other hand has a good chance of just being all over the place as they decide who to target and when.

I hope both turn out well but Sony is doing the better job of making themselves look good thus far.
CommonSenseGamer  +   992d ago
But there "It only does everything" campaign was a huge success for them.

I don't understand, MS is starting next gen by pushing the One as being an all in one and they get slammed for it.
stuna1  +   991d ago

I don't think it's so much that the X1 is being marketed as a does everything machine, as it being a machine that is trying to change the landscape of gaming! DRM, Used game fees, Always on, or 24 hour game certification, and the biggest turnoff IMO a always on mic with a camera that required to even opperate the console! These are things that nobody asked for, and definately things that nobody wants.
creatchee  +   992d ago
"...SONY just isn't trying to shove all the social aspects down our throats, like MS is doing."

There's a gigantic SHARE button right on the PS4 controller. How is that any different???
SexyGamerDude  +   992d ago
Watch the PS4 announcement and watch the XboxOne announcement.

Compare them and there is your answer.
tarbis  +   992d ago
It's not gigantic share button. It's small and tucked on the upper part of the controller too away from from primary buttons.
During the Sony conference they didn't shove "share this share that share here or share there" unlike what M$ was doing with "tv this tv that tv here and tv there".
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creatchee  +   992d ago
Did either of you actually watch the Sony conference? They dedicated at least 20 minutes to "share this, share that". And no, it's not a literally gigantic button - but it features prominently on the controller. The fact that it is even on the controller means that Sony wants you to use it.

Regardless, both Xbox and Sony features are all optional! You could never use any of them if you so desire. You act as if Microsoft is holding a gun to our heads and telling us to watch TV. IT'S. AN. OPTIONAL. FEATURE.
Hicken  +   992d ago
What was Sony showing off your ability to share?

I'll give you a hint:


You lose.

Seriously, though. How can you NOT see the difference in the approach to the two companies' consoles? What social features Sony DID show off were centered on games.


Not even close.

It's been like that for all of this generation, too. People like to say Microsoft is now being attacked for being an entertainment hub, while Sony was praised(forgetting that the people now defending Microsoft lambasted the PS3 for being a media hub), but the difference is that Sony positioned the PS3 as a gaming console with multimedia functions, while the Xbox has become a multimedia console that also plays games.

There's a HUGE difference in these two things. And the former is far better for gaming and gamers than the latter.

Surely, you can see this?
stuna1  +   991d ago
The share button is there, but you don't have to use it! It's an option.
SonyPS4  +   992d ago
PS3 fans are waiting to upgrade to PS4. All of my Xbox360 friends on the other hand are not "upgrading" to the One.

MS's core focus on digital entertainment wasn't even the worst part of the reveal. You have an anti-used games technology and a 24-hour offline mode, two of the problems neither PS4 or Wii U has. PS4 will likely go as far as online passes, but nothing like XOne's approach.
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   992d ago
Death of console gaming has already started year ago when IOS devices have eroded the console market share so dont try to blame Microsoft. Its ridiculous how some people dont see or understand the ecomnomics and business side of gaming.
cyguration  +   992d ago
Except it's not eroding the console market:

Just the opposite is happening.
SexyGamerDude  +   992d ago
I have a android device that I game on but it will never replace my console. I have a Tegra 3 and it still doesn't compare to console games. Gaming on Apple and Android devices is good on the go, but it doesn't compare to a at home console. The only part of the gaming market that these devices (barely) compete with are handhelds.
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forum67  +   992d ago
When did Farcry 3 got released for IOS ? Those are casual farmville players.
Jdoki  +   991d ago
That's not strictly true. There's some awesome core titles on iOS these days, but I'm not going to trade in my console any time soon. iOS games are a nice compliment to console gaming.

I'd suggest trying out Eclipse, Call of Cthulu, the Final Fantasy re-releases, Ascension, Nightfall, Bards Tale, Warhammer Quest (when it launches next week). Ace Patrol. Even XCom is getting a full release on iPad.
UnwanteDreamz  +   992d ago
"IOS devices have eroded the console market share"

I laughed real hard at that one. Portable devices are great but who trades the 50inch at home for an iPad?
cyguration  +   992d ago
WTF is up with all the Pro-Corporate White Knight articles trying to defend and regale the death of gaming culture?

I mean these idiots know that they get their money from ad revenue so why would they promote the death of the industry from which they make their money?


Anyway, Sony clearly stated on stage that you can play OFFLINE just like that. I know I can buy a game and play offline. You can't know that for sure with the XB1, so how is it the same challenge?

