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Wii U Has an Identity Problem

GenGAME writes: "What is Wii U’s core identity? Right now, the only thing I can really point to is the Wii U GamePad, which is a whole bunch of things. It’s a separate screen that you can use to interact with the TV in new ways or to play games without using the TV at all. It’s got a touch screen that can be used for DS-style play. It’s a motion controller that can do many of the same things as the Wii Remote.

"How does this make gaming better, though? Truth be told… we still haven’t seen any games that truly prove Wii U is a must-have system, either for Nintendo fans or multi-platform gamers." (Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, New Super Mario Bros. U, NintendoLand, Wii U)

MariaHelFutura  +   889d ago
You're just figuring that out now? No Identity is just one of the many problems the Wii U has.
Son_Lee  +   889d ago
Wii U has a third party problem.
Bumpmapping  +   889d ago
"wiiU has an idenity problem
And many more including....Over priced hardware,confusing name,gimmicky controller no one cares about,no games and terrible advertising.To sum it up Wii U was destined to fail Nintendo needs to act fast before E3.
legendoflex  +   889d ago
Aw, man. I forgot to get to the name part!
PopRocks359  +   889d ago
As a system, the Wii U is fine. That "gimmicky controller", is no different than a Vita, sans the rear touch panel and lack of portability.

Its issues lay primarily with its software lineup and its marketing. The most level headed of gamers seem to think so. The only ones who say things like it's "destined to fail" seemed to have no intention to give it a fair shake to begin with.
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nintendoland  +   889d ago
"no one cares about" i care and i think that controller is cool. It has a lot of potential.
axisofweevils  +   889d ago
Yet it sold more than PS3 and 360 did in the first three months. This is a fact.
GenericNameHere  +   889d ago
Let's wait for Mario Kart U and Zelda U before calling the Wii U a failure, shall we?
That's gonna be prove to be a huge system seller
mcstorm  +   889d ago
I agree. Its a new system and the 1st 6 months or so after a new console comes out has a bit of a bad patch in terms of games but E3 is not far away and im sure Nintendo will have some big names for us.
For me the WiiU is the most excited ive been for a Nintendo console since the N64.
GenericNameHere  +   889d ago
All the Wii U needs to succeed is not repeat the Wii's mistakes. Now's the perfect time to release dormant Nintendo IPs like Pikmin (already revealed but not yet released), Star Fox, F-Zero, Kid Icarus on the WiiU, and maybe... MOTHER??!! O_____O
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wantonGamer  +   889d ago
No single game can carry an entire console. Not for long at least. How people still think one or two killer titles will turn everything around is beyond me.

You need to have a great library of exclusives and multiplatforms and a reputation of delivering unique gaming experiences on reliable hardware. Now, not to point out the pink elephant in the room but that console belongs to Sony.

Nothing fanboy about it, just facts. Which other console of this gen is still pumping out enticing games by the truckload this late in it's lifecycle. Uncharted, God of War or Gran Turismo don't sell the PS3. It's the fact that I know Sony will always continue to deliver these experiences, that trust, that sells consoles.

But hey, I'll eat a dozen crows if Zelda U makes the Wii U sell like it's predecessor all of a sudden.
iconic56  +   889d ago
I totally agree with you... but I would never underestimate the power of an original HD Zelda/Metroid/Mario game.

But yeah, as a Wii U owner, a bit bored right now.
truechainz  +   889d ago
I agree that if you are looking for the most exclusives and multiplats on one console, then Sony is definitely the way to go. It mostly depends what kind of gamer you are. I just love games too much to not buy, or at least have access to, all the consoles. Other gamers can be satisfied by only what Sony offers, and there is nothing wrong with that either.

Not disagreeing with you because in my opinion super smash bros melee is one of the best games I have ever played, but obviously that didn't give the gamecube top notch sales. Even though it is too early to count them out.
Mr_Writer85  +   889d ago
Nintendo fanboys chatting rubbish again.

File WiiU with the N64 and GameCube under 'consoles that got blown out of the water'

Those games failed to win Nintendo previous generations. The only reason the Wii did well was because of the casual and non gamer.

They have all moved into tablets.

The WiiU has no mass market appeal like the Wii, hence why the WiiU will finish dead last.

And only the most blinkered fanboy would argue with that.
MNGamer-N  +   889d ago
I think Durango will finish dead last the way they are going. PS4 + WiiU will be the top two.
Mr_Writer85  +   889d ago
The Xbox will sell more then the WiiU.

