Superbot Working on New IP

Superbot Entertainment, the developers of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, seem to be hard at work on a new IP after their time with Sony came to an end.

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Killzoner991739d ago

Sweet ! This is one of Sonys most talented studios so you know they're working on something special. My money is on a Playstation All Stars sequel.

Ducky1739d ago

That is highly unlikely considering Sony ended their ties with Superbot.

Donnieboi1739d ago

U bumped your head or something? It says NEW ip.

minimur121739d ago

Yes, a new IP but they are still no longer working with Sony U bump your head?

_QQ_1739d ago

Uncharted kart? kratos galaxy? i'm just kidding but if cloud,snake, and sora aren't in the next Marketing All Stars then it's a no go for me again.

Blastoise1739d ago

You mention Sora likes he's as Iconic as Snake and Cloud...

_QQ_1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

He is a notch or two below, but allot of people would say Kingdom Hearts was the epitome of their ps2 experience. plus Sora is way more iconic than Radec, New Dante or fat princess, i could go on. I love kingdom hearts too so thats why he is a must for me aswell.

Sevir1739d ago

Its a pity they aren't working with Sony anymore because All-Stars is great, It could have used some more polish. Sony didn't market it well and that live action trailer didn't do any kind of help to promote the game. This game should have been all over the screen with gameplay. But it suffered because of that.

-Gespenst-1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Wonder who's publishing if not Sony?

Relientk771738d ago

Hmm I wonder what genre the game is