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XBox One: Swing And A Miss?!?

Default Prime editor Mike Patuleia takes a look at the Microsoft XBox One reveal event and gives his assessment of the items announced today. From the looks of things, Microsoft has a long way to go. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox One)

MasterCornholio  +   586d ago
Im pretty sure all the XBOX fans are satisfied with the event because its exactly what they asked for.
SoapShoes  +   586d ago
Maybe some, but I doubt many of them are.
denawayne  +   586d ago
As an Xbox fan I can say the conference was underwhelming but does that automatically mean the system sucks? If I were to listen to every post on here I should go back and start beating off to the Sony press conference (which in reality was underwhelming also. Let's be honest). I'll hold my judgement until more games are shown (for both systems). Now bring on the disagrees because I'm an Xbox fan. The more I get, the more it proves this site is overran by Sony fanatics.
JsonHenry  +   586d ago
Right now I am leaning toward the PS4 but I will absolutely not write it off completely until E3. (where they said they would show the games and gaming related features)
konnerbllb  +   586d ago
I'm an xbox fan and I wasn't satisfied.
denawayne  +   586d ago
Like I wrote above, I wasn't satisfied either. Now if the system were to launch tomorrow, I would say it's definitely in trouble. Let's wait till E3. MS WILL have games to show.
sinjonezp  +   586d ago

that is the problem. Everyone was saying wait and see on the 21st. Well all our fears have been proven and they didn't show any real gaming content. They came out and showed a DVR box and television connectivity and stuff most people did not care about. What made Xbox - Xbox, was the gaming integration. That is what got them to the position they are in. Now they did not show anything of real gaming, just a few cgi or crafted fabrications of what the product may look like...Regardless of the games, the amount of money they are going to ask for in return via , subscriptions, used game installs, ect, I will have to pass. The biggest thing for a consumer is to feel as if they invest in a product and get ROI. If I'm spending massive money on products I can get elsewhere without overheads, I'll use simple logic. No more wait and see. They shown, and its not very attractive.
denawayne  +   585d ago
I have to reply by saying that the PS4 really hasn't shown me any differences than the Xbox One. Really, point out the differences. Are they really that different or are we mesmerized by these press conferences? I will hold steady until E3 and then the launch to make a decision on what I'm going to buy.
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Maddens Raiders  +   586d ago
I have to agree somewhat w/ the editor at DP -
for me the conference was over once the word "XBOXONE" flashed across the screen. I was like wtf? There's already been an XBOX that was #1. Surely they're not calling it that right? Right? Wrong - shut up and eat your Kinect cake you silly consumer/casualgamer.
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Godmars290  +   586d ago
Pity then that MS wasn't talking to them...
Pyrrhus  +   586d ago
I would not be surprised if people like you lump those Xbox fans disappointing with this underwhelming display with Sony fanboys.

The reveal was terrible for a gamer.
Dread  +   586d ago
Not me
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   586d ago
FOR REAL???!!!






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DevilishSix  +   586d ago
Don Mattrick is such a joke. Former EA lackey now heading Xbox brand into ground. Is what it should say on his resume.
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GiantFriendlyCrab  +   586d ago
summary of the conference
GenericNameHere  +   586d ago
Seems legit.
matrixman92  +   586d ago
was there even a swing? its like they walked out on stage and just died
PirateThom  +   586d ago
I don't get why people are upset NOW, this has been my percieved view of the 360 for the past 4 years.... it's not doing anything different other than no one is pretending it has a focus on games.
cleft5  +   586d ago
They just gave a reveal where gaming was a footnote. Say what you will, most people brought the xbox 360 for the great games on it and all the media features where just an added bonuses. People are upset because they watched that reveal expecting to see the future of gaming, not a VHS player.
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PirateThom  +   586d ago
Yeah, but, again, that's been how Microsoft has presented the 360 for the past 3 or 4 years.

People kept buying the 360, why change something that was working?
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jessupj  +   585d ago
That's a good point. As it stands, the 360 has not being supporting core gamers for a long while. 2 AAA exclusives released last year and 1 this year. People were expecting MS to suddenly flip flop and start catering to them?

It's been blatantly obviously for a while now that MS has no interest in core gaming.
cleft5  +   586d ago
The funniest thing about the Xbox One is that it looks like a VHS player.
Shadow Flare  +   586d ago
Number-Nine  +   586d ago
1st at bat: Strike out
2nd at bat: Coming soon.
yugovega  +   586d ago
so it's a voice operated TiVo? looks like one. I wonder how far microsoft's stock will fall tomorrow? considering the announced it today and their stock dropped it isn't a good sign. most the time when a company shows a new product their stock is suppose to rise. well looks like wiiu doom and gloom may be over for a while.
duli14  +   586d ago
sony's stock went up by 10%, that tells you how good the Xbox reveal was
Minute Man 721  +   586d ago
Fail all over this Microsoft
BattleTorn  +   586d ago
Wait until E3, everyone hating is doing so basically because there was no software shown.
denawayne  +   586d ago
Amen. It's like it's all over now. There is nothing else to show. The only thing Xbox One is turn on your TV. Give me a break.
cleft5  +   586d ago
No everyone is upset because this reveal set the tone for what Microsoft is going to be focused on with the Xbox One and that is TV, not gaming.

