“Mind boggles” at what is possible with PS4 – Codemasters

"We recently interviewed Iain Smith, Producer of GRID 2, and asked him several questions about the game mechanics and how the game will be different from the previous one. We also managed to ask him about his thoughts on next generation consoles and whether PlayStation 4′s 8GB GDDR5 RAM will help future racing games or not."

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Arai1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

"PlayStation 4′s 8GB DDR5 RAM".... /facepalm.

DDR5 = not GDDR5...come on at least know what you're talking/writing about.

gamernova1869d ago

Lol believe it or not, there are a lot of noobs out there that believe it is ddr5 and not gddr5. A lot of people do not even know what shared memory is lmao

3-4-51869d ago

Not funny...interesting but not funny.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1869d ago

8gb ddr3 faster.
8gb gddr6 slower but more bandwidth.

ddr4 and gddr6 coming in 2014 = ? idk yet.

gamernova1869d ago

It's funny when you have dealt with the amount of tech ignorance I have dealt with. If I do not laugh at the noobs then I would driven insane by all the stupidity.

lace1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

ShutUp has the right idea, but kind of a shallow way of looking at the differences between the different types of ram. I'm no expert but I'll give you a break down of what I've learned.

DDR3 has a faster latency, but is negligible at the speeds both ram are performing. When it comes to video games you need multiple items simultaneously it's preferred to have GDDR5. GPU's make use of this type of ram specifically for this reason. Also mentioned, makes it very useful for open world games where streaming large textures is important. This benefit allows the opportunity to increase texture resolution, and results in better image clarity. No need to produce muddy textures that are seen commonly in current gen games.

Finally, GDDR5 can increase FPS compared to using DDR3. If the GPU is waiting on memory from the ram it idles which can result in frame drops. Having a large bandwidth can reduce this problem.

dantesparda1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Well said lace! Now if only half these fanboys could understand this

princejb1341869d ago

So your laughing at those because your are a nerd and their not smh

kayoss1869d ago

@lace and @dantesparta
What I got from you,
DDR3 make games run nice but GDDR5 make games run even nicer.... Blank stare at tv

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Transporter471869d ago

DDR5 = Ram
GDDR5 = Graphics Crad

sourav931869d ago

DDR5 and GDDR5 are both forms of Random-Access Memory a.k.a RAM. However, GDDR5 is mainly used for Graphics Cards as their high bandwidth is useful for high end graphics cards. However, the PS4 will be using the GGR5 memory both graphics as well as other tasks, so saying that the PS4 has GDDR5 RAM is NOT wrong.

GDDR6_20141869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

So you think GDDR5 is graphics version of DDR5? No it's based on DDR3

DDR5 doesn't exist. DDR4 is coming later this year

Transporter471869d ago

Btw i was just stating the fact that you use both of those in those locations

kaozgamer1869d ago

GDDR5 is version of DDR3 that is optimized for graphics. DDR5 does not exist yet

jimmywolf1869d ago

@sourav93 thank you for the post people hate ignorance but do little too educate them

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iPad1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Since we're talking about RAM, what does RAM actually do for gaming? Less screen tearing? More consistent frame rate? faster loading times?

I'm a RAM-noob.

GalacticEmpire1869d ago

It should reduce load times, smooth out framerate peaks and reduce texture 'pop in'.

The PS4 has been confirmed to use the RAM to store the state of games so you can jump right back in where you left off, even after turning your PS4 off.

Bobertt1869d ago

You will be able to run more things at the same time or do more of certain things that take a lot of RAM like the physics of the games. For example sony said the reason they didn't add cross game chat after is because they didn't have enough RAM.

delboy1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

No it won't help with frame rate, or screen tearing, those are mainly gpu and cpu problems.
The overkill in ram amount in ps4(my opinion) can only help with more texture variety but why not use id tech 5 (tech 5/6 is the future) with ssd hdd(could be cheaper option than 8gig of ram)
also it will be used to store texture assets and will lower loading times that way.
Open world games would benefit from it also.
Physics is a cpu think to, but it can be handled by gpgpu, again nothing to do with ram amount, it takes just couple of mb.
Sony boys, I now you like to brag about tech power, but learn something, in the end it's your hobby.
I would be ashamed if I would pursue a hobby for a decade or two and not knowing more about it ;-)

Maybe with 8gig of ram Codmasters can make cockpit view in grid 3. /s

Ingram1869d ago

I can't believe people are disagreeing with delboy, are you guys THAT dense?

MoonConquistador1869d ago

@Ingram maybe the disagrees are for the statement delboy made at the end rather than the all the techy crap he decided to educate us with.

Why should a console owner be ashamed of not knowing the inner workings of RAM modules or the differences in type, that's more a PC field.

I'd be more ashamed coming on to a site with such a superiority complex that I felt I had to talk down to people.

Sometimes its not just what you say, its the way that its said

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RyuCloudStrife1869d ago

So where in the article does it say DDR5? I don't see it, if it was there would you consider a typo since its only missing the G.

Its cool everybody strides to sound/look smart on the Internet.

Arai1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

"We also managed to ask him about his thoughts on next generation consoles and whether PlayStation 4′s 8GB DDR5 RAM will help future racing games or not."

After I made the first comment the submitter changed it, though originally he also wrote DDR5.

And that does not look like a typo to me, the mistake is in the original article.
It's not the first time I see "journalists" believe that GDDR5 and DDR5 are the same.

