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Final Fantasy 15, Tech Demo/Versus: is it the same game?

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the new Final Fantasy game to launch at e3 this year. The speculation being, "which game is it going to be?" A lot of hype has been brewing with the anticipation that versus will be the new "FF15," but in a recent interview, the Tech Demo was reported coming from an upcoming game yet to be announced.

This creates a lot of questions. First and last being, is the Tech Demo and Versus the same game? They haven't revealed anything about FF15, and the only piece of info that offers any sort of solution is that Versus will be released sometime 2013. Now, this is a rumor, and clearly an opinion piece, but dig a little further than that.

In both the Tech Demo and the Versus trailers, you can see the appearance of an older man. In the Tech Demo he was the man conjuring up the beast from the mucky undercurrents. In the Versus trailer, he was the man dressed in white, holding a gun at a man's face.

Versus Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Tech Demo, Agni's Philosophy: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

The two men look surprisingly alike, Although the wrinkles in one, and the scraggly facial hair in another separates the two men apart. They aren't the same man, but in the same vein, they are indeed alike enough in facial features to suggest relation, maybe a brother, cousin... something to that degree.

The quality of both the videos are amazing. Both the videos suggest an obvious Final Fantasy theme. Monsters, and magic. Combat and military (paramilitary).

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ShugaCane  +   562d ago
I hope it's not. Not that I didn't like the tech demo (actually it was quite impressive) but I just do hope SE didn't make us wait for the E3 to reveal that the video they showed us A YEAR AGO was actually from the game people have been dying to know more about, for like..ages. That would be really upsetting.
Irishguy95  +   561d ago
No it isn't the same...Versus is aiming for somewhat realism, and Nocts kingdom is the most advanced(buildings and architecture etc wise). That big city thing in the tech demo exceeds Nocts city by a long shot. It's very sci fi-ey whereas Nomura was aiming for realistic cities.
Ranma1  +   561d ago
I dont want FF15 to be a Kingdom Hearts/Action RPG type game. i want it to be like any games like FF1-FF10
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izumo_lee  +   561d ago
If the rumors are true that FF15 is actually FF vs.13 renamed than i have no problem with it being a Kingdom Hearts/action RPG. All cause the person heading the game Tetsuya Nomura. His portfolio for making games speaks for itself.

The game may have that Kingdom Hearts battle system or something similar, but as long as the rest of the game harkens back to the old school formula than awesome.

Having multiple towns to visit with NPC & shops to buy stuff, many side quests to do to take a break from the main story arc, a world map to traverse, some kind of mini game (triple triad) or mini game area (gold saucer), other stuff to do would be appreciated instead of forcing us to follow a linear path like FF13 did.

Everything that we hear about FF vs.13 (FF15?) is that it has all the stuff i mentioned. Screenshots & that 7 min trailer of the game showed the potential of this game. Also Yoko Shinomura's soundtrack will be amazing knowing her work & her portfolio.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   561d ago
A final Fantasy that plays like Kingdom hearts is actually what Ive been waiting for.
uuaschbaer  +   561d ago
Ever tried Crisis core? Plays better than KH, I'd say.
Lucreto  +   561d ago
Agni's Philosophy is a tech demo and more than likely not a real game.

They used FF VII as a tech demo for PS3 and they still can't kill the remake rumours.
pimpschitz  +   561d ago
They mentioned at some point that Agni's Philosophy although being a tech demo, is from an upcoming FF title.
MizTv  +   561d ago
Just make a good ff game please
e-p-ayeaH  +   561d ago
im hoping this E3 means something special for FF fans.

type0 for vita and versus 13 release date.
pimpschitz  +   561d ago
They are releasing details about an upcoming FF title at E3, and since we know all about 14, 15 is soon to follow.
-Gespenst-  +   561d ago
Nah I don't think so. I don't think Agni's Philosophy is a game, it was just a concept given CGI trailer form with mind towards a possible future title. Plus it's just too different in tone to Versus if you ask me. Weird Middle eastern slum / super metropolis? weird zombified creatures made of blood and occult magic or something? strange concoctions in coke bottles that heal wounds? Not a crystal in sight?

Nah, none of it seems to cohere with Versus if you ask me.
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pimpschitz  +   561d ago
She's holding a crystal...? How do you mean?
KrisButtar  +   561d ago
I don't remember Midgar in FF7 being like any of the other places in the game. 7 also had a talking dog and a remote controled stuffed animal as a partner. A cansio above a desert, a rocket in the middle of a village.I'm just saying that even in the same game if your only showed a clip here and a clip there you may not be able to tell its the same game

The VS trailer could be one place on the map and Agni's Philosophy could be another place on the map.
-Gespenst-  +   560d ago
Keep in mind though that Versus is "a fantasy based on reality", and also that most of the places we've seen so far are based on cities in Tokyo and stuff. Agni's philosophy doesn't look nearly as "real" as Versus. The vista we see at the end of the Agni trailer I cannot imagine being in Versus. Maybe the logic of other FF games would permit it, but not Versus. Also nobody involved in Versus was involved the Agni thing, so far as I can tell.
KrisButtar  +   560d ago
Even if its "a fantasy based on reality" who to say that the fantasy world they go to is not the Vista we seen in Agni, say a holodeck of sorts, or a VR game that they are playing in Verus, could be a characters vision of the past events, even a dream, there are just as many ideas/reasons linking the videos together and just as many saying the're not.

"Also nobody involved in Versus was involved the Agni thing, so far as I can tell" thats the only thing that leads me to believe they are different games
princejb134  +   561d ago
i gave up on this game
this game was announced so long ago
and its still not released
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nigelp520  +   561d ago
Just give me

-Dissidia for PS4
-Kingdom Hearts 3
-Final Fantasy vs 13
uuaschbaer  +   561d ago
Maybe Nomura has gone off Gackt and now favours George Galloway.

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