Top 25 Best Survival Horror Games

"Survival horror pits the player into a hostile environment with few, precious resources at hand to overcome opponents, puzzles and the levels themselves. Here are the 25 best survival horror games of all time."

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jc485731871d ago

I don't really understand this list. you have siren into 2 different pages. You also have SH4 as #1.

yugovega1871d ago

siren had the ps2 games then the ps3 one. I don't see why they wasn't all divided up like res evil and silent hill was. but silent hill 4 at number 1? and dino crisis at 2? not too great of a list. silent hill origins or homecoming could replace most of those.

Greyslash1871d ago

"Silent Hill Origins and Homecoming can replace most of those."
Please tell me you're not being serious
Those two were awful
and I agree with the writer, SH4 was one of the best Survival Horror games I've ever played.
I would take out a few of the games like Alan Wake, Amnesia, and Dead Space, and put Fatal Frame higher, but overall it was a good list.

yugovega1871d ago

silent hill 4 would've been better had it not been a forced silent hill. had nothing to do with silent hill.

cpayne931871d ago

@Greyslash dunno bout homecoming but origins was a pretty good game, not the ps2 silent hill quality but pretty good nonetheless. Why would you take out Amnesia? Amnesia is an awesome horror experience, the game isn't consistent the who way through, but it has some pretty awesome moments.

fsfsxii1870d ago

You're joking right??
Take out Amnesia?? WHY??!

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Pozzle1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

I wouldn't say SH4 is the best horror game out there, but I don't think it's even close to being as bad as people say. A lot of fans seem to focus on the fact that Silent Hill 4 started off development as a different game. But Homecoming, Downpour and Origins are barely like the original games at all, but fans don't seem to take as much issue with that as they do with SH4.

Because SH4 still had enough of that Silent Hill "feel" for it to count as a SH game imo. The overall tone, atmosphere and creepy story still felt Silent Hill-y. I really enjoyed the game. Still, I don't think I'd put it in a "best horror games of all time" list.

Autolycus881870d ago

And silent hill 4 did tie into the silent hill universe, loosely. Its a great game. I totally agree with ya.

caseh1871d ago

Top 25 Survival Horror games? Are there even that many?

NastyLeftHook01871d ago

i saw manhunt as a survival horror/action game, so i would include it.

Unlimax1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

wow he didn't even include RE3 Nemesis .. smh ಠ_ಠ

Whoever that person who made that list he better re-correct the list , his taste in horror games is different than us , maybe he is a modern gamer .. i don't know !

And speaking about Survivor Horror .. PARASITE EVE was a hidden gem Survivor Horror too why shouldn't he put that game on the list ~

TXIDarkAvenger1871d ago

...Because fuck everyone who has a different opinion right?

Unlimax1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )


No , That's not the point just take a look at the list once again .. The list is a bit .. well TOTALLY messed up in that case and i think everyone will agree with me with that , its like someone put his hand in the box with 25 sheets of luck and appeared this way !

Even Haunting ground ... wasn't on the list , oh well :O

TXIDarkAvenger1871d ago

Ok I understand where your coming from. This obviously isn't a good survival horror list...

Also the order of games is just terrible. I'm not sure how Zombi U is at #5, let alone on this list of top 25. Yeah disregard my comment, this list is shit.

Unlimax1871d ago

I didn't Disagree with you my friend :3

Tokyo_reject1871d ago

He REALLY should've said "MY top 25 be...."
...probably the worst list ever lol!!!
"SH4 was Last Silent Hill that was any good"
BWAHAHAHA, i got news for you buddy....any true Silent Hill fan would tell you its the worst...its not even a true Silent Hill got "Silent Hill" in its name after it was pretty much finished as a game because they knew they had a shit game, so they put Silent Hill in the name to get sales.
Hell...SH Homecoming was better then this game lol. SM,and silent hill origins were 5X better.
Dont quit your day job...article writing is not for you.

Pozzle1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Huh. Guess I mustn't be a "true" Silent Hill fan then, because I would happily play SH4 again before I play Homecoming again.

Seriously, what is with everyone's hatred for SH4? Yeah, the backtracking sucked, the lack of bosses sucked, and the escort mission sucked. But apart from that, I thought it was a decent game. The atmosphere was still very Silent Hill-y, I liked seeing how Silent Hill's corruption was spreading to nearby towns, and it was cool learning more about Walter Sullivan (even if it did contradict a few things from previous games). Am I missing something? What makes SH4 soooo much worse than mindless dreck like Homecoming?

...And btw, Silent Hill 4 only STARTED development as a different game (just like Devil May Cry started development as Resident Evil 4). The devs didn't make a completely different game then just slap "Silent Hill" on the box. It was a Silent Hill game throughout most of its development.

HarryMasonHerpderp1871d ago

Any "true" Silent Hill fan would know that Homecoming was garbage and everything after SH4 the room has been poor fan service.
The only true Silent Hill games were the ones made by Team Silent.

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