It's an American console, and there are millions of Americans who will buy it for the simple reason it's an American product.

There are more Americans who buy American products the there are Nintendo fans.
linkofrs  +   889d ago
I'm pretty sure the Nintendo 64 was one of the most important consoles in history. Seeing as Nintendo was the first big publisher to popularize 3-d gaming.

That system also had some of the highest rated games ever made. "blown out of the water" is not a phrase I would use to describe it. If console sales are the only important factor that you see you may want to look at the quality of games on the systems.
N64 and Gamecube may not have had huge sales. But they did have great games!
deafdani  +   889d ago
Yet the N64 and Gamecube still turned a nice profit for Nintendo in the end. Actually, the Cube turned more of a profit for Nintendo than the original Xbox did for Microsoft, because Nintendo sold the Cube at a profit for almost the entirety of its generation whereas the first Xbox made Microsoft bleed money during all of its lifetime.

But apparently, if you don't finish first in the market, you flopped.

Lastly, you say matter of factly that the Wii U will finish dead last, yet we still don't know anything about the next Xbox, and we don't know enough about the PS4 to make such judgment calls. Who's the fanboy here?
truechainz  +   889d ago
Jesus man what do you want to hear? Nintendo already has started to move on their next console by unifying their departments because they want improvements. They want success, not to win generations. Nobody is arguing that the Wii U will be as successful as the Wii, and I don't think anyone truly cares that it won't be. We just want fun games to come out, and at this point Nintendo just needs to be profitable with the Wii U which will most likely happen when their first party games come out. Competition is good and it keeps companies trying to improve, but losing in sales is not failure. As long as the company can make enough money to keep making products that at least some people enjoy then they are successful. I swear people enjoy arguing about which company is best more than they like playing games.
legendoflex  +   889d ago
New Super Mario Bros., the greatest system-seller of all time, isn't even selling it. Why would those games?
_QQ_  +   889d ago
identity? it's a unique console with allot of potential in the gameplay department and great upcoming exclusives. what else is there to know?
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a_adji  +   889d ago
Wii U has a name problem pure and simple.

People really do think it's a handheld lol.

I love my Wii U and Nintendo but they need to come better with their marketing and branding.
Calling it Wii 2 would sort it I reckon.
MelonSaurus  +   889d ago
Does it really? Please, tell us more. I am so enthralled by the originality of this article.
Thepcz  +   889d ago
nobody claimed the ps4 had an identity problem when it was unveiled and only the controller was shown.

its just trolling
Mr_Writer85  +   889d ago
That's because it's clear it's a new console. With the 4, plus Sony are not chasing are market that is no longer there. They have always been focused on making consoles for people who play games.

Nintendo aimed the Wii at people who didn't game. And so that market won't know or care about the difference.

Anyway as I've said time and time again they have no market.

The people they wanted have moved onto to tablets.

There was big hype around the Wii but look at sales after 3 years the sales died down, but so did the sales of games, and big hardcore games.

The masses who bought the Wii got bored.
Thepcz  +   889d ago
no, the article bangs on about how much of a identity problem the wiiu has, and says it only has a controller as a strong point. but sony made its controller the main focus of the ps4 (as i also predicted, i might add.)

so what exactly is the point? its ok for sony to focus on a controller and not even have a console present, but if nintendo do the same, they are having an identity crisis? its bs.
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Flatbattery  +   889d ago
It hasn't generated the same appeal as the Wii, which is already a negative when Nintendo are hoping to repeat their market share. On top of this not many people know what the Wii U is or are even aware it exists.
josephayal  +   889d ago
I hope that Nintendo can survive this generation
Old McGroin  +   889d ago
Me too, I really like their IPs. Nobody should be happy to see a video game company fail. If I heard that Nintendo were going out of business tomorrow, or if there wasn't going to be a next Xbox or if the PS4 had to be put down because Sony folded I would be pretty sad to hear it!
Nintendo have enough money to produce hardware and software for the next 50 years.
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AWBrawler  +   889d ago
First off, nobody is saying Zelda or Mario Kart alone will boost sells of Wii U. What we are saying is that it will give Wii U a bigger install base and 3rd parties will see that there is potential money to be made with Wii U and start to release games on it, thus increasing sells. Just look what mario kart did for 3DS

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