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Submitted by Donnieboi 996d ago | news

EA is developing Wii U games, has bigger plans for PS4 and Xbox One, CFO says

Electronic Arts is developing games for the Wii U, but not as many as the company is developing for Sony and Microsoft's consoles, EA's chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said today during the Stifel Nicolaus 2013 Internet, Media and Communications Conference. (Blake Jorgensen, EA, Industry, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

Gr81  +   996d ago
As no longer offering an online pass and instead enforce gamers to pay a fee for used games. That is awful.

Take off the fanboy glasses for a moment folks and realize how shitty this path will be for gamers.
Jek_Porkins  +   996d ago

A lot of conflicting reports going on, I'm sure they will clarify just like Sony when it comes to used games.
Gr81  +   996d ago
What did Sony
Actually confirm with reports? They skated around the issue like Scott Hamilton or Tony Hawk.

There are conflicting reports; One from MS Officials like Phil Harrison, and Customer Service reps. Who would you believe?

Sony only said it wouldn't block used games and that used games can be played on PS4...but that's not even the issue here. EA dropped Online Pass I doubt they did it strictly for M$, I'd be willing to bet Sony has a similar policy.
Brucis  +   996d ago
To be fair, that is coming from Xbox Support's twitter while the fee 'rumor' came from an actual interview.
n4f  +   996d ago
eff that im not supporting ea i left my ex girlfriend for the same reson
im not supporting childish
Tonester925  +   996d ago
OMG I hope they reveal a new Fight Night at E3 for Next-Gen!

With a new physics engine!
Moonman  +   996d ago
EA..shut up! I'm over you!
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PigPen  +   996d ago
HaHa, I've couldn't have said it better.
RTheRebel  +   996d ago
EA U backpedaling?
lilbroRx  +   996d ago
I think EA has noticed that thier announcement of nonsupport has not had the effect they had hoped.

As I've been saying for months, EA stands more to lose by not supporting Nintendo than Nitnendo stands to lose from not having them.

Any rational person knows the Wii U will sales will jump when the big name titles come out. Only fanboys seem to think otherwise.

EA is probably feeling the heat.
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PopRocks359  +   996d ago
Did they really formally announce a lack of support though? Last time I checked, it was some loose events and that one snag on Twitter.

Either way, I'm not particularly interested in anymore of their shoddy port jobs.
BlackWolf  +   996d ago
I think this fits for this moment:
jcnba28  +   996d ago
Man, so much contradiction and confusion coming from EA the past few weeks..
SonyPS4  +   996d ago
If EA doesn't want to develop for the Wii U they should just take the ball and go home. Ninty fans won't really miss them to begin with.
lilbroRx  +   996d ago
Funny, every other Nintendo fan I've seen has been saying this sense before the Wii U launched, but other console fans were insisting that they were somehow feeling hurt about EA not making any games for the console despite the numerous times they said they did not care while downvoting anyone who said they didn't like EA.

Heck, just last week all of you were praising Bob Sumwell, an otherwise nameless EA dev who got elevated to godhood by Nintendo haters and media(which has been one in the same for a while), for calling the Wii U crap.

Why the sudden change in inflection? Is it because EA dropped a huge ball in favor of Microsoft today?
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Triforce079  +   995d ago
For every Fifa we have PES,for every other game we have Ubisoft :) and they have pledged full support with all there key games nextgen.
gamer42  +   996d ago
do they really expect nintendo fans to give them money after that EA guy called the wiiu "crap" and that whole fishy situation with the frostbite 2 engine? Next thing you know they'll release a sub standard port with no dlc and blame wiiu owners of not supporting third party.
EDIT: EA is a joke to me.
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exfatal  +   996d ago
seriously im with you on that. Im all for forgiveness (take the ubisoft incident) but knowing EA they'll just release some crappy port of a game then complain that no ones buying it. while they release their triple As on the other 2 consoles
Brucis  +   996d ago
Jesus Christ, make up your mind EA. You've never supported Nintendo consoles well, even going back to the N64 era, so why are you flip-flopping now and making myriad excuses as to why? This hasn't even been going on long but people are already getting tired of this crap. Either support the damn thing or don't.

If there was ever a time where we could say not to take EA's word on anything, or to take it with far more than a grain of salt, it would be now. The amount of times they have changed their mind, changed the reasons for their actions/inactions, and childish behavior isn't endearing them to anyone.
Angeljuice  +   996d ago
+bubble for correct usage of the word myriad... Even journalists tend to say "a myriad of" which is just plain wrong.
ZeekQuattro  +   996d ago
I'll take it back further. EA sports games were inferior on the SNES compared to their Genesis counterparts. I know the Genesis had blast processing but come on man. lol
Trago1337  +   996d ago
I don't know if this is backpedaling, or if it's just EA waiting to see which system consumers flock to the most.

