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Is Xbox the 'One'? What Microsoft isn't telling us


"The dust has barely settled from Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal and fanboy outrage is still thick in the air.

Here are five essential aspects to Microsoft’s new angular apparatus that really should have been revealed on the big stage." (Xbox One)

BadCircuit  +   735d ago
I'm really not sure I'm excited about this one or the PS4. I'll definitely need more details. They should have left them for E3 or done a full reveal early, not this half baked rubbish.
NatureOfLogic  +   735d ago
Is Xbox the one? yeah the one no one wants. Already sick using one, I mean the word not the actually console.

Before anyone gets all serious, It's all fun and games, unless it's Xbox one. ;)
"What Microsoft isn't telling us"

that its sh!t!!
buddymagoo  +   735d ago
Do they really need to tell you that? Isn't it already obvious?
dedicatedtogamers  +   735d ago
As a gamer, ask yourself: are the features of Xbox One how I want gaming to look in the future? Ignore the brand. Ignore that it's Xbox. If this was a box with no brand at all, does this scream "future of gaming" or "future of TV" to you? Now ask yourself this: if I buy this console, am I sending companies like EA and Microsoft a message that this is what I want the future of gaming to look like?

I want details on BOTH consoles (and I'll be just as upset if Sony decides to implement a used-game fee for their own games), but ultimately, PS4 and Xbox One are going in two divergent directions, that much should be crystal clear.

It's really quite simple. If you like gaming, support a game console. I'm not even going to buy a PS4 until about a year from now (that's my personal policy), but the Xbox One isn't remotely on my radar.
gaminoz  +   735d ago
This is exactly right and I'm the same.
gaminoz  +   735d ago
What's with the 'cloud' on both consoles? Will that mean that online will be essential as game devs use the power of the cloud more to get better results?

They are saying the consoles are 'future proofed', but that means the games will rely on the cloud to run more and more doesn't it? Is that a good thing for countries with bad internet?
yesmynameissumo  +   735d ago
I don't think games (outside of saves) should have any kind of reliance on the cloud. For the exact reason you mentioned. It's all about how the cloud is leveraged and MS's approach sounds nice, but unrealistic with the US and International Internet infrastructures.

EDIT: From what we know of the PS4 so far, yes, that is a PS4 :)

EDIT2: The Steam Box will play x86 based PC games. I'm unsure if they'll have a Linux version, but it is possible. I think a PC/PS4 is all I need for the next gen. My kids will just have to play the Wii U.
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gaminoz  +   735d ago
And yet I read an interview where Xbox says that it is 'future proof' because they can use the power of the cloud.

That's great news for amazing games, but what if they don't run well like some PC games that rely on the net?

I agree with you. I don't want a PC console, I want a console that plugs and plays and you can choose to be net reliant or not. Is that the PS4?
BadCircuit  +   735d ago
If we are going to be really tethered to the net and now it is running, I'd rather see what Valve's Steambox will do.

I hope they come up with a HUGE showing at E3, but I've barely heard anything...except it might only run Linux games? Is that right?
MariaHelFutura  +   735d ago
Requiring the internet to boost "power" would be the worst idea of all the bad ideas they already have. Its a recipe for disaster, more than it already is. Think about it.
psychof0x  +   735d ago
It sure would be great if developers saw some of that reinstall money.
Noami  +   735d ago
they arent telling us that it might fail same as the first "one" did ...
Proeliator  +   735d ago
I feel that they are really holding a lot of info back. Should be interesting to see how it plays out.
BadCircuit  +   735d ago
But is that a good idea? They might as well have waited until E3 and done a big proper show?

Instead of having happy clappers cheer everything they showed that was 'meh'.
1lawrence  +   735d ago
If your kinect break your Xbox is paper weight
PS4isKing_82  +   735d ago
Xbox one is the biggest joke in video game history. Nothing sega, Sony or Nintendo ever did compares to this garbage Microsoft just revealed yesterday.
Loki86  +   735d ago
Yeah this obviously not a biased statement in the least..
suicidalblues  +   735d ago
Biased definition
Show prejudice for or against (someone or something) unfairly: "the tests were biased against women"; "a biased view of the world".
Influence unfairly to invoke favoritism: "her story failed to bias the jury".

