How The Worlds Most Powerful Graphics Card Could Change The Internet

Everyday Digitals - Nvidia released the worlds most powerful graphics card (in a single GPU) in February but last week showed off their new engine they created to demonstrate the full power of the Titan called Face Works. Face Works starts by compressing 32GB (1 1/2 Blu-Rays) of video from 156 cameras that capture 30 different human facial expressions. All of that data is then compressed to around 400MB (half a CD-R) allowing the software to be able to call on that data seamlessly in real-time and determine the proper facial expressions using the power of the graphics card. Nvidia wasn't clear if these data meshes could work on any facial model or if each person would have to be scanned to get the type of accuracy shown in the demo. The power of the Titan is extremely impressive, and gives a glimpse of what type of applications this technology could be used for beyond video games.

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blackyeti1914d ago

I still want a real woman in front of me.

ninjahunter1914d ago

As if girls are some commodity you can just go pick up. Gurls R [email protected]

joab7771914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

It won't be long until celebrities can sell real life digital replications of themselves that ppl can buy and do whatever with. It will be the new porn and hot women will only have to get naked once. Who says tecnology can't make lives better?

stuna11914d ago

It's not going to do too much for changing the internet, if no one can afford it!

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DigitalSmoke1914d ago

Then why does that face only have 1 smile expression with eyes made out of static dead marbles.
Nvidia needs to work on some software, instead of trippeling power left and right nobody is using.

Just my 2 cents.

fei-hung1914d ago

That is all great in theory, but lets look at it more realistically:

1) How many faces are there in an average game? If faces lone take up 400mb (probably at the optimum use of the card) and there are 10 faces, that would be around 4GB. Games like GTA, AC, SD have far more faces to deal with and the numbers probably go into 2 dozen maybe more. SO you may end up talking about around 6-7gb if not more just for faces.

2) then you have bodies that are attached to the faces and I am sure just as much attention would be given as it would be somewhat pointless to brag about amazing faces being rendered when the bodies do not look and behave the right way or match the quality of the face. Even if these bodies are only half that of a face (200mb), but you have limbs as well as the body and accessories, you still end up probably doubling the amount of data from 6-7Gb to 14GB.

3) then you have the level designs themselves, objects, vehicles, animals etc.

4) Then you have sound

5) then you have code

6) then you have effects

How big will these games be in size?

What are the chances that we will see this level of detail on every aspect of a game, not just a face?

By no means do I mean to be pessimistic about these sort of articles or pieces of information, but as a gamer, I wonder how relevant this information is in terms or reality compared to "in theory."

EverydayDigitals1914d ago

This level of detail obviously wouldn't happen in a full game with this card. Which is why I believe the speaker mentioned applications that would only need the single face being processed per computer. Things like tele-presence and avatars are the likely first steps.

josephayal1914d ago

PC definitely has the edge on graphics

OrionNoctis1914d ago

a high end pc , not the average pc , consoles benefit from a closed architecture wich make their exclusives look and perform awesomely because of games being optimized for that same architeture...point is average rigs wont run as good as the console exclusive titles...

chukamachine1914d ago

Still looks weird. Awful head. No hair. potato ears and weird eyes. How did they go from DAWN to that.

kevnb1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

they must not have fast enough ram

ninjahunter1914d ago

Not a graphics demo, is an AI and animation system for heads to replicate smooth and believable head animations without having to actually record actors, or program animations.

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