Also, Sony getting first-adopters from core gamers is not a challenge. YOu know for a fact that your software and hardware will be 1 mil+ at the bare minimum (which is almost always the basic number hit for most PS3 exclusives).

Going after casuals like Nintendo tried to do with the Wii U was risky and DID NOT pay off. They'll have to unleash core games now to regain market standing. Given MS's horrible blunder I can easily foresee a few decent Nintendo exclusives recovering the Wii U so it turns into a Nintendo vs Sony battle during next-gen.
sway_z  +   992d ago
I agree for the most part, but disagree on PS4 vs Wii U.

I think many Wii U owners will purchase PS4 and vice versa...both Wii U & PS4 can co-exist nicely.
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denawayne  +   992d ago
You can game offline on PS4 as long as the game doesn't require you to go online. Sony even said it's up to the publishers if you are required to go online.
cyguration  +   992d ago
That's no different than FFXI or Dust 514 for the PS3.

But you don't need a 24 hour check-in with the PS4, they said it clean and clear as day (not in California anyway) that you don't need to be online to play games. YOU CAN PLAY GAMES OFFLINE.

It's like some fanboys refuse at all costs to believe them.
supergravity  +   992d ago
"That's a machine marketed towards anyone with a living room and television -- not just gamers". So was the CD-I...
Mustang300C2012  +   992d ago
This is too funny so now CD-I? Wasn't PS3 considered the most used device for watching Netflix. As much as "gamers" want to claim it is all about them it hasn't been all about them. These features are optional. It is not required to watch tv through the One. People like having the ability to use multiple functions on one device. Sony is aiming for the same thing. Some of you are in complete denial.
supergravity  +   992d ago
"People like having the ability to use multiple functions on one device". I like buying my video games from a company that makes me feel like game's are the center piece, that's what's important in sales, a transfer of a feeling...I think you know what feeling most people received after ONE's reveal.

Options are nice, Blu-ray was a bonus when I bought my PS3, keyword BONUS.
McScroggz  +   992d ago
Yeah...ummmm...I think you are the one in denial.

Here's the difference: Sony developed the PS4 with developers in mind to make it the gaming console of choice. From having the most powerful tech, to dev friendly architecture to open publishing nearly everything points towards a huge focus on gaming. Oh, and it can record or share your gaming moments with your gamer friends! Yeah, it does things like play Netflix, but then every internet connected device plays Netflix. Doesn't the 3DS play Netflix?

The Xbox One was designed to be an entertainment device - from having three operating systems (which takes up 3 GB's of RAM) to mandatory Kinect functionality for all the navigating - so it's naive to think Microsoft will support it the same way Sony will. If Sony is focusing on gaming and Microsoft is focusing on TV and a bunch of other stuff, cannot you not see how that will negatively affect a console already at a disadvantage due to less power?
CaulkSlap  +   992d ago
Since today a console means a PC in a box with a hard drive, then yes there should be as much extra functionality as possible. But that should all be secondary to gaming.

Sony is producing a gaming centered platform and backs it up with a solid base of 1st party development studios. Microsoft has barely made any effort to grow 1st party development and has made gaming a secondary function in a fancy cable box.

Just don't buy the thing near launch and maybe Microsoft will clean up their act and redeem themselves like Sony did during PS3's life cycle.
DragonKnight  +   992d ago
This article is all over the place and pretty inaccurate.

"Sony’s challenge is marketing a product during a time of increasing game budgets to a gaming demographic only interested in games: generating revenue from that market would easily be trumped by an entertainment-heavy focus with the Xbox One, which would first and foremost generate revenue from secondary cable services and third-party media apps like Netflix."

Yes, let's ignore Sony's heavy focus on indie gaming and creating new experiences. Sony has always been about variety, and the Playstation fanbase has always rewarded that variety with steady sales that have legs. Just because game budgets are high doesn't mean Sony can't be successful. Hell, PC games have higher performance than console games, and suffer from piracy, and yet they are able to be successful among a far more shrewd group.

Gamers want to game first and foremost. Apps just get in the way. They are distractions that are performed better on a PC anyway.

"It’s clear that both companies face an uphill battle, although they aren’t quite on the same hillside anymore."

You can't make that claim if your basis is game budgets. You have to look at what kind of focus Sony has when it comes to games. Are they simply going to go the AAA High Budget route for every game, or are they going to go for that balance they've always had. Sony has been in tight positions monetarily before and always come out swinging hard and doing well. In fact, every Playstation console has had a hard start and a stellar finish.