I only mention it so false information won't spread.

ijust2good1869d ago

DDR4 2014
GDDR6 2014/2015

3-4-51869d ago

So how is some RAM sold as DDR5 if it doesn't exist yet ?

curious to know...still

Hicken1869d ago

Given that, apparently, DDR5 doesn't exist, shouldn't it be rather understood that any mention of it refers to GDDR5 instead?

I can understand differentiating when and if DDR5 does indeed come to be, but until then, I'm seriously not grasping why it's a big deal.

1869d ago
marcberry1868d ago

This is from the HD7790 but the math concept will work on all AMD GCN chip sets and yes XBOX AND PS4.
NOTE: Do not use Line(3) for XBOX AND PS4 not the same SIMDS.

1.Line(2) Divide 896 by 14 = 64 Threads
2.Line(2) 14 Compute Units x 64 Threads = 896 Stream Processors
3.Line(2) 896 Stream Processors x Line(1)1000MHz = 896000
4.Use 896000 x line(3) 2 = 1.79TFsp

(1)1000MHz Engine Clock
1GB GDDR5 Memory
1500MHz Memory Clock (6.0 Gbps GDDR5)
96GB/s memory bandwidth (maximum)
1.79 TFLOPS Single Precision compute power
GCN Architecture

(2) 14 Compute Units (896 Stream Processors) or SIMDs
56 Texture Units
64 Z/Stencil ROP Units
16 Color ROP Units
(3) Dual Geometry Engines

One more, the XBOX NEXT: Vgleaks " A SIMD executes a vector instruction on 64 threads at once in lockstep "

4 SIMDs per SC or CU x 64 Threads = 256 Threads
12 SC or CU x 256 Threads = 3072 (Stream Processors) x
800MHz = 2.4TFsp

Last one, the PS4: Vgleaks "-ALU(32 64-bit operations per cycle)"

4 SIMDs per SC or CU x 32 Threads = 128 Threads
18 SC or CU x 128 Threads = 2304 (Stream Processors) x
800MHz = 1.8TFsp same as SONY spec.

The MATH is undeniable !!!!!!

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MysticStrummer1869d ago

Hopefully they'll make another attempt at an Operation Flashpoint on PS4. I enjoyed Dragon Rising, but the tech was clearly not quite there on consoles to make that game what it could be.

bunt-custardly1869d ago

Cool game but not enough consumer support to flesh out a new game. But here's hoping.

MysticStrummer1869d ago

Yeah that's probably true. I just want something like that on PS4. More realistic as opposed to the Rambo-like FPS that has become too common. Battlefield 3 could have been like that, but DICE is too concerned with catching Call of Duty. SOCOM wasn't SOCOM, also because of CoD. *shakes fist at CoD fans*

irepbtown1868d ago

I'll have to say, Socom Confrontation was surprisingly good (still play it now). Socom 4 was a huge let down :(

I really want to see a Socom on PS4. Imagine what could be done :O

Irishguy951869d ago

Arma 3 is coming out soon/ Codemasters bought the rights to Operation flashpoint and cannot bring it up to the standards the original devs can(ie the Arma devs)

MysticStrummer1869d ago

That's cool, but unless it comes to consoles I'll never play it. PC gaming doesn't do much for me in general.

SilentNegotiator1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

CodeDisasters will find a way to screw it up one way or another. They make some horribly buggy, unimpressive games and tech has never solved that issue.

MRMagoo1231869d ago

Codemasters made some of my favourite games when i was a kid such as the dizzy franchise so they arent all bad.

MysticStrummer1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

I enjoy the Dirt series, or at least the ones I've played, and like I said I enjoyed Dragon Rising though it had it's problems.

Sketchy_Galore1869d ago

For anyone who knows anything about this kind of thing, am I right in thinking this high RAM would mean you could make an open world GTA style game with graphics about as good as Max Payne 3 but with at least a few areas with ridiculously crowded streets? Like, Time square for real crowds rather than the smattering of people we had in GTA4's play on Time square? If so that's good, those are the kinds of improvements I'm most looking forward to. Textures etc are good enough for me on some of the better looking PS3 games but I'd like more living crowded environments. Thanks in advance.

Truehellfire1869d ago

In the most basic terms, yes. More things will be able to be loaded at once so in a game like GTA, expect to see more cars, people, environmental detail, and less loading times.

Sketchy_Galore1869d ago

Good news. Thanks for the info.

ps3_pwns1869d ago

thats the stuff that matters to me in games not just whatever that other crap people talk about.

i want a real open world experience. ames that need more of all of this is games like fallout and gta and red dead redemption and stuff those are my favorite type of games and they will be huge and more populated and benefit greatly from ps4 rams and sence all ps4 are equal no need to sacrifice stuff for pc's that have less ram.

MRMagoo1231869d ago

Not just more things tho but different things, for example remember in the gta games when you see one car then you look around and most of the other cars are the same or you get the same groups of cars all the time, well with more ram they wont have to repeat all the car models you will get more variety. The same with the ppl walking the streets more variety of ppl will be able to be used at one time.

DivineAssault 1869d ago

PS4 has 8GB of shared GDDR5 memory people!

stuntman_mike1869d ago

so how do they fit these GDDR5 memory people into a little console? and what parts of their bodies are they sharing? ;)

DivineAssault 1869d ago

that sir is a great question.. I have no idea but if u google it, u might find your answer.. Sony is an asian company so im sure they fit

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