Neocrisis: Binary Domain Review

Neocrisis: Binary Domain is a gem that came out of SEGA as an AAA in-house project but didn’t really get any fame. However, for those few that have picked this game up, they will be rewarded with an amazing experience, epic boss battles and an even better story.

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SOD_Delta1854d ago

Binary Domain was severely overlooked.

Somebody1854d ago

One of the best surprises to come out last year. It's a pity that it's didn't have the reception it deserve.

OmegaSlayer1854d ago

Really a great game indeed!

showtimefolks1854d ago

One of my favorite games this gen along with spec ops the line

Both over looked and both awesome games

caseh1854d ago

Its the curse of Sega, they make GREAT games but they just don't sell well.

Valkyria Chronicles, Yakuza 3/4 and Binary Domain.

I'm not even going to mention Shenmu...*cry*

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HonestDragon1854d ago

This game was really good. It's such a shame that this (and I agree with the word used) gem of a game didn't meet with the success it deserves.

TheMutator1854d ago

Better than Gears that for sure , and im Gears fan!!

Venox20081853d ago

Really amazing game, before I played it myself it looked another Gears, buuut.. after I played it for some time, I was amazed! This comes from not too big shooter fan :) Vanquish was amaing too, and this game has it's vibe