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Daredevil: The Man Without a Videogame

Matt Murdock deserves his own solo game. Here's why. (Industry)

topgun33  +   720d ago
Good article. I totally agree with you. I believe back in the early 2000s, I am not sure if it was activision, they had a Daredevil game in the early stages of development but it was cancelled
edonus  +   720d ago
A Daredevil game is a lot harder of a games to make than it seems.

When you play a superhero game you want to assume their powers and use them. Daredevils powers are based in his handicap. If you just make a fast reflexed fighter with weapons and a few little sensory quirks it would be a waste. Why not just make it a new Shinobi or generic ninja game with some ninja magic.

I say the design should be extremely unique. if I designed it I would have the game be based around sound. Like everything you see is based off of sound waves. For instance if you where somewhere with no sound you would be just looking at your character surrounded in black but the more sound the more of the world you can detect. It would make for a very interesting more DD experience things would happen almost like pop in but it would be like you walking you hear a gun cock and know where the shot is coming from and how to avoid it. Or something like a stealth mission someone talks and and you see there face. It could make for some awesome boss fights were they try to stay really quiet, or try to trap you in an echo chamber or try to overwhelm the noise level to throw you off. That would be an amazing Daredevil game.
HexxedAvenger  +   719d ago
Wow that's an awesome idea!
Braid  +   720d ago
Daredevil is one of my favorite super heroes.

DD and Spawn are so terribly underrated that it kind of pisses me off. All people are going mad about is Batman, Spiderman or Wolverine, but DD, Spawn, or Punisher is equally awesome if you ask me. And what do they get?

Punisher gets sh#tty games that don't do justice to the character (excluding the awesome arcade game). Spawn, gets nothing at all (again there's a decent arcade game but that's about it). Daredevil, man I can't think of ANY game that he's been in. Now that's just SAD.

Instead we have a prequel to Batman Arkham games, oh great. At least it looks like Turtles are getting a decent video game in the near future.
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edonus  +   719d ago
I think DD was in a fighting game and he was a beast in Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

I am also a big Spawn Fan and I dont think they could do a Spawn game justice without making it extremely mature... I'm talking HBO cartoon series mature and as far from that damn movie as they can get.

Punisher could be good but it would need a really solid design. It should almost like Crackdown but no powers or Just Cause and it should be based around crime with a big detachment from the superhero world of Marvel, and maybe get like a Hunting Spiderman side mission and have some cameos from characters like be at a bar following someone while Wolverine getting a drink.
Haules  +   719d ago
"Punisher gets sh#tty games that don't do justice to the character"

You haven't played the one on the PC, have you? While it was censored to hell (Which can be turned off with a patch), it's the only one that did him justice.
Braid  +   719d ago
I played it, and I didn't like it that much.

Execution sequences and environmental interrogations were cool but everything else was amateurish. It didn't play well compared to games like Max Payne 2, and it didn't have a good story. I

I'm thinking about something similar to what edonus said, with an open-world setting where you can travel with your van, trying to wipe different crime families off the city. Combine that with a gritty, detailed mature story and you'd have yourself a true Punisher game.
TeamPwnage1  +   719d ago
Great article - DD does need to be taken to the next level and when the sounds of the next gen consoles they probably good do a damn good job on it! To get a reboot of the system, I could see a series on tv happening - Agents of SHIELD is starting up, maybe thats the avenue to take to get it going again!?!
yaz288  +   719d ago
I love to see that happens .. it would be awesome if rocksteady made it and it would be super easy. just switch batman with dd. instead of the detective mode you have dd radar and extra senses. also you can listen to the conversation going on in the city .. and if a crime is happening you know the place .. just like finding a political prisoner in arkham city.

I fucking hope they make another movie soon.
my love for dd came from the movie that everyone is hating on. just recently I started reading the comics starting from frank miller .. it was awesome ..and then the Bendis run which fucking blow me away! FUCKING BRILLIANT! now Ive reached the ed brubaker run. haven't started yet.
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gano  +   719d ago
no excuse need.
you damn right.

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