New Command & Conquer Gameplay

→ 08 MAY 2013 Watch never before seen footage and learn more about the next Command and Conquer.

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Scenarist1750d ago

C&C back at its roots ? === day 1 buy

konnerbllb1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Not back to it's roots, back to generals.

.. I didn't like generals. C&C, RA, RA2, Yuri's Revenge. That's where it's at.

generals.. pfft.

JsonHenry1750d ago

I liked the story modes of those you listed. But the best multiplayer experience was generals. I bought the original CnC with my first paycheck as a kid and I have played all of them. My favorite quote from the video was "erase the stain of CNC4".

mushroomwig1750d ago

What's wrong with Generals?

Peppino71750d ago

This game NEEDS a single player. That's the biggest problem

JsonHenry1749d ago


Scenarist1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

@konner Generals however was the last "Good" C&C (or rather the last one that I could enjoy if my opinion is too strong for ya).

If they base it on generals at the core, im sure we will see some surprises.
I personally look foward to it.

lol @ me saying day1 buy ... but im kinda sad its free to play though because that implies in my mind that im going to be paying something else and more expensive over the long term.. .and C&C is a long term game to me

edit ; oh shit its in beta... i need keep up with more games....

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TenkoTAiLS1750d ago

Where are the live-action actors...what a cop out.

WeedyOne1750d ago

I always hated the live action cut scenes.

Kingdom Come1750d ago

Well, since its starting as a Multiplayer title, that should be expected. As for the intended Single-player content...