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PC Innovation Lags: Consoles Set to Evolve Once More

BigBoxGaming-"Last I checked there was no governing body over the PC gaming community, let alone a spokesperson that could speak the mind for the industry as a whole. However, that hasn’t stopped the concerted effort of the vocal PC gaming participants from trying to pick a fight with consoles makers, and their fans, on the eve of this upcoming generation.

But no matter how much Nvidia executives or PC websites yell about hardware strength, it won’t change the quality gaming experience consoles offer and the relative stagnancy of their own platform." (industry, PC)

happyguy271  +   830d ago
Sums it up pretty well, people get too worked up about the Console/Platform Wars.

I enjoy gaming in general, and am excited to see what the next console generation brings.

E3 please
T900  +   829d ago
The author is a console fanboy at best. Specially with some of his points calling PC stagnant. When its the consoles themselves that have been stagnant for the last 8 years.
_LarZen_  +   829d ago
I am a PC gamer and I think PC gaming has stagnated. The developers are not pushing the limits as much as one would think with the hardware that is out today.
papashango  +   829d ago
by limits do you mean graphics?

It's on the pc where gaming is continuing to evolve.

From Free2Play, to MOBA's, Mincecraft, DayZ. Each one bringing something unique to gaming.

Consoles at the moment are focused on multiplayer'ing everything and most Sony exclusives are just about the single player campaign. The only exception being little big planet which is just a platformer with modding capabilities. Which is nothing new to pc really.

Also. Occulus Rift.
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T900  +   829d ago

Agreed. All consoles are doing these days is same old rince and repeat. Shooters upon shooters and linear 8 hours campaigns.

Nothing new or innovative, next gen looks to do more of the same just shinier graphics.

With PC you are getting real innovation, different games. I am personally hooked on Dota 2 with over 600 hours on the game and its not even out yet lol.
caleb4779  +   829d ago
They are talking about the features of the platform, not the games themselves.

In those terms consoles have been adding more and more each release, and even as PC fan I have to admit that upgrading graphics is all we seem to care about.

The Oculus Rift mentioned is the type of improvements PC gaming needs, but even that will get bought out or taken multiplatform within 2 years IMO.
CheexInk  +   829d ago
Except the only advances consoles have made were incorporating things the PC already had. The only thing "new" they tried was motion control which for the most part ended up remaining gimmicky and only used in casual novelty games.

Meanwhile in the same time-spam PC pioneered digital distribution, the F2P model and still has entire genres that consoles don't even see.
d3nworth1  +   829d ago
You obviously haven't been paying any attention for the past 8 years. Lets take the Ps3 for example. It has more functionality now than it did at launch. Both Sony and Microsoft have been adding features and functions to their consoles. I would call that evolving while PC do the same thing they've been doing for years only faster. The author is clearly talking about home entertainment so yes PC are lagging behind consoles in that regard. Yes a PC can do everything a console can but 9 times out of 10 its easier to do on a console. You watch netflix on PC but last year more people used the ps3 for netflix than the PC. Accept the fact a console ease of use will continue to drive its innovation.
CheexInk  +   828d ago
You just said a whole lot of nothing.

" Lets take the Ps3 for example. It has more functionality now than it did at launch. Both Sony and Microsoft have been adding features and functions to their consoles."

Like what? And make sure they are features and functions you can't find on PC otherwise it goes under my statement of them just adding things PC already had. And your Netflix argument? Just another example. A streaming service that started on PC and was adopted by consoles.

"Accept the fact a console ease of use will continue to drive its innovation."

What does that even mean? You just tied together two unrelated ideas to try and have a snazzy finisher.
gabescow  +   830d ago
I agree, consoles and PCs will likely be the same thing in 10 to 15 years.
happyguy271  +   830d ago
Although consoles will keep becoming more and more similar to PCs, there will always be a group of people who want to customize their gaming rig.

To my knowledge, console manufacturers need a common infrastructure to license games so a complete "merge" is unlikely.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   829d ago
PC gaming will always be defined by upgradeable hardware.
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caleb4779  +   830d ago
There are just some games that work better with a mouse and keyboard, I know a few consoles have allowed those as input devices but until they become widely supported, PCs will always get a few games consoles don't. Also the modding community would be hard to incorporate for consoles, manufacturers want too much control over how much access we have to their machines.
BitbyDeath  +   829d ago
Yep, RTS and Sim games always feel more natural with a mouse and keyboard.
DudeJets  +   829d ago
Rts, rpg, mmo, fps. For kb/mouse

Third person shooters, and platform games controller hands down. Why can't console companies just allow kb/m
Oschino1907  +   829d ago
I agree, growing up playing a lot of C&C on PC in the 90's and early 00's makes it immpossible to play with a controller as it just doesn't keep up. Ever since touchscreen has become reliable and accurate though I can't help but dream of the day we have a C&C game on a touch screen device.

