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Square-Enix Reaching Rock Bottom?

Our previous article showed another yearly loss for Square Enix and while some don’t think it is a big deal‚ they are in for a rude awakening. Square Enix Reaching Rock Bottom‚ is predicted as some to have ” begun “‚ trending on twitter is a lot of hate that their main focus is switching to smartphone‚ tablet and devices rather than sticking to creating quality games that fans want to see. Square-Enix sent out a statement when their financial loss was posted‚ their response was both humorous and something us‚ Square Enix fans do not want to hear. (Casual games, GAME, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

iamlegend9999  +   812d ago
princejb134  +   811d ago
They have no one to blame but themselves
Give gamers what they want
AsimLeonheart  +   811d ago
I agree with you. That is what you get SE for shoving FFXIII and Lighting down our throats this whole generation! Where is the innovation, spark, creativity and excellence of the Squaresoft era? I am still waiting for a Vagrant Story, Chrono Cross and Xenogears sequel after more than a decade. Many others have been asking and waiting for a FF7 remake this whole gen but SE is blind and deaf to the consumer's demands.
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miyamoto  +   811d ago
M$ money isn't the solution to your problems Japan...eh SE, Capcom?
3-4-5  +   811d ago
What ever " it " is....they just don't understand it.
MoveTheGlow  +   811d ago
Actually, iamlegend, you should be right on this one, because those numbers were predicted months ago, and they have since turned leadership over to the former head of Taito.

What does that mean for Squenix in Japan? That means they'll finally (FINALLY!) capitalize on existing franchises, and iterate on them in ways that aren't just innovative for innovation's sake, but fun. Who else would you want to guide what's going to happen to Final Fantasy than the guy who took Space Invaders - a slow-paced, extremely old-looking shooter with one repetitive noise of a song - and made Extreme, Infinity Gene, and Groove Coaster? He led the team that took the coolest things about the Space Invaders aesthetic (the glow of the screens, a little bit of strategy, a lot of enemies, and an underpowered ship) and made tightly-designed modern games that still harkened to the best things about gaming's past. On a modest budget. On time.

If they do that to the best things in FF6 and FF7, Kingdom Hearts (maybe, ehh, Disney and stuff...), and Chrono Trigger (a fat lot they've done with that in the past ten years...), we'll have a freaking winner. I saw what happened with FF XIII. I went to the midnight release of that cursed game. I couldn't care any less now what the newest, shiniest console could produce in a new Final Fantasy game - I just want a good game. Give me The World Ends With You over Final Fantasy XIII-2 any day. Persona 4, way behind the console cycle, over some jumped-up cutscene on the new ones any freaking day.

...and don't give me that "Sakaguchi should come back" BS. He had his chance. He made The Spirits Within. He's off making the next big thing in gaming, "Party Wave." >.<
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TheLyonKing  +   812d ago
There losses indicate that they are slumping but they are far from rock bottom.

Hopefully the new CEO will refocus the company. Make sure Eidos is doing what Eidos does best and really appeal to western gamers.

SE needs to go back to its roots and make that classic rpg experience which appeals to Japan cause thats what made it appeal to RPG lovers around the world. Also stop milking FF theres so many spin offs and continuation on main ff itterations.

Its FINAL fantasy the story shouldn't continue.

Final get some versus info going, port Agito and last but not least get me some KH 3 info!!!
TheColbertinator  +   812d ago
I agree with you but SE will focus on mobile only
DasTier  +   812d ago
If you smell!
nirwanda  +   812d ago
I think square mistakenly think they can sell smartphone games at PSN/xboxarcade prices.
But I think they will be ok looking at there tech demo's for next gen
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Chard  +   812d ago
We would require James Cameron in his submarine to determine just how low Square Enix has sunk.
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knifefight  +   812d ago
Is the bar even reachable at this point?
Apocalypse Shadow  +   812d ago
those who know my postings from the past know that i can be blunt about things.so....i'll make sure that i don't fall out of character.

square-enix's failings can be attributed to their turning their backs on playstation fans.sure they had a worthless leader.but it was their decision to trip up sony is why they are in the position they are in.playstation fans have predicted this long ago.it's not rocket science.


that decision to not give sony rpgs like they did microsoft,but accept bribes,cost them.the decision to make an awesome FFVII trailer but not release a game,cost them.sure there are square nintendo fans and square micreosoft fans.but sony fans were screwed over.so.in kind,we didn't buy their sh..!

let it be a lesson because some of you have not gotten the message.screw over your largest base will come back to haunt you.capcom is learning too.DMC has hit rock bottom.ps monster hunter would have sold millions.but no....namco has learned this gen too.all their games haven't sold and have diminished in quality too by going multiplatform.

