Amazon Lists Thief 4 For PS3

GXC: "While Square Enix has confirmed that the revival of the Thief franchise will happen on PC, PlayStation 4, and other (unannounced) next gen systems, Amazon may have hinted at other platform possibilities."

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iXenon1881d ago

I've never played Thief, but this has my attention

ThatMiamiGuy1881d ago

Well, Square Enix seems to be doing a decent job with Western reboots and sequels recently. Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: HR are examples. I'm excited.

If I don't have a PS4 by the time it comes out (which I probably will), then for sure I hope that this is true.

dboi7871881d ago

Wait, Thief 4 or the Thief reboot? O.o Amazon misleading me right now!

SoundGamer1881d ago

People call the reboot "Thief 4" although it's just "Thief."

The domain doesn't help with the confusion either.

Anyway, they're one and the same.