DUST 514: Does it work?


'Dust 514 has had us intrigued for a while, but how does that link with Eve Online really work? Is it as ambitious as we hoped?'

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ltachiUchiha1980d ago

Im not sure but im sure fans of eve online will enjoy it. I honestly think this game will do alot better if it were on the ps4. I love mmo's on current consoles but its kinda tough when they only have 512mb of memory to work with these big worlds online.

isarai1980d ago

well Planetside is supposed to be coming to consoles F2P so maybe that'll be on PS4

ltachiUchiha1980d ago

I wouldnt doubt that planetside will be on the ps4, i just hope DUST 514 & DC Universe Online can also make their way there aswell.

Dark_king1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

@ltachiUchiha Im really hoping that DCUO does get carried over to the ps4. I wouldn't even care about the graphics being improved or not, if they made the draw distance better.Also seamless map transition's would be great.

Ju1979d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if Planetside is coming to the PS4 since it's made by SOE - and from how it plays I get the feeling Zipper got assimilated into it.

towelie12881980d ago

nope it sucks
its a confusing mess

needs alot more work

isarai1980d ago

yeah i didn't really understand all the shit in the store either which is why i uninstalled it. felt like it needed too much investment and i just didn't think it felt worth it for an online FPS

Emilio_Estevez1980d ago

Sorry, but this game doesn't hold your hand all the way through (much like EVE).

When did you play it?

towelie12881980d ago

planetside 2 doesn't either and that game is fantastic

kneon1980d ago

I agree, I tried it again yesterday and the whole process of equipping a character is overly complicated, too much crap to go through. I can't be bothered given how dull the game is to play.

Emilio_Estevez1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

But what does planetside have to do with this?
2 exclusives on different platforms, not exactly an either or choice.

When you played it makes a difference, it's been in Beta (actual beta, not a server test) for over a year now and has changed quite a bit with every build. The latest build (from 5/6) has greatly improved many things, including graphics.

I honestly don't understand the confusion regarding the fittings, to me it's easily comparable to adding perks on COD.

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mayberry1980d ago

I like it so far. Delving into my loadouts alot more now. Getting significant kills too!

Surt1980d ago

Dust 514 as FPS is GARBAGE. But I'm still playing. You see I like the "building your Ultimate drop suit" part of this game. Its what keeps me playing.

This is not MAG. Nor is it tribes or planet side. Nor socom, vegas, nor unreal.

It's a MMOFPS. With the emphasis on the MMO part. That's bad and good. The bad that at it's core it's not that great of a fps. But the mmo/rpg (whatever) part it does well.

Like I said I'm still playing, cause I'm building my ultimate ninja cowboy scout. But As FPS, and Dust player I'll tell ya on the FPS side its just well..nothing but dust.