Max Payne 3 has shipped 4 million copies

During an earnings report for its 2013 fiscal year, Take-Two (parent company of 2K) revealed that six million copies of Borderlands 2 have been shipped to retailers to date. According to Take-Two president Karl Slatoff, Gearbox’s shooter is on track to be the highest-selling release in the history of the 2K label (which doesn’t include Rockstar Games).

Sandmano1082d ago

Loved the game deserves it.

ltachiUchiha1082d ago

Add these tags bro, PC, PS3, 360. Undele lol.

daggertoes831082d ago

my favorite game this gen not named batman and uncharted. My only complaint are the cut scenes. First time through they were fine because I enjoyed the story. But going back through a 2 and 3rd time was annoying cause some of the cut scenes were long and you couldn't skip them.

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a_bro1082d ago

Playing it on pc blew me away with its textures

Hellsvacancy1082d ago

I hope so, MP3 didnt really seem like it was "the end"

Shadonic1082d ago

wish the population online was still high MP could of been better though with the actual shooting and balance and stuff. Max payne 3 online bullet time should be the slandered for all future implementations of bullet time online.

vishmarx1082d ago

i didnt find this game hugely amazing...
but i know rockstar deserves this for the effort they put in it

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