FIFA 14 Release Date: When it will be possible to play FIFA 14 ?

When it will be possible to play FIFA 14? We show you the expected FIFA 14 release date, including the demo, the Season Ticket and the FUT Web App date.

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sway_z1917d ago

I am so looking forward to how Fifa performs on next generation consoles. It's an already impressive depiction of the beautiful game, the mind boggles ;)

1917d ago
Linwelin1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

It's released around the same time every year. I do hope they do something with the spectators this year, they have been the same since i can remember and i am 30!

AcceptedWalnut1917d ago

They'll add some subtle changes to the gameplay whilst making sure their cash cow ultimate team receives most of the attention.

Wonder if they finally manage to fix gameface, i still cant use mine without getting a brown/orange body.

Baka-akaB1917d ago

I hope next gen version will finally have a real weather system and effects . Like seeing actual muds and water effects , instead of just rain parasite effects and diminished stats .