EA Can Do Better (But Won’t)

James Dewitt, Thunderbolt writes:
In another instance of companies behaving badly, Peter Moore recently wrote about how EA can do better in an effort to stem the tide of negative publicity the company has received—most recently in regards to winning the title of Worst Company in America by The Consumerist and recent fubars like the debut of SimCity. This isn’t the first time EA has been voted the best of the worst in the same poll against oft-vilified companies such as Bank of America. With the ball in EA’s court, it was time to speak out and admit mistakes while outlining a plan to deal with them—which Moore did not do.

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gazgriff2k122058d ago

Why when they make so much profit?

Roccetarius2058d ago

Truth be told, EA is releasing games just to stay above water currently. They never really recovered from recession, just like certain other companies.

This is why you won't see them improve, because they can't give the games enough time, and creative room to be successful.

aliengmr2057d ago

Yep, they've been on a slow march to bankruptcy-land for years now.

SnakeCQC2058d ago

all this ea hate is just insane

pompombrum2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Clearly you weren't one of the ones who preordered or bought Sim City on day one of release.

@Erudito87 - yes this is true, they aren't deserving of worst company in America title but that doesn't mean the EA Hate isn't justified. Most of people's hate/criticisms towards them are fairly legit and I think this article points out to one EA's biggest fundamental flaws.

SnakeCQC2058d ago

yes it happened to me too and i was alittle annoyed but most games have pretty bad problems their first few weeks. Albeit not to that extent but ea being voted worst company in america etc is not deserved. I mean there are much worse companies in america that do much much worse ie some banks were involved with the global recession that cost 8 million jobs in usa alone and countless more losing their homes while other companies are in the business of death creating drones etc that take away lives.
Im just saying in the grand scale of things wanting to protect you game is small compared to the aforementioned things.

Retroman2057d ago

my biggest fundamental flaw with EA is they don't make enticing games anymore such as: "NEED FOR SPEED" look how it has changed sooooo badly over last 7 years. from hungry to play to hell no it sucks criterions "hotpursuit'mostwante d". out of 20 iteration only the first 7 was good. after "UNDERGROUND 2" NFS start declining.

pompombrum2058d ago

Completely agree about the criticism of Peter Moore's blog post. With the header of "We Can Do Better" you'd expect something a little bit more humble. With shareholders clearly unhappy with the sales of their games, you'd have thought it might be a good time to reconnect with gamers, take a slice and eat that humble pie but instead he goes the exact opposite route and in true EA style, comes across as an arrogant douchebag.

4lc4pon32058d ago

As long as everyone keeps buying ea products nothing will change. The only way to force them to change is to hurt them financially buy not purchasing games from them. But this will never happen people just don't care enough or have not enough knowledge about ea's horrible ways.

I don't support ea period and I do not buy games branded with ea on them

oOMICHAELOo2057d ago

They could do better, but what would be the point when weak ass gamers accept anything. I stopped supporting them years ago. Refuse to buy an EA product until they change their ways of Online passes, Day 1 DLC, and BS DLC.