Kinect 2: Do We Need It?

SPOnG: "Kinect. It’s a word that strikes horror into the hearts and minds of many hardcore gamers. The Kryptonite for Xbox fans that keeps each Microsoft conference from being 100 per cent awesome in their eyes, with every mention. But, Microsoft is clearly making a new one. The question is, do we need one?"

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Gimmemorebubblez1829d ago

I don't but then again I do not speak for the whole gaming community.

yeahokchief1829d ago

Nope. Gamers don't.

It's a gimmick to appeal to families and non-gamers.

They take actual gamers for granted. Thinking that "they'll buy it anyways."

SatanSki1829d ago

I am a gamer for more then 20 years and i DO need something new and different. Im bored to death with games where all i can and have to do is mindless killing stuff. I need more immersion and i know technologies like Kinect and Oculus Rift, when properly designed and utilised will provide it. I dont give a shit anymore about so called core games as they became so stagnant i cant force myself to play the best of them.

zebramocha1829d ago

@Satan kinect and the rift are input devices and not games.

pompombrum1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

@SatanSki - I sort of agree with you.. too many games these days are just repeatedly killing things to the point where I'm bored of action games. So many fantastic games (supposedly) that I have no desire to play what so ever.. tomb raider comes to mind.

Still, Kinect isn't the answer imho. I owned kinect for three months and found the games to be boring and not engaging at all. Funny still, Microsoft used the slogan "better with kinect" a lot yet the truth is, you still want a controller on standby because navigating menus with kinect was a royal pain.

Do we need a new kinect? Probably not. If done right and they actually focus on making it something EVERYONE can enjoy not just families, then I'll give it a look but the first kinect was an abysmal failure from my gaming perspective.. I associate kinect with dancing sith lords.. that's just wrong.

malokevi1829d ago

Everything is a gimmick... until its not.

SatanSki1828d ago

@aiBreeze Sure, first Kinect is too unresponisve and not acurate enough for more then kids/party games. Thats why i said "properly designed". Is Kinect 2.0 good enough is to be seen. To be clear, i dont want Kinect to become the only controller in games (well, maybe excluding fighting and party games). What i would like to see is developers start using it as an extension for pad/mouse and keyboard or even introducing new, more immersive for given game controllers which uses Kinect features. It even could be used for better mini games. There is a potential and i hope one day it will be realised. Do wee need it? I dont know. I can only say i do becouse my love for games is dying and i need something fresh and new.

Perjoss1828d ago

"Im bored to death with games where all i can and have to do is mindless killing stuff."


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slpknt6sic61829d ago

I dont "need" it but if done right I dont see why not. As long as it isnt the main focus of the new xbox.

PooEgg1828d ago

I think that the fear for many gamers is that it WILL be the main focus, followed by a secondary focus of making Xbox a cable box replacement.

slpknt6sic61828d ago

That is exactly what I fear. I know im getting a ps4 day 1, I just hope microsoft delivers a quality system to push sony since I dont think nintendo will.

malokevi1829d ago

I'm a gamer, and I want it.

lastofgen1829d ago

My kids love it, and it's nice to have options.

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Cherchez La Ghost1829d ago

Have a kid with energy?! Give'em a Kinect! They'll be done for the night when bedtime comes. LoL!!

yugovega1829d ago

yes because star wars Kinect needs a sequel

B1663r1829d ago

I realize this might be taken as trolling...

But Disney bought the Star Wars Franchise...

And they are making three more movies...

And a theme park...

yugovega1829d ago

I truly mean it. with new people in control there is a chance of making a fun and well done Kinect star wars game. one that feels the promise the first one made.

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Supermax1829d ago

I would like it to switch my tv channel or navigate the ui or have it switch on when I enter the room.maybe use it to customize my load outs in halo or battlefield

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