Nvidia: PS4 GPU is more powerful than Xbox 720′s GPU

Nvidia has revealed that PS4′s GPU is 3x slower than Nvidia’s Titan.

For a better translation make sure to check out the alt source I added.

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Ezz20132086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

ouch...greenpowerz and NeverEnding1989 won't like this

**at PS4′s GPU is 3x slower than Nvidia’s Titan.**

so ...can some one tell me what GPU ps4 is using ?!

EDIT : thanks ambrosia
Wow, ps4 will be a Beast

Arai2086d ago

7850 - 7870 // GTX 660 - GTX 660Ti
I gotta laugh at nVidia for making such a "comparison".

ninjahunter2086d ago

@Torchic Sony said that the PS4 could ALMOST pump out a whopping 2 teraflops of raw power. which is in the range of the above mentioned cards.

Dee_912084d ago

ugh cant wait for e3.The way nvidia had been acting lately I wouldnt be surprised if they are going based off rumors ( tho I doubt it )
Nvidia are so salty right now lol.
where was these comparisons when ps3 had your hardware?

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whoyouwit042086d ago

How would Nvidia know if the 720 is weaker or not they had nothing to do with the 720 development process

papashango2086d ago

Probably because they specialize in GPU hardware. You really think they don't have access to the specs being used?

ignorant if you think not.

Mariusmssj2085d ago

Don't you think that at some point Microsoft approached Nvidia saying: "Could you make us a GPU for the next Xbox, we would like to have 'this' and 'this' and 'this' from a GPU"

whoyouwit042085d ago Show
JohnnyBadfinger2086d ago

Specs haven't been announced yet... How can anyone be mad about anything.

I'll call it right now. There will be no graphical difference between the xbxo3 and ps4.
Like this gen it will be slight differences in the default brightness and contrast.

And don't say exclusives will look better on this console or that console because exclusives have no comparison. Which is why they are exclusive! Not just too console but art style and gameplay.

Ezz20132086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

this is just plain wrong
are you saying UE3 is the same as SSM engine or ND engine or GG engine or RAGE engine or crytek engine etc ?!
it's not just bright or contrast
it's much more than that
you have textuers ,art style,lighting, shadows,AA etc to work on

brightness and contrast are the last thing dev's care about ..since you can always adjust them from your own TV

MysticStrummer2086d ago

"ouch...greenpowerz and NeverEnding1989 won't like this"

Nah this news won't penetrate into their fantasy world.

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ATi_Elite2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

No one knows cause Sony left out that IMPORTANT information as it was too busy blinding Fanboys with 8 GB GDDR5.

But with a KNOWN 1.84 tflops of power it will be a Modified HD7770m or a HD7850m.

m = mobile meaning low wattage use like in LAPTOPS cause basically consoles use laptop parts because of the Watt caps they have.

Sony left this info out for a reason cause it would really let us know the EXACT limits of the PS4.

but as is the PS4 will produce High Graphic settings with post processing effects at 1080p 30 fps.

maybe second gen games will see 1080p 60 fps with new techniques.

But NO ULTRA and NO super duper graphics mods like the PC has

also when did Microsoft release the X720 specs? kinda like it hasn't!

ZoyosJD2085d ago

Whoa there, the 1.84TFLOP matches a 7850-7870, not a 7850m.

The 7870m barely outputs 1TFLOP at 800MHz, the 7850m can't even make that.

The 7970m outputs just over 2TFLOPS at 850MHz.

The PS4s GPU is set for a 800MHz clock.

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Jaqen_Hghar2086d ago

A company just wants to do multimedia and Kinect 2 so a man doesn't know what they would need the power for.

SlavisH22086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

didnt the 360 have a stronger gpu this gen and ps3 still put out better graphical games? So its not up to the gpu alone, right? Either way Im getting the titan lol.

P.S. I dont care about rumors they arent facts so blow it out your @$$. Just wait for offical specs.

yewles12086d ago

It's expected through the same sources that leaked the PS4 specs that the CPU will be the same on both consoles and that the RAM will possibly be a bottleneck for gaming (but not for other OS features such as switching between multiple games at once)...

ginsunuva2086d ago

That's because ps3 had the crazy cell processor.
But now both have pretty much the same cpu.

M-M2085d ago

You're really going to shell out $1,000 for just one GPU?

Hercules1892085d ago

Have you looked at gears 3 and judgement, forza 4 and halo 4 and crysis 2. These games look imo just as good as the ps4 games, I know im going to get a lot of disagrees bcus ur not allowed to say anything good about xbox on this site. microsoft is the devil and sony and all their devs are all kings

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torchic2086d ago

how does nVidia know all of this? nobody knows what GPU is packed in the upcoming consoles.

are people just looking at TFLOPS and assuming?

DeadlyFire2085d ago

My friend Tflops are a scorecard of a GPU.

Sure on a console it can be as powerful as a raw PC GPU with optimization and platform specializing, but when someone has more digits their optimization will go about the same distance, but they are starting at a higher number so its not an assumption that it has more juice.

Max-Zorin2086d ago

I wish N4G would stop putting so much faith in rumors and wait for official information.

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