5 Tips to Get You Through Bioshock: Infinite's 1999 Mode

Ryan Taylor writes "Most Bioshock fans have already finished their first run through of the game. By doing this, you have unlocked the fabled 1999 mode, a mode that Ken Levine has described as incredibly hard. According to Irrational, 1999 mode was going to require combat honing, weapon specializing and resource management. They thought it was going to take a lot of mental effort to muddle your way through. I can assure you, 1999 mode is not as hard as you might have heard. Well, that is if you listen to me right now. I’m going to share with you 5 key tips that make 1999 mode feel like child’s play. Trust me, you’re gonna need them."

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GiulMastr361843d ago

Tips? This mode was a joke, not difficult enough lol, it was actually easier than Hard mode in terms of losing health fast. Tips for BioShock 1, now that's worth an article.

BlindAssassin571842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

I just got the Platinum trophy for this game and tbh everything this article said is wrong. 1999 was a breeze if you knew how to properly use vigors.

1. Uprgrading salts is very crucial. Shock Jockey buffs weapons to 3x damage on the affected target, and uses minimal salts, and in combination with Undertow can kill enemies such as the Beast in 2sec flat.

2. Point 1 above also ties in with 2. For handymen, Muder of Crows and Devils Kiss allow you to deal massive damage whilst also distracting him, allowing you to deal damage without him hitting you, making handymen fights easy.

3. Weapon wise the only guns I found myself using the most were the machine gun, due to the fact that ammo for it is plentiful since almost all fights contain 2-3 machine gun enemies. I then found the Carbine and Handcanon to be fantastic secondaries. As far as upgrading goes if you scavenge everywhere for money you can easily get all damage upgrades and still keep $1000 on you at all times.

4. The siren is easy if you, again UPGRADE YOUR SALTS. Devils kiss traps deal massive damage to her. I found that in the cemetary before the fight starts place 7 Devils Kiss traps on the stone area ~10ft in front of the gate is an instant kill. The same strategy goes for the next two fights. In the bank she appears ~20ft in front of the vault door, and in the courtyard directly infront of the statue facing the gate to Comstock House. So if you place the traps before you fight her she will spawn on top of the traps and die. I finished each of the fights in under 10 seconds. PS: I suggest fully upgrading Devils Kiss, again if you scavenge you will have plenty of money.

5. I didnt die once in 1999 mode during this fight again because of the magic of salts. Place as many Shock Jockey Traps as you can on the floor of the ship and simply refill your salts with the numerous bottles lying around. Stick to the upper deck and whever a Beast shows up use the Undertow grab and Shock Jockey combo to stun him then shoot him to deal massive damage. While you are on the top deck it gives you plenty of time to shoot the onslaught of enemies who will get caught in the Traps you have placed. Also I suggest having the Storm hat Gear as well as the Gear that makes you temporarily immortal when jumping on or off skylines.

With these tips I beat 1999 mode easily only dying twice the entire game. Use cover, manage salts, and make sure to SCAVENGE. It may seem likes theres less money but all the silver, and gold bars are still in the game and the later portions have a ton of money to be found. Vigors are key to success, and for enemies like the fireman, Bucking Bronco is prehaps the easiest way to dispatch him. Weather you listen or not, I hope this helps more then the article above, which I can assure you is incorrect in it's suggestions.

*Edit* 2 and 3 sould be switched, sorry

GiulMastr361842d ago

I mainly just used sniper carbine or machine gun gun-wise, & vigors were the most helpful thing to use, especially in that last fight, it made those patriots a breeze, that's for sure. I only died once & the ammo & health wasn't as scarce as I thought it would be. It was too easy but it's not bad.

BlindAssassin571842d ago

Yes exactly! 1999 mode really was not very hard when you know what you are doing. I just hate these kind of articles that give tips, but every 'tip' is something like, "You're going to die alot here so do this..."
They have no idea what kind of player you are yet they insinuate that we are going to die a lot because of something they perceive as difficult.

GiulMastr361841d ago

Yeah, honestly these kind of articles are iffy. I beat Hard mode which was just annoying with HP, then when I went into 1999, I'm just wondering, "Does Ken Levine really consider this difficult?" Lol, I still love the game to bits though, most annoying fight was the first Siren fight in the graveyard, but I found a sweet spot & just snipped & shotgunned lol

Afronomous1840d ago

When you say upgrade your salts, do you mean upgrade your salts bar? Or the vigors themselves?