"The Xbox One will be more expensive than the PlayStation 4, but the latter will also be generating less revenue because of a lack of secondary hardware features."

Unsubstantiated claim that you don't have the authority to make.
DragonKnight  +   992d ago
"Nintendo, clearly, is losing out on a platform that does little else aside from play games. These days you need to offer something on the side to counter the growing costs to create, market and publish blockbuster software: in between big game releases, Nintendo has nothing to rely on to generate revenue from Wii U owners, aside from its digital game offerings. Sony faces a similar hurdle, although it will still have media services available for PS4 owners."

Tell that to the 3DS. Nintendo is losing out because they don't have the games out yet, not because they don't have unnecessary filler apps and TV.

"On the flip side, Microsoft is hoping anyone interested in the Xbox One for its television capabilities would be interested -- eventually -- in its gaming capabilities, which is a risky manoeuvre, but probably safer than Sony’s route."

How is it safer? Gamers are the early adopters. The ones that spread word of mouth info and excite non-gamers. If anything, this is a huge problem for MS.

"At the very least it’s got North American consumers recognising the Xbox brand, so whether it’s a gamer or a non-gamer buying the platform, the entertainment services are still going to be the primary focus on the hardware’s functionality."

And only the North American consumers. Also, the brand currently has negative recognition with this reveal, how can this be spun into a positive?

"Both the PS4 and Xbox One are burdened with reinvigorating an industry fractured by crumbling quality control, while also managing markets that are so far removed from one another as to potentially cripple the industry further."

You're mistaking fatigue over an extended generation with crumbling quality control. This is the longest generation of consoles ever so things are bound to wind down as the years go on and on. The devs that spoke about the PS4 seem to be reinvigorated for the new gen of game development. How is that a bad thing?

This article is pretty terrible I gotta say. It missed the mark on a lot of things.
MikeMyers  +   992d ago
Must be a touchy subject to have 2 comments attached.

"Sony has been in tight positions monetarily before and always come out swinging hard and doing well. In fact, every Playstation console has had a hard start and a stellar finish."

Is that why they closed some studios, because they finished strong?

"Gamers want to game first and foremost. Apps just get in the way. They are distractions that are performed better on a PC anyway."

Then why is Netflix so popular on the PS3? Isn't it also the most popular of all the consoles? Did you not see the studies about how much time owners spend on the consoles not gaming? This is all easily tracked by data for those who are connected.

"How is it safer? Gamers are the early adopters. The ones that spread word of mouth info and excite non-gamers. If anything, this is a huge problem for MS."

Not if they can tie cable and gaming into an all-in-one box. Is it riskier for Apple to support games on their devices even though they are not known for being a game platform? Cable reaches a much broader impact.

"And only the North American consumers. Also, the brand currently has negative recognition with this reveal, how can this be spun into a positive?"

Easily. By clearing all the questions that need to be asked and by offering a service that people want. Everything they showed was simply and quick to use.

"The devs that spoke about the PS4 seem to be reinvigorated for the new gen of game development. How is that a bad thing?"

So did the devs for the Xbox One? Oh let me guess, they were paid to comment and those who praised the PS4 weren't.

People keep saying Microsoft has no games.

That shows 952 games for the Xbox 360.

This list only shows 772 games for the PS3.
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supergravity  +   992d ago
Man, y'all must be tired. Look'n @ y'alls post's are making my eyes go crossed. Gotta love passion, lol.
Revolver_X_  +   992d ago
Well, first off. People always say Xbox has no exclusives. Using the sources you cited even show PS3 has more exclusives. Its all funny how Xbox1 will appeal to a broader audience, but the 360 has failed to do so thus far. PS3 sales have past the 360 even after having a whole year headstart. Oh, BTW, that comment about Gran Turismo not selling like PS2 versions, yes they do. GT5 has sold 10 million just like every GT has. That facts are sales drive the market. The PS3 focuses on games and they lead in hardware sales. So, come next gen millions of gamers will choose a game console, not a cable box. And if Xbox1 was so concerned about a broader audience, why were 99% of the journalists at the reveal, game journalists? Microsoft is as confused as a young Ellen Degeneres. I wish Xbox1 success, but stop being delusion fanboy. Xbox1 will be bought by gamers, not someone wanting an ugly box that does what their Ipad already does.
warewolfSS  +   992d ago





sway_z  +   992d ago
Get a grip man!
kingmushroom  +   992d ago
people are starting to lose it
warewolfSS  +   991d ago
Bumpmapping  +   992d ago
Was this written by Jek_Porkins?
#9 (Edited 992d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Objective  +   992d ago
We need him to write more then. This site needs to grow up, no wonder the rest of the world thinks gamers are childish.
Mikeyy  +   992d ago
We are childish for defending consumer rights??