If I were running EA I'd wait and see who's gonna selling the most after all the systems are out.
exfatal  +   996d ago
good thing you're not running ea then huh? You're a game company make games, and release them to people who want to pal your creations. Regardless of platform, there is no reason a Big company like E.A cant support all 3 consoles equally.
Trago1337  +   996d ago
Well, true, EA is a big company, maybe if I ran a smaller company, so yeah, you're right.
yugovega  +   996d ago
this is pure damage control. after realizing the flop xbox1 is becoming in the media they figure they better get back in good graces with Nintendo. ea has truly hurt themselves the past few weeks in most gamers eyes.
LOL_WUT  +   996d ago
But it doesn't really make any difference does it? Because all I've ever heard from the Nintendo camp is how they never planned on supporting EA. ;)
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BeZdaBest  +   996d ago
and they shouldnt with their sloppy portss.. backhanding business decision...
and the ramblings of that guy on tweeter(yes i know its twitter)

just with the crappy ports alone will be enough to NOT support them on the wiiu...
then they had to talk rubbish about how fifa/madden aint sell.. but fails to mention how many things are missing from those versions...
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djthechamp24  +   996d ago
has bigger plans for PS4 and Xbox One? What, fucking more first person shooters with the call of duty style story.
Neonridr  +   996d ago
lol, I strangely remember making the comments that EA will one day regret statements like what was made last week, and that we would see EA games release on the Wii U. I just assumed it may have taken until after Christmas for EA to see the install base grow. I guess I over-estimated how long it would take them to realize their mistake. What was that, a couple of days?
BeZdaBest  +   996d ago
so im guessing nintendo "isnt doomed" anymore since ea is making "games".........i knew they were gonna jump on board sooner or later but
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ZeekQuattro  +   996d ago
EA sounds desperate. Btw where are all the trolls singing EA's praises now? I mean EA went from the worst company in the US to suddenly being put on a pedestal as the stuff of legends. lmfao
AKR  +   996d ago
@ E3 2011 Nintendo Press-Conference:

"We have an unprecedented partnership with Nintendo"


~ *Releases 4 (1 in 2013) - ports to the Wii U. All of which are late. 2 of which were half-baked, 1 of which was a rip-off (price-wise), and 1 had actual effort put into it but just arrived a little to late.*

~ *Refuses to release Mass Effect 3 DLC.

~ *Forces Crytek to shut down Crysis 3 U*

Earlier this Year: (2013)
"We still have an unprecedented partnership with Nintendo. Yet we're not bringing Madden 25 to the Wii U."

"We had unimpressive results with the Frostbite 2 engine on the Wii U, so we won't attempt running Frostbite 3."

"We are not developing any games for Nintendo consoles."


*Bob Summerwill insults Nintendo and the Wii U*

"We now have games in development for the Wii U."

- Yeah. Okay. EA - Seriously, you need to make up your mind, like, today? And when I say make up your mind - I mean it. This constant up and down and all around is getting irritating. First you declare your special "partnership" with Nintendo, yet only release 4 games for the system since launch. Then you LIE about not getting your engine running for the system properly, and announce you're not making any games for the Wii U. And let your *senior engineer* diss the thing (without penalty - as it seems).

I've been wondering why so many people have it out for EA - now I know. You guys are hypocritical, greedy, senseless, pathetic jerks. It's annoying and un-called for. You may be the biggest publisher in the industry, but your business ethics are laughable at best. I think I - a 14 year~old; could run the company with more sense than this - because this is straight-up ridiculous.

. . . Wonder:

A.) What games they ARE developing for the system.
B.) If the development teams are the same skill level as the PS4 and ONE teams.
C.) Which engine they're using
D.) How they intend to explain why they've been having this *on again-off again* performance with Nintendo, after they made that big declaration.
E.) What they're going to do with Summerwill.

Interesting situation you got here EA.
PigPen  +   996d ago
EA is a company full of big babies. If you don't like Nintendo then don't make a thing for them. They are very outspoken for a company and much damage have been done. At this point it's better to part ways and life goes on. With so many game options out there, for the most part they aren't much of a factor as a whole. Ubisoft is on the rise and looking good for 2013.
otter26  +   996d ago
I wonder if EA has been reading Miiverse posts...alot of gamers on there were sure giving it to EA....EA go away please.
truechainz  +   996d ago
life would be better for all gamers if a different company was running EA's games
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   996d ago
EA remind me of my ex girl friend insult me makes me look bad and then comes back.
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deafdani  +   996d ago
Seeing how my 360 got stolen a few weeks ago (along with all my other gaIng consles, had them all), I truly, truly hope that the Mass Effect Trilogy comes to the Wii U someday. I would LOVE to replay the ME trilogy with gamepad features.
_QQ_  +   995d ago
Thrashes the system on twitter, probably going to thrash it again when no one buys their games for that reason.
o-Sunny-o  +   995d ago
I thought EA was as dryed up as Call of Duty. EA Nintendo never wanted you in the first place. ^~^

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