BioShock Infinite and Bad Choices

Andrew Minott of writes:

"Bioshock Infinite is the kind of game that starkly illustrates the difference between what’s in a game and what a game is about."

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ThichQuangDuck1626d ago

This is truly my favorite ending in all of gaming and possibly gaming experience. Congratulations to Irrational

JimmyDanger1625d ago

In thirty years of gaming - I've many great memories.

The denouement and ending of Bioshock Infinite absolutely turned my head inside out, and ranks up there with the greatest revelations/twists I've experienced.

It's not everyone's cup of tea surely, but my word it worked for me!

ThichQuangDuck1624d ago

I agree I have discussed many interesting theories about what exactly it means because some are thinking of it too much at surface level

chukamachine1626d ago

Good game but overrated imo.

Story was very dragged out.