Things Nintendo DIDN’T Do First

GXC: "It’s common for debates to spawn in gaming communities about the different gaming companies and their products. One of these debates happens to come from the claim that “Nintendo did it first” or that other companies are “copying” Nintendo with their games, consoles, and other ideas.

It is true, Nintendo has become a bit of the patriarch of gaming. They saved the industry from its collapse in the 80′s. Nintendo introduced the most famous branding and most recognizable franchises in gaming. Nintendo did do a lot of things first for sure, and the industry likely wouldn’t have gotten to where it is now without them. Still, the fact remains, Nintendo didn’t do everything first. Let’s take a look at some of the things that Nintendo didn’t do first and some things that they may have adopted from other companies."

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gamefiles1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

lol not that lies are ahead but whose gonna take this article serious when the author makes shit up like;

"Many have credited games like The Outfoxies, beat ‘em ups like Streets of Rage, and Battletoads & Double Dragons as some of the inspiration for Super Smash Bros".

I mean, is that what Masahiro Sakurai said inspired him to make smash bros ? or do I smell fanboy raunchiness ??

dboi7871875d ago

Where in the quoted statement does it say that Masahiro Sakurai was inspired by those games? The statement clear as day reads that several people have credited those games, not the creator of Super Smash Bros. If there is any "fanboy raunchiness," it's clearly on your part.

gamefiles1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

but I never said that the article says that sakurai said that. I clearly stated that sakurai would be one of the ones to know WHAt INSPIRED HIM to make smash. the author says that "many credit other games for the inspiration of smash" lol, why not ask the Main source of smash what inspired him to make smash?, instead the authour of this article farts shit out his mouth?? ha haa .
If the author wants real answers to his ponderings, hese got to get them from the MAIN sources.
losers will believe anything on the internet.

lol poop scoop article.

fanboys need to pay attention.

lol sony, riding nintendos wiener all these years.

Dylila1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

proper read with a lot of information i didnt know. nice article with a lot of facts which are very welcomed.

LOL_WUT1875d ago

Well said Dylila ;)

Too bad that some "people" are going to overlook this well written article. ;)

gamefiles1872d ago

what does it smell like?

dboi7871875d ago

This article is surprisingly great for the topic matter. Lot of points even I didn't know. Enjoyed the read, man, excited for more! :D

Canary1875d ago

I've never seen anyone claim that Nintendo did any of those things first.

The only "firsts" I've seen attributed to Nintendo are 1) the first use of a lock-on mechanic in an action/adventure game with Ocarina of Time, and 2) first use of a quest journal in an RPG/adventure game with Majora's Mask.

I have no idea if either is true.

rainslacker1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I see people claiming Nintendo came up with a lot of things that they didn't. I've never seen the first point in this article, but it's understandable that people would believe they invented video games, or at least the home console.

Outside of that, Very few technologies in the console world were truly created by the console makers themselves. Sometimes the actual implementation of technologies can be credited to them however. Everything you see in consoles was mostly developed independent of consoles(maybe not the D-pad which was a reaction to console joysticks sucking at the time).

One thing Nintendo is very good at though is bringing these technologies into the mainstream, and marketing them to be a successful product. No one can ever deny their achievements, but technology is generally independent of gaming.

It's really all semantics. If something works, then why shouldn't other people try to use it or adapt it or improve on it. That's how innovation works.

SoundGamer1875d ago

You would be surprised how many things Nintendo fans claim Nintendo did first.

Pick any of the many popular Nintendo centered websites out there and you'll see these thoughts in the comments and forums.

Not only Nintendo fans, but just people who don't know much about video games. I used to work in games retail and I can confirm that these misconceptions are sadly prevalent.

BosSSyndrome1875d ago

The Dreamcast didn't have a screen on the controller, it had a HOLE.

gamer421875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

A factual article indeed, but most of these are obvious. (I mean who really thought nintendo were the first platformers, to use disc based gaming, and especially online gaming)except to fanboys. The main point of this article isn't to discredit nintendo at all but to point ot some things nintendo didn't do first. The only problem I have with this article is the last part of the 3D part, it's just they could have put some earlier examples of glasses free 3D. Besides that I really enjoyed this article. Like he said "We should be glad that advancements and innovations are made in technology and in gameplay – no matter who did it “first.”"

TL;DR good read

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