Michael Biehn Confirms Potential Blood Dragon Sequel

Yes, you are reading that sensational headline right! Today comes an exciting piece of news about a potential Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon sequel coming from Xbox Live’s Major Nelson Radio which has Michael Biehn on the podcast through a phone connection.

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Root2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Heres a thought...maybe you could work on some Far Cry 3 DLC know for the actual game.

Theres so much you could do with the island that they havent even bothered to start because of this

If you want to do a sequel why not do a spiritual successor in the form of a full retail game


"I rather have another full-fleshed title than some small portion of a game that lasts for about an hour."

But it's not a full fleshed title though, it's still a downloadable game as for it lasting an hour....well thats up to Ubisoft to make some quality DLC.

LoaMcLoa2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Nah, sequels are better. I rather have another full-fleshed title than some small portion of a game that lasts for about an hour.

So bring my Far Cry 4 and Blood Dragon 2! (Would prefer Blood Dragon 2)

Ok, maybe full fleshed was a bad choice of words... But I hope you catch my drift. It took my around 5 hours to complete Blood Dragon and I even skipped most side-missions, collectibles, etc. My point is that I rather have new games rather than minimal new content to an already existing game

HammadTheBeast2050d ago

See, you guys are spoiled by the pathetic trash that is CoD and to some extent BF3 dlc. What Blood Dragon did was go back to the roots of an expansion.

cyguration2050d ago

I was going to say the same thing.

So many rich kids spoiled with 4 maps for $15 that they don't know how to appreciate a standalone expansion with 8 full hours worth of content for the same price.

This is why Activision and EA's executives can afford to put golden toilets in their diamond yachts.

adorie2050d ago

Damn right. The price was just enough to justify the content. It was a good package, really.

THEDON82z12050d ago

Agreed, just finished it an I had a blast however I will admitt one thing , I wish they had some basic enemy-killing side missions after the main game(and liberated camps) . I got all the cool weapons and nothing to really do after the main story is finished!!!

deadfrag2050d ago

If they can make this game run at 30fps i might buy it,but it run bellow 30fps on consoles what a crap,not to mention the horrible screen tear;frankly i cant understand how people can play techical piece of sh%t like this game and give scores of 7,8, 9/10.

MYSTERIO3602049d ago

I sure hope Arnold Schwarzenegger is the main villain in the follow up sequel.

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ded10202050d ago

eh, i'd buy another $15 sequel within the next year

Jek_Porkins2050d ago

Wonder if a possible sequel would get a full on retail release?

admiralvic2050d ago


Part of what made Blood Dragon so great was the fact that it didn't overstay its welcome. If they tried to make it something with a 10+ hour story, absurdly large map and tons of side missions, I believe the novelty would wear off.

HammadTheBeast2050d ago

Exactly. Blood Dragon has the humor and game play to be well worth the $15 value, it does things well, but doesn't go too far.

Now Saints row 3 on the other hand, got kind of old after a while.

RonRico2050d ago

If this happens they need to bring back the guys who worked on the music. It was so perfect in Blood Dragon.

AcesHigh2912050d ago

That was a band called Power Glove, check 'em out.

RonRico2050d ago

Thanks man. Found the website and there's cool tunes on there as well.

DJ2050d ago

Please make Blood Dragon a franchise. Funniest awesome game I've ever played.

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