Jake_the_Dog  +   992d ago
The only thing Sony has to do is allow used games to function as they have this generation and they will win along with Nintendo. It would be suicide to block games after all the negative press garnered from microcrap's stance.
ZBlacktt  +   992d ago
Please.... Just stop.
Magnus  +   992d ago
Sony is doing things right with the PS4 keeping it a game machine thats what the gamers want. I use gamers addressing both casual and hardcore alike.

The XboxOne is a damn cable box that plays videogames I already have a cablebox. I am surprised at the unveil Microsoft did not announce a built in PVR for the machine. I honestly think that XBL membership is going to go up in price when XboxOne arrives on the shelves. To me it feels like Microsoft it shying away from the gamer and they are focusing more on becoming the entertainment hub of a household rather than a game machine.

Nintendo needs to scrap the Wii-U I am sorry but the machine will get left in the dark when the PS4 and XboxOne arrive. Due to lack of 3rd party titles Nintendo has a great 1st party titles but those alone don't keep a console alive you need both 1st and 3rd party titles. And the fact the machine graphics wise looks like the PS3 and Xbox360. Nintendo should go back and focus on the machines like the SNES, NES. And see what made them great sellers simple fact they did not have a gimmicky tablet for a controller and they concentrated on both the casual and the hardcore gamers. The new console should be on par with the PS4 and the XboxOne.
#12 (Edited 992d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
tiffac008  +   992d ago
I can't get off my gamers shoes because the TV offerings and feature will not reach my location due to region and copyright restrictions. I can only look at it on the gaming perspective. :(
DivineAssault  +   992d ago
Doubt it.. When PS4 was revealed, everyone was excited & loved it.. Very few negative things to say regarding it at all.. They had so many good things about it that some ppl prolly forgot some of its awesome features.. Xbox one was a disaster & it showed immediately.. Theres some cool things about it but still was ultimately a negative reaction from the world.. The wii u had mixed reactions & look at how its doing
forum67  +   992d ago
Skeleton , few hours away HE-MAN will be near your dungeon for precious trolls.
DivineAssault  +   991d ago
Its called TRUTH buddy.. Not trolling.. I know it upsets you but facts are facts
Virtual_Reality  +   992d ago
I agree with Divine.

As an example of your comment.

Let's compare the opinions from a Core PC/Xbox 360 gamer, he does not even play with Sony consoles.

Xbox One Opinion:

PS4 Opinion:
Mikeyy  +   992d ago
I think its clear now that Microsoft will not go back on their current anti-consumer rampage. So now the Microsoft fanatics will instead try to pull Sony down to their level. That way they don't look so bad.

Its 48 hours later and still Microsoft hasn't bothered to be crystal clear. Your DRM is here to stay.
pop-voxuli  +   992d ago
It may have some problems but nowhere near as damng as the XBO's problems
IBleedXbox  +   992d ago
Microsoft doesn't care about its costumers.that is why we pay 60 dollars a year. Playstation actually cares and has free online and only makes you pay for the downloadable content
supergravity  +   992d ago
Wow bro, I just noticed your name...$h!T just got real!
ACEMANWISE  +   992d ago
I find it a bit funny when the game industry complains about how the cost of gaming has skyrocketed.

So they release a more powerful console that keeps their problems around. They target single player because of it's need for a plot. Then continue on about how the technology is so expensive when using motion capture, computer programs, and studios to make a game.

Yet they create an online service that requires continuous resources and maintenance. A service funded completely by gamers.

They take this money and spend millions in research to implement ways to monitor and control consumers to serve their business.
ziggurcat  +   992d ago
bahahaha quit fooling yourself because it clearly doesn't.
Supermax  +   991d ago
Whoever says they will play pc games from now on if Sony and Microsoft begin to phase out used games is fooling themselves.if your a PC gamer you already know there's no used games on that platform however you do know about all the great deals out there threw steam and green guy gameing,if ms and Sony start down the road of gettin rid of used games I believe we will begin to see services like steam on both platforms wich is great for gamers.i can guarantee that if ms starts this gen off by limiting used games the Sony is soon to follow,there's no way developers would make a multi platform game on one console that takes a hit from used games and not the other,for every used game sold th developer takes a loss.

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