Destiny Announced for Xbox One

Bungie's world expands.
Bungie has confirmed that Destiny will come to Xbox One.

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aviator1891800d ago

I didn't doubt the game would come to the next xbox for a second..

Great news.

AngelicIceDiamond1800d ago

Excellent news indeed, will be anticipating them at E3

Masta_fro1800d ago one plays games too?? Awesome! /s

Jek_Porkins1800d ago

Thankfully, all these embargo's will lift and we'll hear more and more about the new games coming. I too never doubted this, I mean did anyone believe it wouldn't come to the next Xbox? lol

morganfell1800d ago

We all knew it was coming sans exclusive material. At E3 you will hear about the Vita version that has already leaked.

EasilyTheBest1800d ago

But where are the games.... Heres one of them.
This presentation mentioned they will show games at E3 but still this site is full of ppl saying, where are the games and they are disappointed theres no games.
ppl are nuts.
Or Fan Blind Boy

SilentNegotiator1800d ago

People expected some games at the unveiling of a game console?

For shame! SHAAAAAME!

porter4701800d ago

and now for the PC......?