Square-Enix Reaching Rock Bottom?

Our previous article showed another yearly loss for Square Enix and while some don’t think it is a big deal‚ they are in for a rude awakening. Square Enix Reaching Rock Bottom‚ is predicted as some to have ” begun “‚ trending on twitter is a lot of hate that their main focus is switching to smartphone‚ tablet and devices rather than sticking to creating quality games that fans want to see. Square-Enix sent out a statement when their financial loss was posted‚ their response was both humorous and something us‚ Square Enix fans do not want to hear.

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princejb1342013d ago

They have no one to blame but themselves
Give gamers what they want

AsimLeonheart2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I agree with you. That is what you get SE for shoving FFXIII and Lighting down our throats this whole generation! Where is the innovation, spark, creativity and excellence of the Squaresoft era? I am still waiting for a Vagrant Story, Chrono Cross and Xenogears sequel after more than a decade. Many others have been asking and waiting for a FF7 remake this whole gen but SE is blind and deaf to the consumer's demands.

miyamoto2012d ago

M$ money isn't the solution to your problems SE, Capcom?

3-4-52012d ago

What ever " it " is....they just don't understand it.

MoveTheGlow2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Actually, iamlegend, you should be right on this one, because those numbers were predicted months ago, and they have since turned leadership over to the former head of Taito.

What does that mean for Squenix in Japan? That means they'll finally (FINALLY!) capitalize on existing franchises, and iterate on them in ways that aren't just innovative for innovation's sake, but fun. Who else would you want to guide what's going to happen to Final Fantasy than the guy who took Space Invaders - a slow-paced, extremely old-looking shooter with one repetitive noise of a song - and made Extreme, Infinity Gene, and Groove Coaster? He led the team that took the coolest things about the Space Invaders aesthetic (the glow of the screens, a little bit of strategy, a lot of enemies, and an underpowered ship) and made tightly-designed modern games that still harkened to the best things about gaming's past. On a modest budget. On time.

If they do that to the best things in FF6 and FF7, Kingdom Hearts (maybe, ehh, Disney and stuff...), and Chrono Trigger (a fat lot they've done with that in the past ten years...), we'll have a freaking winner. I saw what happened with FF XIII. I went to the midnight release of that cursed game. I couldn't care any less now what the newest, shiniest console could produce in a new Final Fantasy game - I just want a good game. Give me The World Ends With You over Final Fantasy XIII-2 any day. Persona 4, way behind the console cycle, over some jumped-up cutscene on the new ones any freaking day.

...and don't give me that "Sakaguchi should come back" BS. He had his chance. He made The Spirits Within. He's off making the next big thing in gaming, "Party Wave." >.<

TheLyonKing2013d ago

There losses indicate that they are slumping but they are far from rock bottom.

Hopefully the new CEO will refocus the company. Make sure Eidos is doing what Eidos does best and really appeal to western gamers.

SE needs to go back to its roots and make that classic rpg experience which appeals to Japan cause thats what made it appeal to RPG lovers around the world. Also stop milking FF theres so many spin offs and continuation on main ff itterations.

Its FINAL fantasy the story shouldn't continue.

Final get some versus info going, port Agito and last but not least get me some KH 3 info!!!

TheColbertinator2013d ago

I agree with you but SE will focus on mobile only

nirwanda2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I think square mistakenly think they can sell smartphone games at PSN/xboxarcade prices.
But I think they will be ok looking at there tech demo's for next gen

Chard2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

We would require James Cameron in his submarine to determine just how low Square Enix has sunk.

knifefight2013d ago

Is the bar even reachable at this point?

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