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Submitted by rbailey 995d ago | opinion piece

How Nintendo Could Still “Win” E3 2013

Carl Daniel of The Koalition writes:
The Wii U is a failure. Sorry to be so blunt but that’s the way it is right now. Consumers aren’t purchasing the console, developers are reluctant to release games for it and even Nintendo themselves seem to be more concerned with the 3DS. The Wii U’s future has been the subject of many debates over the past few months and with E3 approaching, most Wii U owners were hoping that Nintendo would finally silence their critics on our industry's grandest stage. (3DS, Nintendo, Wii U)

rbailey  +   995d ago
I wouldn't say the Wii U is a complete failure. They still have a chance to remain relevant. But they definitely in bad shape now, no denying that.
Shok  +   995d ago
Pretty much. It's off to a really bad start, but that doesn't mean it can't turn around. I remember when the PS3 was "doomed" until Metal Gear solid 4 came out June 14th, 2008 - almost 2 years since launch lol.
BeZdaBest  +   995d ago
that why i be laughing when people be saying wiiu is doomed..ps3 was doomed before it//vita is doomed now...wiiu is doomed because it couldn't keep momentum...we know it can sell but people ignore the fact..just give it 2 years like we did with the ps3..

another thing is can we call it a failure when they can still make a profit even thought it sold a little...
slapedurmomsace  +   995d ago
Problem was there was nothing else coming out. The wii and 360 lost their new car smell, so people went out and bought the PS3. The Wii U already lost that new car smell and the PS4 and 720 haven't released. 9/10 aren't going into a Best Buy armed with cash and picking the Wii U over the 720/PS4, and nothing so far is coming out before that to change one's min. Not that I think the Wii U will bankrupt Nintendo, hardly...but I can easily see the Wii U selling Gamecube like numbers.I hope I'm wrong, time will tell
Ashunderfire86  +   995d ago
But Playstation always had a stronger fan base. After the success of PS1 and 2, fans knew that Sony was going to delivery while they wait. Don't forget that it had new technology at the time, and it was the cheapest Blu-Ray player around too. Nintendo was struggling since the N64 days til now. As a matter of fact it bite Nintendo in the ass when they screwed Sony. Yes for people that don't know Nintendo and Sony once work with each other. Nintendo screwing Sony, created the Playstation, which could of been all Nintendo. I was a Nintendo fanboy once, and not afraid admit that I was Jealous of the success of playstation, because it was dishing out more games than N64. It had the Tomb Raider, the Resident Evil, Twisted Metal, Metal Gear Solid, Tekken, and most of the third party combine at the time. N64 had it's first party and very little third party support, but it was the game console that made FPS possible on home consoles. Thanks to the release of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, all what Nintendo really need. Then Gamecube came along with Xbox, but after the PS2(dammit!). It all continue to go downhill with the Gamecube. That generation I just got the Xbox instead, but played alot of Gamecube over my friend house(Love Melee, Eternal Darkness, and etc). Plus my brother had a Gamecube too so I didn't need to buy it. Now this current generation came, and I decided to stop being a fanboy, and just be a fan of games. I eventually got all consoles including the Wii. I play my 360/PS3, but Wii not so much cause it was collecting dust due to once again lack of third party support and not much good games. disappointment upon disappointment Nintendo!!! This new gen PS4 will be the first system I am getting, but Nintendo Wii U will be my last console to get this upcoming generation, whenever Smash Bros 4 releases. Heres hope that Nintendo Wii U delivery E3!!! Win back those third party support Nintendo!!!
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R00bot  +   995d ago
And the wii wasn't a success, Ashunderfire86? The wii didn't build a fanbase for Nintendo like the PS2 did?
Animavicion  +   995d ago
A new EarthBound.
Myst  +   995d ago
As well as F-Zero.
Noicivamina  +   995d ago
I think it would most likely a remake than a sequel ...
BlackWolf  +   994d ago
I'd a new Star Fox to the mix..
htownplaya  +   995d ago
Wii U is done. They should just announce Mario for Nextbox
JuleyJules  +   995d ago
Keep dreaming. Nintendo will NEVER develop for other systems. That only happened when they started over 30 years ago when Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr were on Colecovision, Intellivision and Atari 2600. That was all before they came out with the NES.
Moonman  +   995d ago
I would NEVER play Mario on an xbox!
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   995d ago
Sure Nintendo can have and I hope will have a great E3, but I can't really see them "winning" it when you consider that their competition are showing off new consoles. New tech always excites.
Nivalis  +   995d ago
'its not the winning its the taking part that counts' nintendo arent even taking part in the big conferences and the big conferences are what everyone uses to decide who 'won', thus by not holding one nintendo cannot win by default.
gamer42  +   995d ago
I thought you "won" by showing the actual games and features for your console, have I been wrong all this time?
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BeZdaBest  +   995d ago
if they talk aboout/show the other nintendo games first like fox/zero/kong/ it can get people hype because we know the trifecta (mario/metroid/zelda) are coming.. so what better way to show the future than to show the other games people want
Venomousfatman  +   995d ago
Nobody is really winning anything come this years or any E3. Yes everyone is going to be excited for the next gen consoles, that is a given. New hardware always gets everyone excited. But for Nintendo, and even for MS an Sony, each one if branching off in various directions that will have great things for everyone. Nintendo's biggest hurdle now is getting the big games out on Wii U so the console can start picking up steam and momentum. If the recent supposed leak about the Nintendo Directs for E3 have any truth, hopefully they will get to a better stand point.

