Final Defiance Beta Now Live

Defiance, the highly anticipated online open-world shooter from Trion Worlds, has today entered its third and final PC beta phase, ending on 25th March at 4am GMT. For the first time, on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, console gamers will get the chance to experience a taste of the massive co-operative boss battles and fierce multiplayer gameplay that takes place across this evolving sci-fi universe, with specific details for the beta phase on each platform included in official invitations that are currently being distributed.

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chukamachine2064d ago

Haven't downloaded it yet, I got a PS3 beta code today.

Derekvinyard132064d ago

Reminded me a lot of war hawk

Reverent2063d ago

The only thing that seems similar is that both are third-person. Honestly, it reminded me more of Borderlands (not by much, but that's the closest that comes to mind).

Mr-SellJack2063d ago

this game should've been FreetoPlay

lashes2ashes2063d ago

It is. Buy the game and that's all you need to buy.

Reverent2063d ago

That isn't free to play then. You just contradicted yourself. -_-

Y_51502063d ago

I got sent to the PS store after the PS3 update to see that beta for free download.

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