guess how may games have i bought this gen from them?screwing over sony fans for the almighty dollar cost them.they may have cashed in initially by accepting those checks.but now it has COST them.

no sympathy.....no excuse for not releasing this
nirwanda  +   812d ago
And if you look at how this console war has ended it looks like square were right.
Squares biggest mistake was not developing early enough, the article you posted was a whole year after the 360 launched and thats when they will have tried to make the white engine multi platform which I don't think worked.
But if you look at the tech demos they are making for next generation they look well up to speed nice and early instead of just trying to milk this gen and get left behind like they did last time.
DragonKnight  +   811d ago
Square weren't right. They were arrogant enough to believe that their games determined the winner of console gens and look where it got them. The Xbox 360 camp didn't give a damn about SE's games as evidenced by the pathetic sales of Infinite Undiscovery and Last Remnant. SE snubbed the PS3 for RPG's for a long time until games like Nier and the horrible FFXIII series started showing up and even those multiplatform games sold significantly better on the PS3 because that's where the fanbase was.

It has nothing to do with when they began development and everything to do with ignoring where the fanbase is and accepting bribe money for a console base that didn't care about your games anyway. They also base their sales predictions on reviews and metacritic. In short, they were stupid.
izumo_lee  +   811d ago
I agree. Squarenix put too much faith in the thought that they could do what they did on Playstation platforms on an entirely new platform in the Xbox 360. They followed the money rather than catering to their fanbase & in the end they are in the situation they are in now.

Imagine what would they be like if the Playstation fanbase that they built for 15 years didn't care for their games. FF 13, FF13-2, Nier, Tomb Raider, & other games they have released fared much better on Playstation consoles. Without those sales of these games on Playstation the situation would be much worse.

Sure Squarenix struggled to make the change from SD to HD. They have people at their disposal that are very capable in making the switch but they failed to give them the opportunity to do so. Long dev times, delayed projects, unfinished games, poor choices overall have put Squarenix in the position they are in.

Long standing fans of the company like myself just wish they finally wake up & do what is best. Cater to your fanbase, don't go follow the 'easy' dollar, & give people you have in your company the chance to make something without being held back.

So far what i am hearing doesn't bold well for the future of Squarenix. I wanna be wrong & that they can turn the corner. I want to be 'excited' for E3 cause that may be the last chance they get to make fans believe their is hope.
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nirwanda  +   811d ago
I agree completely but this time they have grabbed the next generation with both hands instead of trying to milk this gen, by the looks of it they have built a good game engine early instead of doing it too late and bodging something up that they think will do.

Lets be honest 3 years to release there first game of a gen they would have had dev kits gor a good year plus before the consoles came out too.
CLOUD1983  +   812d ago
@Apocalypse Shadow

Yep agree with everything, well said man SE dig their own grave with all the decisions they take this generation, they deserve looses, boycotts & hate & that's exactly what they get, & agree also that the decissions to ignore the millions & millions of fans who ask for the past 7 years an FFVII remake cost them also, at this stage this could be their only saving grace, if they could make it right ofc.
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nirwanda  +   811d ago

It was investment in the this gen that cost them, it took 3 years into the start of the generation to release anything on any of the two consoles (not including the pc port of FF online)and that wad infinite undiscoverey and that was average.
They chose to stick with milking the ps2 and the DS.
Don't believe me look for yourself
jensen86  +   811d ago
time to pull out that ff v11 remake thatll put em back on top cos i know me n a few lmillion outher ppl would buy it day 1
isarai  +   811d ago
Just make a final Fantasy the way people loved. I hope they don't go under cause i think they are doing a really good job as a publisher for there bought dev teams(United Front Game, Crystal Dynamics, IO Interactive)
xxchicago33xx  +   811d ago
Here's a crazy thought...make FF games that are actually like FF games. They need to make a throw back JRPG immediately...with ATB, drop down windows...crazy Japanese monsters eating the world...the whole shebang.
denisx04  +   811d ago
They are going to decrease in spending and increase spending on marketing... Meaning low quality/cheaper games but better marketing.... wtf
arbitor365  +   811d ago
tablet and smartphone games? really square? its like you are going out of their way to sh** on your fans. what a joke.

maybe the reason you arent making money on console games is because you arent making ANYTHING that fans have actually asked for. just maybe
I think the title was supposed to say "Square-Enix Reaching FROM Rock Bottom".
ThatsGaming  +   811d ago
Square-Enix has buried itself. They have quality franchises but they milked them with many sub-par releases within those franchises. Then, when they finally released quality games like Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex Revolution, Hitman Absolution, and the Tomb Raider they didn't get great sales because of the reputation they have.

By going to the mobile, tablet, and PC market Square-Enix will just fall further.
Agent_hitman  +   809d ago
Oh no... What's gonna happen to FF franchise if SE collapse?.

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