Let's Play With Nintendo's Hypocrisy

"For [Nintendo] to swoop in and essentially take money from the work of others — and there’s plenty of extra work beside capturing and uploading game footage — is sleazy. Worse yet, this only paints Nintendo as a bunch of hypocrites."

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PopRocks3592007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

"This is arguably worse than if they’d decided to pull the content altogether."

How in the blue hell is that worse? They're not removing videos, they're not blocking the content and most importantly no one's accounts are at risk.

This does one thing; it stops ad revenue for SOME YouTube uploads. Microsoft and Sega did far worse with far less of this kind of scrutiny. It's ridiculous.


And what of the hours of work that was put into the development of those games? That work is being used by other people for their own profit. Furthermore, you're not running the risk of having your account suspended like if a copyright claim results in a video being removed.

WonsAuto2007d ago

When other companies remove content, no one is profiting from it. Nintendo is taking money for work that others poured hours into.

3-4-52007d ago

They Still use Nintendo's content for the source of that work though...

Create their own game and it's cool.

wampdog292006d ago

No, look at it this way: what if I took a Let's Play video and decided to use that in my own video. Let's say I recorded my own thoughts against an entire Let's Play video and that's all I added to the video. I now have Nintendo's original content AND a Let's Play original content that really makes up the bulk of the video. All I added was dialogue to speak against the Let's Player's dialogue.

The Let's Players are simply adding dialogue to a game and making money off if it.

dedicatedtogamers2007d ago

Maybe I'm not understanding it, but is Nintendo taking all - literally ALL - of the money made by these Let's Players and reviewers? Or, are the Let's Players and reviewers still making money, but Nintendo is taking a portion of it?

I'm genuinely curious. If Nintendo is simply taking a "tax" of sorts, then I don't see the problem. It's vastly superior to what movie companies or music companies do when you profit off their content: they issue a cease-and-desist and require you to take down your videos. Heck, several other gaming companies are doing exactly that.

Again, I'm curious. Is Nintendo taking ALL money away from these videos, or just a tax?

Quickstrike2007d ago

From what I understand, they are taking all the revenue.

PopRocks3592007d ago

Yeah, they are taking all of the revenue. That's the part I specifically don't like.

auragenz2007d ago

Let Nintendo take all the revenue, just means a better funded Nintendo.

No one should make money off Nintendo, it's the other way around.

just-joe2007d ago

It's just let's plays, not reviews. In the end it's who get's your, the people who claim to make let's play's for "fun" or Nintendo. Honestly I could care less for either side. I'll just ad-block the ads anyway.

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MEsoJD2007d ago

Nintendo is just hurting themselves. Less incentive to upload videos and promote the content. It maybe in their right, but like Colin from IGN stated,"it doesn't make sense."

lizard812882007d ago

Yeah I don't see anything wrong either. They are Nintendo's games after all. Nintendo could band your YouTube videos or shut down their account but they are not. I think is a fair price to pay...if you will.

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NYC_Gamer2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I feel once you buy the game the owner[person who paid 60 bucks for the software] should be able to upload videos and collect ad revenue in return..Why should Nintendo or any company collect?they already got paid once from the retail sale..

DavePSU2007d ago

So, if I wanted to buy a movie, upload it to the internet and charge people to download it for $1...that would be cool?

Smashbro292007d ago

That's a little different don't you think? Can't really say you'd see a movie after seeing a movie but you might try a game if you watched it.

NYC_Gamer2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Then Nintendo and other companies should open a rental service...Since the gamer even though paid 60 bucks has no real ownership or the right to upload content and collect from ads in return.

Chug2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Yeah. You wouldn't upload a car, would you?

MEsoJD2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )


Games are a form of entertainment that depend on user interaction. Movies and music for example, will always play out the same. Games on the other hand are different per user. Now while, it is in Nintendo's right, it something that may very well hurt them in the long run. I would think twice before I hurt free promotion.

Oh_Yeah2007d ago

Games are played...movies are watched. You don't get the feel of playing a game by watching YouTube videos.

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Kennytaur2007d ago

Seriously people, this isn't how it works. You own only the copy of the game, with the rights to play it for personal use. You hold zero copyright ownership over anything on that disc. And public viewing without authorization is a seriously strong no-no in the media business.

Nintendo are monetizing what's already free advertising, oddly and sadly enough. But I can see both sides.

McScroggz2007d ago

The question isn't whether it's legally right or wrong, but whether this is in the best interest for Nintendo and for gamers. On both accounts I don't think it is. The only thing Nintendo stands to gain is a pretty insubstantial amount of money (for them). But what they are losing is free advertising because some LPers will stop uploading Nintendo games and even worse the alienating of a community. It's not a terrible thing Nintendo is doing, it's just something that has no real benefits.

Nintendo is supposed to be the company for gamers, yet this feels like a move Sony or Microsoft would do.

Phil322007d ago

Microsoft threatened to take down YouTube channels entirely, so no, it's not quite that level.

However, when Nintendo does what they're doing it's all of a sudden the worst thing ever. Such hypocrisy from the whiners.

NYC_Gamer2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Stop acting like people don't call out MS or Sony over bs type actions..Nintendo is doing something shady and gamers have every right to call them out on it...

weekev152007d ago

If only there was some kind of way gamers could share conent with each other over the Nintendo network with a simple press of a button...I dont know some kind of "share" button, thatd be sweet.

In all seriousness I dont see an issue with the big N taking money from people making videos of their games. Its the same deal as musicians getting royalties when their songs get played on the radio

Stroke6662007d ago

lol @the ps4 thing but even that won't let you put up a whole game lol good one though i"m the 1 agree

yugovega2006d ago

they do have something like that and it's called miiverse and it was out 6 months before the "share" button was even announced.

weekev152006d ago

Yeah and I see loads of gameplay videos on Miiverse...

To be honest that would be a great idea for Nintendo. Make lets play vids less appealing then add video playback capabilities to Miiverse.

@yugo I wasnt hating on Nintendo btw just pointing out that ps4 will have this feature as standard and its actually a cool idea albeit 1 that Nintendo could easily emulate with their existing software without the need for a special button.

Blacklash932007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I honestly doubt Nintendo will make much money from this. LPers even together don't make nearly enough to help a massive company like Nintendo. Seriously, what do they think is in it for them? Companies don't wave these copyright issues until there's capital on the line.

Do they think that people who watch playthroughs won't bother to buy the game? That's generally not going to be the case, people who are legitimatley interested in a game will only watch a little bit to decide if it's for them.

Are they worried about bad quality getting out? Hardly, Nintendo buyers typically know what to expect and Nintendo isn't known for bad quality with its main IPs.

What is Nintendo gaining? Free advertising, the sentiment that people like their games enough to play through them, and knowing that people are interested in them enough to make someone money based off the sheer quantity of views alone.

Really, what are you doing, Nintendo?

Stroke6662007d ago

now its actually is free adverts. cause the people doing it won't get a dime. its not about how much you make I personally don't want anyone making a cent off of my hard work period. do you work? look at your paystub and check the the taxes? doen't it piss you of a bit that the gov't digs so much into your check though at no point in time were they there to help you do your job? I cant speak for everyone but someone making money off my hard work makes me have a "shit, you wasn't wit me shooting in the gym" type moments lol

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