6 Reasons Battlefield 4’s single player should be awesome

GamesRadar - This Battlefield could be the complete package – here’s why.

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pissed9991882d ago

It wont. it will be overscripted non-gameplay pap. Like most militery shooters. Walk in a line, watch event. Sometimes let the player interact. Bad article. Go hype something that looks decent like Total War or Company of Heroes next time.

Coach_McGuirk1882d ago

doesn't matter, battlefield is supposed to be multiplayer.

Kran1882d ago

As if.

1. Explosions everywhere
2. Overly hyped graphics for the first hour and then the graphic quality will probably start to lack.
3. Campaign will be 5-6 hours MAX
4. Probably a terrible ending much to that like Battlefield 3 where it just stopped.


What are you a Vally Girl... watch to much Clueless. XD

Everything you stated can equally be applied to COD so it's not like there's to much basis on the argument. Everyone needs to learn that pledging your allegiance one way or the other is not the way to be...

Kran1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

It can indeed, which is why I just cannot be bothered with either franchise this year.

Everybody else should do the same, else games just don't get enough development time. I always say 3 years+ dev time is the minimum. 2 years is nought.

Sure, it depends on the game. PSN/XBLA titles, maybe a year?

raiden-491882d ago

I was kinda annoyed that when it came to cutting off the guys leg it was only the restraint that was show nothing like in the walking dead where its VERY slow and looks painful.

OmniSlashPT1882d ago

Because BF3 campaign was an absolute disaster and BF4 looks just like your average cliche modern shooter.

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