Everyone fully knows that at E3 there will be a ton of games revealed. People displeasure stems from the message sent today, not the thought that there wont be a ton of games on the Xbox One.
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denawayne  +   585d ago
Grow up is all I can say. Did PS4 really show anything different? What games did they show?
wantonGamer  +   586d ago
Swing and miss ? I dunno, looked more like swing and hit a newborn baby in the bollocks to me.
jagstar44  +   586d ago
Really does look like a shiny VHS player, payback for all the ps3 George foreman grill jokes.
Rai  +   586d ago
Swung, bat slips out of hands, flies into the stands and hits a kid in the face.
InTheLab  +   586d ago
At least there's still cross game chat! Right? *crickets*

Truthfully, the thing still has CoD/Fifa/Madden. Some people will go out and buy it.

As for the Kinect part of it....If you JUST paid $150 for the thing 2 years ago and all you got was a bunch of dance titles and broken promises, why on Earth would MS believe anyone wants the next generation of broken promises.

Those 15 games better be the greatest in xbox history...
MysticStrummer  +   586d ago
Cross game chat was so popular they decided to try it without games. Nah we all know there will be games. It seems clear that games aren't the primary focus, but like Thom said above, that shouldn't surprise anyone at this point. Signs were pointing to this kind of reveal for awhile now.
XenNinja  +   586d ago
As an xbox fan I was pleased with the reveal, I knew from the start they weren't going to show many games, just features, I'm hoping that all they do at E3 is just show games and that's it.
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WeMilk   586d ago | Spam
BrianC6234  +   586d ago
Did it come out that you can use any hard drive you want in the Xbox One? Based on the size of it I bet it could even handle 3.5" drives.
SuburbanHell  +   586d ago
Turns out you can't change your hard drive at all.
BrianC6234  +   586d ago
Is that true? That seems stupid. Is the case sealed or something?
PS4isKing_82  +   586d ago
First of all, Xbox one is a terrible name. Just like ppl thinking wiiu is a add in to wii, ppl are gunna feel like the Xbox 1 is in the professor to the 360. So when ppl go into a store, they're gunna see wiiu, Xbox 1 and ps4. Out of all those, ppl are goin to go with the highest number since it feels new and fresh. Just like all the new smartphones that are out. Would ppl buy a new iPhone if it said iPhone 1? Of course not. They would want the newest model that has a 5 or 5s after it. I smell alot of consumer confusion over this at launch time.
Tikicobra  +   586d ago
I have no allegiance to Sony or Microsoft. I own a 360 and a PS3 and I enjoy them both, so I'd like to think my opinion is pretty unbiased. This was an underwhelming conference, and nothing they showed off impressed me. Call of Duty: Ghosts looks like a game that could easily be done on current-gen consoles, the Quantum Break trailer gave us nothing but some cheesy acting, and I don't really find sports games interesting. But beyond the games themselves, the system doesn't really look all that innovative or different from the 360. I'm not totally writing it off, but I'm not impressed so far. The PS4, meanwhile, looks extremely promising to me, and the graphics seem mind-blowing.
Funky Town_TX  +   586d ago
Not even a swing. Heck, not even a stand-in. M$ stayed in the dugout.
Npugz7  +   586d ago
I was very underwhelmed! I was holding off on preordering the PS4 until i saw what microsoft was bringing and now that i know' I will be getting the PS4 forsure not this PVR box!!
Zcarnut  +   586d ago
Now that ive seen a little about both upcoming systems,I'm still undecided which one ends up in my home first. Yeah,I didnt see alot of games today.Didnt expect it and MS made it clear beforehand I wouldnt. (Apparantly alot of people didnt get that memo..Tech media included). The anouncement of alot of exclusives was a pleasant surprise. I'm sure the games will be pretty. The limited hardware specs shown imply it will be on par more with the PS4 than the WiiU..Not exactly a surprise.
What I did see today didnt set me on fire.
The cablebox integration might be cool and I havent bought a smart TV yet.Voice command/gesture TV watching could be neat.
Sports stuff/NFL?...Dont care, but I realize some do. Smartglass...ehh.
Kinect 2.0 looks improved, but didnt really see it doing anything spectacular yet. What they showed of the new Kinect so far seemed exactly what I expected with nothing "wow"....so far. But If its seamless in operation,fluid,accurate,and they think of cool things to do with it..Thats all it needs to be.
Now the controller looked awesome.No complaints there.
The "styling" of the box? Looks fine to me.I'm not exactly picky about that and get amused by those that are.Its not a car.Its somthing you put a disc in and play a game.As long as its not pink with My Little Pony slapped on its side,I'm prob good with how it looks.
No backwards compatabilty? Guess neither have it,so it doesnt matter.
The name. XboxOne. Their holy grail of a "one box" in the living room finally? I get what they are implying by it and its better than WiiU in my opinion LOL. PS4 was predictable,safe,and a good choice.
To sum it up, both companies are leaving me at this point with more questions than answers.How much will they cost themselves? Will there be "bundles" with other forms of tv screen entertainment like movies,cable,etc? Whats the E3 game lineups looking like?
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_FantasmA_  +   586d ago
Microsoft's gone on some limp sh.. Or maybe they were 'always on' it? PS4 has no competition so far.

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