Never count Nintendo out.
Ashunderfire86  +   995d ago
The Most recent Nintendo Direct 5/17 was meh with just a screenshot of Sonic and Sega classics on the virtual console. That it!!!! But a good idea they are coming up with is to let people play Pre E3 Wii U games on Kiosk in Best Buy stores. I have to give it to Nintendo on this one, cause that's just epic, and a great way to sell their games to potential consumers.
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Kingthrash360  +   995d ago
simply cant if they are not fully participating in E3
its like saying a sponsor won a boxing match
jon1234  +   995d ago
josephayal  +   995d ago
The Wii U is ready to steal E3
Garethvk  +   995d ago
I do not get this trend of who "Won" E3. You cannot win a trade show showing off hardware and games that are not finished. I have seen so many things at E3 that won tons of awards and had people raving, only to be utter garbage upon release. I prefer to say who and what looked good and who and what did not and let the final sales numbers after release determine success. E3 is a highly controlled event. Most companies do not even let you play the games. In your meetings you sit and watch a canned reel or watch a developer play through a segment of the game. They show you only what they want you to see.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   995d ago
if Nintendo wanna win E3 all they have to do is show ZeldaU and whatever Retro Studios is working on.
rickmodus  +   995d ago
thanks to the media we all talking about who wins E3. since when is E3 a competition? or a superbowl kinda football match? Will there be a trophy kinda thing the winner of E3 can come and collect at the end of the event? I don't think so. Nintendo will win for Nintendo fans and sony or Microsoft for their fans. big deal. its all about the games and we will get plenty of those, wiiu, ps4 or nextbox players alike.
RAFFwaff  +   995d ago
retro, monolithsoft and platinum are the new holy trinity for nintendo and their fans. apart from nintendo's own 1st party games, these three companies (bolstered by ubisoft) , will decide the wii u's fate. bring on e3!! Oh, and FU*K you ea.
R4pstar343  +   995d ago
It happens I'm a nintedo fan and I can admit they jumped the gun with the wii u with no AAA launch titles what were they thinking ... People are forgetting that the ps3 didn't sell 75 million over night it took 6 years ...there are millions up millions of people waiting for the next smash bros alone.. Not including Mario and Zelda...POWER DOES NOT SELL SYSTEMS GAMES SELL SYSTEMS ...I can almost bet the PS4 will have the same learning curve the wii I is having right now's going to have a game drought just like (ALL SYSTEMS DO)
Adolph Fitler  +   995d ago
Except EA & just about EVERY other 3rd party developer will be hammering out games for PS4 & Nextbox on day 1. There will be soo many ready made games, such as Watchdogs, Killzone, infamous, Battlefield 4, & the list goes on, & pretty much every one of them will be coming to PS4 & Nextbox, because they have developer & publisher support on a mass scale. Nintendo don't have that, & that is there biggest worry.
kirbyu  +   995d ago
I don't see why the lack of a proper E3 conference is such a problem for the company. The games are still getting released.

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