iPhone Garbage: Biggest troll game ever?

Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free Games has released the world's worst micro-transaction scam in history. Please just watch the video.

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1854d ago
Squall50051853d ago

This company has about 4 of these games out. Apple obviously don't give a shit. If some idiot accidentally pays $99.99 for a new character, Apple get a cut of the profits.

Also..don't you have to enter in your password to complete a purchase?

SgtFuzzy-T1853d ago

I don't have any shitty Apple products but I think if its setup a certain way you don't need a password it can just buy stuff

grimmweisse1853d ago

This will give EA some ideas!

SgtFuzzy-T1853d ago

I can't believe a game like this exists- this is all the problems that are happening with the gaming industry, and you know kids that play on parents iphone/ipad would just hit buy without them knowing,

what a bunch of scammers hopefully this company can burn in hell

and may god have mercy on their souls

Loki861853d ago

Agree 100%, how they have not been kicked out the industry at this point is beyond me.