Battlefield: Bad Company Beta Test Information

From the article: "DICE/EA has announced the multiplayer beta for their upcoming FPS, Battlefield: Bad Company, currently scheduled for a June release. IGN Founders Club and the IGN Insider will offer beta keys to members starting March 17th. Keys will be available from IGN/Fileplanet websites such as IGN, GameSpy, TeamXbox, and more (check the release)."

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UnblessedSoul3725d ago

It's coming out in June? Wow thought it would be here sooner

consolewar3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

me want beta now

mighty_douche3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Lame for most 360 owner's (& all PS3 owner's). The idea of a beta, correct me if im wrong, is to get your game fully tested so at release you have a lot less problems and can impliment any added feature's that were raised as a result of the beta test process?

Not, so you can charge people to get into be beta by forcing them to sign up to a website just so YOU can pay to improve the quality of THEIR game (while reducing their QA costs) and then get charged again at launch.

Someone please let me know who exactly own's IGN? I've got a guess but im not sure (MS?)

Developers have done this before with PC beta's but i never thought the trend would cross over into the console domain. Make it an OPEN BETA or dont bother at all, thats my feelings.

Joey Gladstone3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

sense about it doesn't it mighty_douche ....I mean they are essentially asking you to pay them to do the job of regular Beta-Testers???? when its you doing them a favor to take your time to Beta test and provide feedback to ensure they deliver the best possible product......
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

scottyd3725d ago

I don't think you will have to pay to get a key.

IGN is owned by Fox.

poos33725d ago

the beta is 360 only so a lot of u dont need to worry about getting in

sak5003725d ago

Me want in me want in me want in. DICE let me be in the beta, i've been fan of BF since 1942...Well the game not the year. Been playing bf games for last 5 years. Pls let me in the beta. email me the key secretly thnx

consolewar3725d ago

I know a friend who knows a friend who knows a friend technique to get the

TheIneffableBob3725d ago

I used a site exploit a while back that gave me a couple of free Founder's Club subscriptions. :D
The exploit doesn't work anymore, though.

JelalTrueshot3725d ago

I just hope the environments are as destructible as they claim. Alot of games tout that kind of thing only to find it is just some walls that can be damaged.

consolewar3725d ago

keywords Partial Destruction

sabbath4203725d ago

Watch the latest interview video.

sak5003725d ago

Be glad its not total destruction, Imagine if you would that you're in the defensive situation and enemy arty the whole town from a KM away. You are left with flat ground in which to sit and wait for their offensive.

If anyone played 1942 with dc mode, there was one map (battle of something) which was all flat ground and was all vehicles including tanks, SCUDS etc. One coudn't spawn without dying split sec later unless u were in a tent cuz enemy us to surround the area and blast it with scuds, tanks, arty. That was very painful for the opposing team,

le killer3725d ago

i love the battlefield games, and i've got no probs in putting some time into their beta. been enjoying frontlines very much. shame it's not more players though...24 on battlefield.

will be getting a ps3 for resistance2. 60 players is what i want!