Counter-Strike Online Trailer & Closed Beta Peek

Counter-Strike Online is a remake of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero targeted towards Asia's gaming market. Here's the trailer and a 5.41-minute closed beta gameplay.

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Dark_Vendetta3896d ago

I think that this is not made by Valve

JsonHenry3896d ago

Asians only have 8 year old computers? The graphics are horrible!

CrazyMystical3896d ago

sierra studios i know, but isn't this one also using the source engine.

bozobucketeer3896d ago

A first-person shooter aimed towards the Asian market. I don't see how this could go wrong at all.

deeznuts3896d ago

You can't see because you don't know. The article didn't say Japan. I know for a fact CS is huge in Vietnam, and I hear it's huge in South Korea. So it may be big in other asian countries as well.

EastCoastSB3896d ago

Yea it's actually a big game in Asian countries other than Japan.

Bnet3433896d ago

Exactly, Japan doesn't represent the whole continent of Asia. Every thought of the middle eastern countries as well?

LinuxGuru3896d ago

That looks like what came outta my ass when I took a huge dump this morning.'s 2008....not 2003 anymore.

We have videocards with more than 64MB of memory.