Notice the word "unfairly"? I didn't see anything in his comment that was unfair or biased. That reveal was awful from a gamers perspective and you can't put positive spin on something like that without a blind devotion.
DeusExer  +   735d ago
MS really need to put on a good showing at E3 if they want to redeem the underwhelming reveal.
PurpHerbison  +   735d ago
The funniest thing was originally the PS4 reveal was extremely underwhelming... But after this "Xbox One" reveal... Not so much.
BadCircuit  +   735d ago
I really think both companies screwed up with their "limited" announcements.

Wait until the pre-E3 keynotes and do the whole thing.

But yeah...MS, having seen the PS4 reveal, should have done better.
DivineAssault  +   735d ago
xbone is obviously geared toward amercians who love sports.. MS really shouldve focused on getting the attention of EU & JA because those are their weakest areas.. Now they just sealed their fate in those regions.. Glad im on the wait list for PS4 cuz its looking like a lot more ppl are going to get it now..

They should just suck it up & admit the damn thing is ALWAYS CONNECTED! who is going to activate the thing once a day? Its gotta be online so theres no point in beating around the bush.. The whole paying a fee for used games might be something everyone has to deal with nx gen.. Sony patented that tech to lock the discs that way too so who knows what to expect with that? All i know is that i dont want to install EVERY damn game i get regardless of load times.. Im not going to sift through my files deleting things to make room cuz 500GB just isnt enough for nx gen games.. Some current gen games are over 30GB each! I buy a lot of games so 500GB will be gone in the 1st yr if i got the thing.. DLC, videos, & XBL games take up space too..
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Tyre  +   735d ago
MS & The journalists don't know who the F they R anymore, there is some serious talk right now on XBL about the Xbone and almost all my friends and their friends etc etc who ARE not going to buy this BS. We have to let big companies know that it is about US indeed and we R going to jump ship and go to Sony's PS4. Sony's doing a hell of a lot of things better than ever before..i believe Sony's is the future console gaming. MS have lost it..Xbox Done. It is all about other things than gaming and superficial innovation with Hyped up features that no gamer really cares for in the end. Games are already Beyond this gadget crap. F the cloud and motion controls! It all sounds just like the nineties again and we all know how that bubble went. This Kinect BS is all about us as potential money generators by watching us every move and than selling the info about us behind our backs, faul intentions...they should pay us instead of us paying them to pray on our private lives & F up our beloved hobby gaming with this crap. At least with Sony it is about the games again.
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ma1asiah  +   735d ago
I have been a fan of the xbox since day one, BUT what has me so outraged is the inability to support ones digital library making it pretty much worthless OR forcing me to hold onto my old X360.

They have shot themselves in the foot with this one and their short sightedness may put people off buying from services like Games on Demand or from the Arcade marketplace. It's not like I can trade these in or sell them privately secondhand.

I don't understand why they couldn't patch all their digital content so that they at least could be carried over to the Xbox One.

The excuse being that the architecture is different or that by supporting backwards compatibility is backwards is retarded.

The original Xbox was built on x86 architecture and they at least in the beginning patched some of these games to be compatible with the Power PC architecture of the X360.

Dont think I am later on going to pay again for games I already own so good luck MS hope you are enjoying spiting on your loyal install base now watch as it quiickly drys up.

Then your strategy to rule the living room space will be lost before its begun.
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gaminoz  +   735d ago
Can we port games on PSN to PS4? I can't remember?

But I agree. You paid for games in a digital format, which you'd hope you could transfer over into a new console, though this has never been an issue before.
BootHammer  +   735d ago
We need more details on how many resources (memory) will be reserved for the OS and all the implemented entertainment features they are touting. It will also be key on what those exclusive titles are yet to be announced. Who knows, they may prove everyone wrong at E3 and have a killer launch lineup but until then it's anyone's guess. If it's Kinect focused it's not going to be pretty.

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