How do the Xbox One and PS4 controllers stack up?

Now that both Sony and Microsoft have had coming out events for their next-gen consoles, the public finally has a real understanding of what we’ll be holding for the next few years. Neither controller is extraordinarily different from the current generation, but they both have refined and tweaked core features to offer what is hopefully a better gaming experience. So, how do they stack up?

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Abash1758d ago

Im liking the DualShock 4 the most

darthv721758d ago

on already great controllers.

what i am most curious about is why is there what looks like a USB port on the xb1 controller? I know the unit can use regular batteries but is it a charging port if you use rechargeable batteries?

I can see it as a linking port if you plug the controller into a PC as well.

Cam9771758d ago

Nope, PS4 is the best. Just look how sleek it looks, I've heard VERY positive remarks about it.

iGAM3R-VIII1758d ago

I will have to wait until E3 to get a true feel for the controller but for now the DS4 because it has had the most changes and most improved features. It also has a touchpad for a bonus

sikbeta1758d ago

The Damned triggers on the new Xbox Controller = godly!

thorstein1758d ago

Wait... batteries? What? No. The new Xbox controller doesn't use batteries. Does it? It is 2013. Are you sure?

darthv721758d ago

yeah...I know..."batteries" but from the most general basic understanding of things.

It does not matter if they are ni-cad, ni-mh, lithium or alkaline, a battery is still a battery.

What does matter is the convenience and the usb port on the xb1 controller looks like it can be used for charging as well as connectivity.

HammadTheBeast1758d ago

Question: What are the 40 improvements to the Xbox One controller? I literally see the same design with a couple enhancements, I don't even knows what "Impulse Triggers" are...

Autodidactdystopia1758d ago

Well I do like the impulse triggers.

Must be a separate department handles the controllers haha.

No but in all seriousness this is like a great Idea I have always thought that when playing like when I hit the right burm why doesn't the right jiggle I think the new controller is just great, both ps4 and ONE too bad that's where Microsoft put ALL their good ideas this time around.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1758d ago

My source was right on the new xbox controller about the rumble in the triggers! But it looks like they scrapped the idea of having a screen on it like he said.

7:28 of this video they talk about how they got rid of the touch screen... My source would of been completely right. SO IN YOUR FACES TO ALL OF YOU WHO DISSED ME AND SAID I WAS FULL OF IT! HERE ARE YOU RUMBLE TRIGGER BUTTONS!!!!! I WAS RIGHT!

remember, 7:28 of vid talks about scrapping the screen... I would of been DOUBLE right.

HammadTheBeast1758d ago

So your source told you a "rumor about a rumor about a rumor".

Very credible, if only we'd listened to you before.

adorie1758d ago

I really like the Xbone controller. I'm going to get one for PC-use. DS4 is a given, since I am intending to purchase a PS4.

3-4-51758d ago

360 controller is the best ever in terms of responsiveness, and Dual shock is among the worst.

* The new PS4 actually looks to have fixed that, the DS controller of PS3 was so floaty and made playing games almost a chore compared to xbox 360...I'm sure most of you got used to it though.

* XB1 controller didn't change much which I love.

Answer: PS4's controller caught up to XB1's and is almost as good in design and maybe better with the share button.

I still need to play a game with both though:

Preferably Fifa & any FPS just to see how responsive it is.

Mr_Nuts1758d ago

The Dualshock has variety for games which have different genres while the 360 controller only is better with FPS and sometimes driving games.

No one had a problem with the Dualshock before the 360 came out and it's been pretty much the same since the first dualshock. It's only now your seeing a change because for some reason your getting this "It's only good for people with small hands".

thorstein1758d ago

Troll harder please. All of the "floaty" videos were debunked in 2006. Even did one myself, the responses were fun. Can't you xbots come up with something new? I mean, it is constantly the same claims that have been debunked years ago.

The only argument you have left goes something like GearsOW, Halo, Halo, Gears, Fable, Cross Game Chat. XBLA.

Get over it.

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Sandmano1758d ago

I have always liked the xbox controller when playing FPS's but the dualshock is the best with fighting and sports games, also the dualshock 4 looks really comfortable so I think its performance with FPS's will be much better next gen.

PSVita1758d ago

Loving the DS4. The light bar, built-in speaker and touch pad are great additions.

VonBraunschweigg1758d ago

Yup, and they're not in the way, plus they add some weight. I still have 2 original black sixaxis controllers, hold-em against the light and see right through them.

Start selling DS4's already, I'll buy the console later.

Cryptcuzz1758d ago

Yup that is true, I would also add in the fact that it has rechargeable lithium batteries. Also, someone with hands on said there is something awesome that is done aesthetically that has not been shown yet as well on the DualShock 4.

teflontactics1758d ago

Good feature idea, though I think I'll always prefer the analog style of the Dualshock over the XBox's staggered sticks.

3-4-51758d ago

Saggered sticks are more natural.

Your thumb movement is different on left & right stick.

Left - is more forward and back

Right - side to side but to go up and down you are really moving your thumb sideways.

For prolonged uses...the xbox layout is more comfortable. For some reason moving around using a forward push with my thumb as opposed to a side push, is just easier to use and feels more natural.

DS sticks were too floaty and seemed cheap.

PS4 controller pretty much added xbox 360 sticks and changed the trigger. Both Good moves.

Jaqen_Hghar1758d ago

A man's thumbs are in the same place on each hand. A man wants his sticks in the same place as well. Nintendo gets it. Sony gets it. MS refuses to get it.

Relientk771758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

I am really loving the design of the DualShock 4, very excited for it

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