Editorial: Pass, intercepted

EA has surprisingly called time on its controversial Online Pass program. Andrew Testerman wonders what the publisher will turn to next

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nhales802037d ago

I think the that EA is definitely going to increase it's microtransaction model, however I don't think this is the death of Online Pass, merely the killing and rebirth. It would not surprise me in the least to see some "version" of Online Pass with a different name and no actual code will reappear, similar to how they do always on for products like Sim City. Sure, that launch was a disaster, but from a business point of view, it didn't hurt sales and they still got their DRM. Look for Online Pass as a non-publicized but super annoying feature in all EA games to come.

brish2037d ago

I didn't buy simcity because of it's DRM so they lost at least one sale.

xJumpManx2037d ago

I never really cared about online passes. I think places that sell used games should have to give part of the proceeds to the developers.

Cusmar3502037d ago

Not sure I agree. It has been shown that used game profits don't really eat into publisher's profits. The fact that EA is dropping this is a sign of it.

xJumpManx2037d ago

I will always side with the developers since that is what I do for a living.

Cusmar3502037d ago

What, and retailers don't make a living selling their products? It's a symbiotic relationship. Sure it's created some shitty practices, but the two rely on one another.

Soldierone2037d ago

The developer does get a percent when they release DLC or added content that the person now can buy.

A person can't buy they content if they don't have the game, or in this case, never pay for the code.

brish2037d ago


When a person returns a game to gamestop they aren't given money they are given credit. This credit can only be used to get items at gamestop which most likely will be another game (some of which are bought new).

Developers do make money of used sales now!

Kyosuke_Sanada2037d ago

About time I say, if CD Project Red never complained about used games or piracy and the Witcher II got pirated like hell (4.5 million copies to be exact). But they worked within their means instead of going "triple A" then made enough to live and create a sequel.

More developers need to re-manage their money especially when it comes to advertisement.

sway_z2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

DO NOT pay any credence to this....Quite simply, the next gen consoles have this all sewn up.

EA abandoning Online Passes is only making way for a similar system that's built-in & a very 'important' part of the next gen infrastructure.

Even Sony & MS will play this down as to not affect sales, but they will both still penalize pre-owned purchasers in some way.

Don't be fooled people....this is EA we're discussing here!


Piracy is one thing, but why should I have to pay to play online when I already pay my IP and purchased the game? If I purchased a Blu Ray movie, watched it, and then sold it for $5, why should the movie studio get any of that? They made their money the first time around.