@DudeJets it's on the game devs, they have the choice. PS3 has a lot of commands and control through KB/M but its up to the devs to move it to the games as well. Same with custom soundtracks, Sony allows any game maker to include it but many don't.

I have played the game types you describe with both methods and have to say outside of RTS I prefer a controller. RPG which I enjoy (more action oriented) and FPS just feel boring IMO clicking away at the screen. MMO can go either way depending on game, with Defiance I think controller wins hands down but it is also a TPS.

LOL all I know is when my cousin is here playin his MMOs like Guild Wars 2 all I hear is click, click, click, click, (crap talk), click, click, click. Every now and then he hops on Planet Side 2 and I can't help but wish it/he had a controller option for it. I guess I am just to used to the layout and rumble functions of a DualShock but KB/M can feel sorta lifeless with some games.
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d3nworth1  +   829d ago

Well I don't know about Xbox but I know both the Ps2 and Ps3 support mouse and keyboard just not many games used it. Quite a few online games on Ps2 allowed you to use a usb keyboard FF7 dirge of Cerberus had let you use a mouse a keyboard to play the game and Unreal tournament 3 on Ps3 also did. It even allowed you to import mods.
Ravenor  +   829d ago
I agree that consoles offer a great experience with minimal issues and technical knowledge. They are a great alternative to PC"s if you just want to play some games.

But don't st there and tell me PC's have stagnated, that's weapons grade Bolonium.
allgamespc2012  +   829d ago
its all good. we have our games and they have their own. and then we have multiplatforms. we have a little bit of everything for everyone.

i enjoy dota 2 as much as i will enjoy wind waker HD, a ps4 eexclusive and a 720 exclusive. wh fight over stupid crap like this when we all have more than enough to play
MontyQ  +   829d ago
pc is not lagging consoles like ps4 well now be on par with a 3 year old pc instead of a 10 year old one lol
TardcoreGamer  +   829d ago
When Occulus Rift drops then holler at me dawg
-Falaut-  +   829d ago
There is only one place/thing to thank for stagnating PC gaming the way it has despite it being much more advanced and powerful due the open architecture: Microsoft and its DirectX platform. For this reason alone I hope Gabe Newell's Linux push succeed through things like the Steambox (which is rumored to not run Windows OS) and "closer" to metal APIs like openGL come back to the forefront.

As a person that started gaming on PCs in '91 and built them for gaming and benching marking purposes for 10 years up to 2004 I feel I have at least a spec of legitimacy in what I say. I saw the API monopoly happening in the early 2000s, and foresaw what it was doing to hardware enthusiasts like myself. I despise Microsoft to this day for doing that, because all it did was kill innovation on the PC side all in the name of getting a foot in the console market and parallel the developement in both. Essentially if you had an Xbox or were gaming on a PC, it was a DirectXBox.

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happyguy271  +   829d ago
Each release consoles take more and more from the PC, Steam Box will be the first time PCs have tried to take something from consoles.

Depending on how successful that is we'll see where we are in the next 10 years. As for now PC and console gamers just have different priorities.
kwyjibo  +   829d ago
I cannot believe the author believes that the PC is stagnant yet claims in the article that "consoles have slowly been stealing what works on the PC and incorporating it into their devices".

Surprise surprise. PCs lead the way, and consoles "slowly" catch up. I guess you can look forward to Free-2-play when next-gen rolls around too, innovation!
caleb4779  +   829d ago
Consoles can afford to play catch-up because they own the living room, and that is where the gamers and money in this industry has been. So anything they can take from the PC is a bonus.

Steam Box is the first big "innovation" in awhile, or at least one of the more ambitious. There are always a few gimmicky pieces of hardware at conventions, like a flack jacket thing I saw or a mount that actually had a pistol attached for the mouse input, but there haven't been too many game changers.

For me I stick with a few genres on the PC but the majority of big games are console exclusive.
kwyjibo  +   829d ago
So I seem to have got some disagrees, let's put this simply -

Headline – “PC Innovation Lags”
Content – “consoles have slowly been stealing what works on the PC”

I think what the author meant was, PC Innovation Leads.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   828d ago
PC's already do everything... what more can you ask.

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